Brad Nailer Vs Finish Nailer 2024 Guide – How Do You Tell The Difference

My best guess by now is you would be wondering what the difference is between a brad nailer vs a finish nailer because they basically share the same look and they are also about the same size.

They also tend to use small-sized nails and all these leaves people wondering what their difference really is. However, getting the answers to these questions can be gotten through various opinions and explanations and there are also a few examples that can help in clearing things up.

These explanations would also help you in making the right decisions on the best tool for your next project.

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Brad Nailer Vs Finish Nailer

When To Make Use Of A Brad Nailer Vs Finish Nailer

Mere looking at a brad nailer, you would find out that a brad nailer is quite smaller compared to a finish nailer so speaking in terms of size, you would be able to differentiate the difference between the two tools.

The brad nailer which is smaller in size doesn’t have the same amount of holding power than a finish nailer has and this is simply because, technically, it doesn’t make use of nails. Brad nailers are referred to as brads and they make use of a thin gauge of the nail that can be attached to a lightweight trim.

The major benefit that a brad nailer has over a finish nailer is it comes with brads that are thin gauged with heads that are quite smaller so users would not have to make use of wood putty in covering up holes.

There are also people that are not bothered about making use of wood putty but when using finish nailer, their larger gauged nails is likely to split pieces of woods and pieces of trim might get broken during installation.

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When To Make Use Of A Finish Nailer Vs Brad Nailer

In my own opinion, finish nailers are more versatile compared to a brad nailer but a finish nailer is likely to perform poorly when working on thin trim pieces and delicate woods. Therefore, making an educated decision should be based on what project you intend to work on.

A finish nailer has more holding power compared to a brad nailer and if you intend attaching large pieces of trim like cabinetry, wide crown molding and even baseboards, brad nailers do not have the holding power needed and failure to use a finish nailer would lead to wood falling off from the wall.

When installing crown molding or baseboards, you would need to attach it to the wall directly and this is where you also get to make use of a finish nailer and not a brad nailer. Finish nailers would offer stronger attachments especially when you hit the studs a few more times when obtaining a good measure.

The diameter heads of finish nailers are always larger than that of the brad nailers and even though brad nailers tend to offer a well-disguised hole, it also won’t hold a substantial heavy amount of wood.

Pneumatic Brad Nailer Vs Finish Nailer

The fact about pneumatic nailers is that they make use of compressed air using an air compressor and as far as a pneumatic compressor remains plugged in, it would not reduce the force that helps in driving nails into woods.

Pneumatic nailers are also referred to as mobile tools and as far as the compressor is well charged, you can take your compressor and nail gun to areas without power. Furthermore, pneumatic nailers are affordable options compared to cordless nailers. You can also use pneumatic nailers for other functions like blowing and filling tires.

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