10 Best Dovetail Saw For Beginners – 2024 Buying Guide

Even though dovetail saws are known for their primary function of creating dovetail joints, dovetail saws are completely versatile tools that can be used for various purposes.

If you are new to woodworking and you would love to create premium wooden objects or high-quality furniture either from your shop or from your home then this review on the best dovetail saw for beginners is just for you.

You would need to get yourself a dovetail saw because they have proved to be a very useful addition to a woodworkers toolbox or kit.

Best Dovetail Saw For Beginners – Buying Guide And Recommendation

If you have tried out a number of handsaws but still fail in getting that neat or perfect finish then you certainly need to try out a dovetail saw today.

There are lots of positive reviews online from woodworkers about the importance and usefulness of dovetail saws in woodworking tasks today and this is quite true because dovetail saws always come in handy either when working on hardwoods and softwoods.

The precision and accuracy that they possess are what has led many to fall in love with it.

Its thin blade helps in achieving accuracy when working and a dovetail saw is what you need to add to your collection if you are a newbie.

Nowadays, lots of sales on tools tend to take place online and even the companies making these tools are aware of this trend. In light of this, some of these companies that make these tools most times overestimate the ability and capability of the tools that they are selling online and this would make it difficult to figure out if the tool you are getting is actually a good deal or not.

Shopping online is less stressful but when shopping for a dovetail saw as a beginner and you do not have the right kind of information then you might just be walking into a trap.

This is why we have assembled the best dovetail saw that beginners would find easy to use and trust us that the information you would find in this review would help you to settle for the best dovetail saw. Let’s meet them right away.

Best Dovetail Saw For Beginners Review

1. Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw for Hardwoods 

best dovetail saw for beginners

We are starting up this review with the Ryoba Doubke Edge Razor Saw which is designed especially for use on hardwoods and its design is quite different from so many other dovetail saws on the market as it features a two-sided option which makes it to be used for crosscutting and also for ripping.

This helps in giving the user maximum control over the final product but what we want you to know is that this is a Japanese style saw meaning it would cut back when pulled backward instead of when it is pushed forwards. This type of motion requires less force.

This dovetail saw would be able to deliver precise cuts and this is because it comes with a unique thin blade and what we also find very interesting about this dovetail is its long handle that can be held using both hands which helps in obtaining control and power when it is necessary.

However, what we think could be a major issue with this product is that it doesn’t come instructions written in the English language. In general, this is just the best for delivering precise and clean cuts and a tool that can be gotten at a reasonable price.


  • Has a two-sided design
  • Features a long handle which offers power and comfort
  • Has a thin blade


  • Doesn’t have instructions written in English

2. Dozuki “Z” Saw

The next high quality and recommended dovetail saw that we also want you to consider when next you decide to shop for a quality dovetail saw is the Dovetail Z saw and having a rigid blade simply puts to the rest the argument that Japanese blades are always thin and this rigidity that the blade possesses is the reason why this blade would not flex but instead users can make use of this blade under any pressure without worrying that it might damage or bend. Changing its blade or replacing it with a new one is also done easily.

Another feature that will leave you impressed about this dovetail saw is its handle which even though feels like it is cheaply made helps in ensuring that the overall weight of this tool is well reduced.

It is very necessary that its blade is changed very quickly and this is simply because its blades aren’t as strong as you think they are and in some cases, they might come off completely while trying to get a job done. This recent feature doesn’t mean this tool should be overlooked but it is also a great option if you are shopping on a budget.


  • Comes with a rigid blade
  • Changing blades on this saw is very easy
  • Perfect for joinery work


  • Comes with weak teeth
  • Has a plastic handle

3. Japanese Mini Dozuki Panel Saw

The Japanese mini Dozuki panel saw is quite a very popular choice on amazon and just like the last dovetail saw that we just concluded talking about, this dovetail blade also comes with a rigid blade which helps in adding some extra blade strength while its front long tooth which is referred to as a woodpecker tooth can be used in creating KERF before any cutting is done.

This takes away the stress of marking ones cutting position using a pencil or knife while having a wooden handle is more sturdy than plastic handles and also helps in generally reducing the weight of the saw.

Therefore, this saw is a lightweight one that can be used easily and one thing that would leave most buyers shocked or amazed is that despite coming with all of these interesting features, this dovetail also goes for a very affordable price.

This is why it is also referred to as the best dovetail saw for one’s money and one saw that you do not need to spend unnecessarily to get. Lastly, the teeth of the blade are properly aligned and what this does is that it makes this saw a very good choice for making crosscuts than rip cuts.


  • Comes with a wooden handle
  • Its tooth creates kerf
  • Affordable


  • Not for making rip cuts

4. IRWIN Tools Dovetail Detail Pull Saw (213104)

Another popular dovetail saw on amazon is the IRWIN TOOLS 213104 Detail Dovetail Saw and just like other entries that have made it into this review, what you are looking at right now is a dovetail saw that has a pull saw the design and the benefit of this is that this type of saw is quite easy to use.

Featuring induction hardened teeth, you can trust that this dovetail blade would be able to resist wear for a very long time therefore making this tool the most durable dovetail saw on this list.

Having a plastic handle and also a reasonable price tag are some interesting features of the IRWIN dovetail detail pull saw but what seemed to have gotten this dovetail saw some complaints is its blade release button which most customers refer to as confusing.

What this means is replacing the blade is very difficult so it just results in changing the entire knife so the question of why does it have a release button when the blade cannot be changed keeps coming up. This is a good choice for one or two lightweight projects.


  • This is a pull saw design dovetail saw
  • Comes with induction hardened teeth
  • Has a reasonable price tag
  • No difficulty in working with this tool


  • Doesn’t have replacement blades
  • Not for making rip cuts

5. Two Cherries 520-6020 10-Inch Brass Back Dovetail Saw

The Two Cherries 520-620 brass back dovetail saw is what occupies the number fifth spot of this interesting guide and just like the previous dovetail saw that we just finished discussing, this dovetail saw comes with a wooden handle but the only problem with its handle is that the handle is quite short therefore making it difficult to make use of both hands when working with this tool.

This simple flaw might cost some stability and power and it is also necessary that you know this dovetail saw has about fifteen teeth per inch.

However, its blade teeth don’t arrive to be sharp when it leaves the factory so if you are concerned about getting or obtaining good cuts then it is necessary that you sharpen its teeth.

Durability is also an edge that this dovetail saw has over some other dovetails saw you would come across and this is simply because of the premium quality German steel blade that it comes with.

You can trust this dovetail saw to deliver excellent results when used for joint cutting and this is also a general-purpose and versatile saw that can be used in several applications.


  • Has a wooden handle
  • Durable
  • Multipurpose dovetail saw


  • Came with dull teeth
  • Its handle is short

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6. Razorsaw 9-1/2″ Wide Blade Dovetail

This is one dovetail saw that every woodworker would fall in love with as it comes with impulse-hardened teeth which ensure that it endures wear and if you are a woodworker who works on furniture and cabinet frequently then you would definitely be pleased with this dovetail saw as it is best designed for such works or tasks.

This tool offers the best miters when working on any workpiece and being coated with a hard blade is the main reason why we think this tool is durable as it would stay resistant to corrosion.

Working with this dovetail saw offers users a comfortable and firm grip and the most interesting part of this dovetail blade is its rigid metal spline and thin blades which makes sure this saw doesn’t make straight cuts when working on any workpiece.

You can trust that this dovetail saw can be used in carrying out 3.5 tenon deep cuts and this is made possible using its 9.5-inch blade.


  • Its handle offers a firm grip and can be used with both hands
  • Requires the use of less energy when working with this tool
  • Very flexible


  • Its handle is quite long which could make working with this tool very difficult
  • Its long handle makes it quite difficult to fit this saw into any toolbox

7. SUIZAN Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw for Woodworking

The SUIZAN Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw for woodworking is up next on this interesting guide and unlike all the push saws that you would come across, this right here is a pull saw which makes work and usage simple.

What this also means it would cut materials just by pulling and durability is also another feature that you would find attractive as it is made out of premium Japanese steel material which doesn’t only ensure it lasts long but also makes sure that it delivers sharp and precise cuts.

With this dovetail saw, users would enjoy a new level of cutting experience and it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, you would certainly enjoy working with this dovetail saw.

Its versatility is also what makes it unique as it can be used in various applications. Finding another dovetail with the features this saw possesses could be quite challenging as it boasts of being durable, efficient and accurate when in use.

Its blade doesn’t rust and replacing its blade is cheap so sharpening it wouldn’t be necessary.


  • Easy to cut through hardwood
  • Its strong and rigid spine makes it durable
  • Replacing its blade is easy because it is cheap
  • Makes precise cuts


  • It doesn’t come with a blade protector

8. Gyokucho Razorsaw Joinery Saw for Fine Work

This is another fantastic dovetail saw from the GYOKUCHO brand and this is one company that is quite familiar for its efforts in going a long way to make quality and durable hard coated blades.

This dovetail saw’s blade is designed to stay resistant to corrosion and this alone helps in ensuring that the lifespan of this dovetail saw is extended and you can trust its thin blade to make precise and sharp cuts. All of these features in just one dovetail saw tells you how important and useful this saw is.

If you specialize in working on cabinets and furniture then this saw is specifically for you as it would make sure that you get the end results that you seek and furthermore, this dovetail saw would also make sure that the neatest and best dovetail cuts are obtained.

For obtaining cross, tenon and miter cuts, this is the right tool for it while its impulse hardened teeth also ensure durability. It is also the best for cutting soft and hardwoods.


  • Easy to make straight-line cuts
  • Perfect for obtaining fine dovetail and tenon cuts
  • Delivers a smooth finish


  • Expensive to get a replacement blade

9. Lynx 8-Inch Dovetail Saw with Full Handle and Filed for Cross-Cutting

We are getting closer to the end of this review and we are bringing you the Lynx dovetail saw which also comes with a full handle and is well filed in order to deliver perfect results for cross-cutting.

This is one durable dovetail saw which is made using premium alloy spring steel material and its stained European beech handle also features brass button screws. Its handle contributes to how good looking this dovetail saw is and guess what, its handle is designed in a way that allows comfort during use.

If you want a dovetail saw that would offer you desired cross-cutting results then this is the best dovetail saw for you and this also makes it a very good choice for cutting of fine joinery. Its features a brass back which provides rigidity and this brass back is also responsible for holding it 8-inch blade securely. If it ever happens that its blade goes dull then you can always re-sharpen its blade again.


  • Leaves a clean and fast cutting line
  • Impressive build
  • Comes with a stable thin blade
  • Has a solid construction


  • None

10. Rob Cosman’s Dovetail Saw, Black Resin

Lastly, the Rob Cosman’s Dovetail Saw is the final product that we would be talking about in this guide and this dovetail blade has a super fine design combined with a 22 PTI which makes cutting easy.

It features a combination of a 22oz overall weight combined with a brass back helps in making sure that this saw offers downward pressure for obtaining vibration free and smooth cuts. One last thing is the composite handles of this dovetail saw which features a carved finger recess design that makes it fit the hands comfortably.


  • Makes perfect dovetail joints
  • Accurate
  • Good looking dovetail saw
  • Saves time and money


  • None

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For every woodworker out there, the best way for you to achieve the best and neat finish as well as making precise cuts is by making use of a dovetail saw and the interesting part of this review is it focuses on newbies and beginners.

However, every dovetail saw that we have talked about in this review would not be difficult to work with and whether you are going for the number one saw or the number third dovetail saw, the fact still is you would enjoy an amazing woodworking experience.

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