10 Best Cordless Framing Nailer – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

Nowadays, a hammer would not do so much good to anyone since anyone can easily have access to a framing nailer nowadays. Most veteran people do not know the importance of a framing nailer and oftentimes, I have read reviews and watched videos of people who framed a building using a hammer.

Trying to drive a nail into woods with a hammer seems very stressful and why stress yourself when you can get it done with a framing nailer. This is why we have decided to bring you the best cordless framing nailer review.

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Best Cordless Framing Nailer – Buying Guide And Recommendation

What makes this tool very intriguing is that unlike when working with a hammer that requires the applying of force, you do not need to apply too much worse when working with a framing nailer as all that it requires the user to do is to make sure the nailer tip is faced on the wood it is working on, compressing the tip and squeezing the trigger then watch this tool drive the nail into the wood.

There is no force, headache, no hitting and no pounding to drive a nail into any surface when working with this tool.

In this review, we would be discussing the best ten cordless framing nailers that are available on the market right now and we also discussed the various factors that you would need to take into consideration before making up your mind on any framing nailer.

You would need to compare and contrast the various options that we have listed in this review so you would be able to end up with the best framing nailer that would meet your needs. Come with us and check them out right away.

Best Cordless Framing Nailer Review

1. BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, Round Head (F21PL)

This cordless framing nailer from the Bostitch brand takes the number one spot in this review and believe me when I say this cordless framing nailer has the right features to occupy the top spot.

One of its mouth-watering features is its ability to adjust to a particular nail depth with just the push of a button and users would also find it very easy to switch between plastic collated nails and metal connectors.

After careful study of this cordless framing nailer, we agree with other users’ reviews which says that this tool is lightweight and not heavy as assumed.

Being lightweight is also one of the reasons why anyone can work with this tool all day long and even though it isn’t designed to be heavy, it has a sturdy and solid build which makes it quite durable.

Changing the direction of air when working with this nailer is also another benefit users would get to enjoy while working with this tool and this is very important because this nailer is capable of stirring up dust while working especially when working in an environment that is dusty.


  • Very versatile
  • More durable
  • Provides a solid performance


  • Correct nails to work wit are hard to find
  • Jams easily

2. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Full Round Head Framing Nailer

best cordless framing nailer

The next cordless framing nailer which anyone can rely on to deliver an impressive and satisfactory performance is the Numax SFR2190 full round head framing nailer and guess what, this is actually a budget-friendly nailer that anyone can get their hands on.

Having a magnesium body build is just the best because it is one of the lightest metal we have today and what that makes of this tool is it makes it completely lightweight, resistant to rust and also very tough.

Its bump and single firing mode are two firing options users can select from when working on any project.

However, one feature everyone needs to be aware of is the anti-dry fire feature and what this does is making sure that this nailer doesn’t get to fire any nail if the nails in its nail magazine are almost exhausted.

What this means is this nailer would stop firing when it detects that it is low on nails and one advantage of this feature is it helps in keeping users alert on the number of nails remaining or when it runs out of nails. It also helps in preventing internal damage which would arise from firing this nailer with no nail inside of it.


  • Very affordable tool
  • Lightweight construction
  • No misfiring or jamming issues


  • Switching between firing mode is quite complex

3. Hitachi NR90AES1 Framing Nailer

If you are quite familiar with power tools then you would be familiar with the HITACHI brand as it is a brand that is very famous for its making of high-quality and efficient power tools and what we have at our number three spot is the Hitachi NR90AES1 cordless framing nailer.

Weighing just 7 pounds, this is without any argument a lightweight framing nailer and that is also part of what sets it apart from other nailers because it feels very comfortable in the hand when it is being used.

Its handle also comes with a rubber grip that offers a firm grip while working with this framing nailer and what this does also is to make sure that users do not feel any form of cramps on their hands while working with this tool.

You would find its head guard quite easy to assemble and disassemble so that maintenance can be carried out on the working part of this tool. This makes maintenance a very easy process when it is being done on this tool and what’s more, replacing nails is easy thanks to its double step loading nail design.


  • Being lightweight makes it easy to work with
  • Loading nails is very easy
  • Not prone to misfiring or jamming


  • Doesn’t have a rafter hook for hanging after use

4. BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, 21 Degree, Low Profile (LPF21PL)

One of the problems most people tend to have with tools like this is that they end up working with a tool that is very bulky and heavy. However, that isn’t the case with the BOSTITCH LPF21PL tool as it is designed to be lightweight, have a perfect fitting on the hand and is also compact enough so it can be used in small spaces.

This is why it is said to be a low profile framing nailer tool because its build permits it to go into places where bulky framing nailers won’t go. Despite being referred to as a low profile nailer, it comes with lots of power to drive nails.

If you want a framing nailer that you can comfortably work with all day long then this right here is the best tool for you and what we find very attractive about this tool is its selective actuation trigger which makes it easy to switch between the bump and the sequential firing mode.

The Bostitch brand gave this nailer their best and ensured that users would find this nailer very easy to use and unlike in the last nailer that we just talked about, this nailer comes with a rafter hook for hanging this tool after use.


  • Has a low profile design
  • Comes with lots of power
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Eliminates hand fatigue thanks to its lightweight build


  • Unable to adjust or redirect air
  • This nailer functions low in freezing conditions

5. Paslode – 501000 PowerMaster Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Power is one of the features you have to check out for when shopping for a reliable power tool and in the case of a nailer, the power to be able to sink nails without any struggle is what everyone should be concerned about.

That is where this nailer stands out among the rest because it is designed to produce lots of power that would drive nails into woods with meanness and that is why this power tool right here is considered as the best option for working on hardwoods while its ability to fire several sizes of nails makes it fit for various kinds of project.

No matter what you are working on whether it is a simple household project or a large construction project, this is simply one of the best tools that can be used for it and in terms of weight, this nailer weighs about 9 pounds.

What this means is that this nailer can be held comfortably when working as the user would not feel any form of fatigue on the hands while working and one thing that scares people about power tools is the issue of misfiring and jams but each time you pull the trigger, this nailer won’t misfire or jam.


  • Used in tackling hard lumber wood
  • Comes packed with lots of power
  • Depth of drive can be reduced when working on softwood


  • Requires the use of an allen wrench is adjusting the depth of drive

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6. Freeman PFR2190 Pneumatic Full Round Head Framing Nailer

This is another modestly priced framing nailer that anyone can get their hands on and this framing nailer has found its way to this review mostly because of the type of exciting features that it comes with.

If you want to enjoy an impressive performance then this is just the right type of framing nailer tool that you should settle for and irrespective of the type of nail that you are working with, this framing nailer from the Freeman brand has what it takes to fire any size of the nail.

There are two firing modes that you can actually settle for when working with this framing nailer and that is the bump firing mode and sequential firing mode. It also comes loaded with a no-mar tip which can be removed with ease.

This is very important as it makes sure that the surface you are working on does not suffer any form of damage or has any dent on it and this is the major reason why this framing nailer is the best option if you are working on delicate material.


  • Puts in an impressive performance
  • Designed to protect surfaces
  • Stops firing if nails in the nail magazine get low


  • Requires interchanging and removing trigger when switching to another firing mode

7. Hitachi NV90AGS Coil Framing Nailer

If you have a large project you want to work on and you want a framing nailer that you can use to speed up the pace of your work then the Hitachi NV90AGS coil framing nailer is the best framing nailer to work with and why is this so?

This is simply because it comes with a coil magazine with a very large capacity designed to accommodate up to three hundred nails at once. What this actually means is that this framing nailer gun would allow you to work for long hours without experiencing any downtime.

Being versatile is also another ability of this framing nailer which helps it stand out from a whole lot of nailers on the market and it is also responsible for the use of this nailer in various projects like sheathing, siding, constructing a deck, framing, constructing a fence and more.

You would also find it very easy to switch between its contact firing and its sequential firing and you can also count on this nailer from the Hitachi brand to work with any nail that you have or need. Its depth of drive adjustment dial makes it easy to select how deep you want a nail to go into woods.


  • Holds a large number of nails when working
  • Offers long run time
  • Very versatile tool


  • Has no rafter hook

8. Paslode – 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

If you are exhausted with the stress that comes with dragging long air hoses and also the stress that comes with working with air compressors then you would appreciate a tool like the Paslode905600 framing nailer as this tool is designed to be extremely handy and also compact enough to be able to get into small workspaces when working on projects like building a house.

This is another reason why the handyman would find this tool very convenient to work with because it is very easy to move about with this than an air hose or air compressor.

Weighing just about 7.2 pounds, this is another lightweight framing nailer to make it to this review and the combination of its lightweight design and also a well-balanced handle makes it easy for anyone to work with this tool all through the day without getting tired.

Despite having a cordless design, power isn’t an issue with this framing nailer tool from Paslode as it comes with more than enough power required to drive nails into any kind of wood whether it is lumber or treated.


  • Can make use of this tool anywhere
  • Convenient
  • Fires nails effortlessly
  • Comfortable to work with


  • Requires buying fuel cells for operation

9. DEWALT DCN692B 20V Paper Collated Framing Nailer

The DEWALT DCN692B paper collated framing nailer is also another nailer that you can count on so you do not have to be worried about making use of air hoses and air compressors.

The Paslode framing nailer that we just concluded talking about makes use of both fuel cell and battery but this nailer from DEWALT is powered fully using a battery. However, the only thing you need to power this tool is a DEWALT 20 volts battery and it is ready to get to work immediately.

Furthermore, this framing nailer comes with a powerful motor that makes sure this tool is equipped with enough power to drive nails into any type of wood. What we find very amazing about this tool is its ability to fire nails onto wood using two different types of speeds.

Its firing speed includes the bump firing mode and the sequential firing mode and here is the most interesting part of this framing nailer, if a nail gets jammed inside this tool, it can be removed with ease this nailer’s nose cap.


  • Powered using a battery so you don’t need to spend on fuel cells
  • Has an impressive design


  • A bit selective when it comes to working with nails

10. Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

If you are concerned about power and performance then the Metabo HPT cordless framing nailer kit is what you need as it is designed to have enough power to be able to deliver the sort of performance then you would desire.

This is the ideal tool for all types of construction and framing projects and it is one that you can count on to deliver a fast in and out an operation with less effort while producing impressive results. For this reason, you don’t have to be bothered about gas cartridges, air compressors and air hoses.

It comes with a stable and high driving power which helps in driving nails into even the toughest of woods and safety is however one appealing feature of this power tool. It comes with a dry fire lockout design which helps in preventing this nailer from driving once it detects that the fasteners are low.

Every framing nailer tool that we have talked about in this review has a lightweight design and it is the same with this tool which makes maneuvering very easy as well as providing adequate balance when working.


  • Designed to shoot three inches galvanized nails
  • Frames nails fast
  • Built to have enough power


  • Developed battery and charger problems

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Final Words

If you have been searching for a reliable cordless framing nailer tool then you can make your choice from the best and excellent options that we have listed for you.

We have made our choice based on customer reviews and also individual features of each tool and you are guaranteed that all of the tools listed here are easy to use, have a lightweight design, are designed to be dependable and would also work in any environmental condition. We hope that this review guides you in making the right choice.