Makita Vs Milwaukee 2024 Comparison – Which Brand Tool Is Better

That is a good question to ask because when talking about power tools today, the Milwaukee and Makita brands are considered to be the heavyweights.

The Milwaukee brand in recent years has turned out to be highly rated and also the best among several professionals and if you want that tool that your fellow workers would be envious of then the Milwaukee brand is the tool that you should go for.

Between the Makita Vs Milwaukee power tools, which do you think has what it takes to get your job done for you? Find out in this detailed guide.

The fact still remains that if you want to make use of the best tool then you just have to be ready to pay for the best and the Milwaukee brand of tools is believed to be the most expensive that you would find on the market today.

In this article, we would be going head to head between the Makita Vs Milwaukee power tools and in the end, you would be able to find out more about these tools and which you think you should spend your money on.

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Makita Vs Milwaukee

makita vs milwaukee

Brief History

If you are a lover of American countries then you would definitely love to go with the Milwaukee brand and the Milwaukee company was founded back in 1924 and they initially started out as electric tools repairs business until they invented an electric hand drill for popular businessman, Henry Ford.

This led to their rise and fame and Makita, on the other hand, is a Japanese company which also started as coincidentally as an electric repair company just like the Milwaukee company.

The truth is, the Makita brand ought to be seen as the biggest innovators of all time when talking about power tools and in the late seventies, they were the first to develop the cordless tools. Even if the DEWALT brand later revolutionized the market, the Makita brand is considered as the first company ever to venture into this field.

Today, the Makita and Milwaukee brand are both popular because of the several power tools that they have manufactured all around the world.

In the aspect of manufacturing, both brands have lots of production facilities all around the world and a good number of the Milwaukee company is outsourced to China while Makita has some of its facilities located in about nine countries including the United Kingdom, United States Of America, Germany and Japan.

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Makita Vs Milwaukee – Tool Comparison

So when it comes to making of tools and what features or qualities these tools possess, who do you think makes a better tool, the Makita or the Milwaukee company.

To be frank, both companies are excellent when it comes to the making of high-quality tools, however, there is always a but and that is how much better are these tools and do they truly worth the eye-opening difference in price?

Let’s compare between the Makita XT601 Cordless 6-Piece Combo Kit and Milwaukee 2896-26 M18 Cordless 6-too Combo tools for more clarity.

What we have here are basically the same type of tools but just manufactured by different companies and when you hold the Milwaukee M18 cordless tool, you would be able to tell how sleek and light it feels in your hands.

Despite being sleek, this is a rock-solid tool that has no implications when it comes to the materials used in its construction. Furthermore, where this tool tends to stand out is in its performance as you would not have any issue with drilling even through a mortar using this tool.

The Makita XT601 cordless tool can also do the same but the drawback is it takes too much time to finish up with tasks and this could also have a negative effect on its battery.

The battery life is where the noticeable difference lies and that is why professionals keep applauding the Milwaukee brand for the way they design their batteries to last long.

Final Thoughts

So after considering what we have said so far, do you believe that the Milwaukee brand is better?

I think you obviously know the answer to that but if you are probably an average worker and can’t spend so much money on a Milwaukee tool then you can settle for the Makita brand as they are also a better and preferred option.

However, if you intend to work on a large project then you should consider working with the Milwaukee tool as it isn’t just any tool the average too can make use of.

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