Find the useful Cordless Drill and Driver – Here is Your Item List


As the two of most popular tools, drills and drivers always necessary for people to have several of them in their daily life for normal works. If you are a hot friend for doing DIY works, if you are filled with enthusiasms on enjoy daily home life, if you are are people, here is the meaning of this article:offer your information for buying drivers and drills. Would you like tools that include the most useful method in house working ? In this article, several brands of power drills and drivers will be mentioned separately.They are three brands of drills and drivers will included. All of these cordless drills and drivers are good design and easy for use. So this is the topic what we are going to discuss in the rest parts of this piece of article.

Why DIY by using power drills and drivers?

Friends, are you have a personal houses that do not want other people visit it easily? Do you like when some of the furniture or frames is broken, you try to repair them by yourself ? If you do, what ways do you like to use for fix them and turn your works become easier and faster in the daily life? Will you spend money ask other people for help or you prefer to fix it in your own way? These 20v max battery powered drivers and drills are born for it. Before power tools came out, in traditional works, using the hand drill and hand driver for working, spend more manpower and need to work harder. For Now, by using power tools, free your man power, get relax, and let the works done.

Why is it important?

“What reason for me that I will use the power tool to instead the traditional tools?”

As the people live in a modern society, using electricity power tools can help you to save yourself from the hard traditional work after you come back from company.

Since the pressure and faster speed in nowadays, the home life for normal families also follow the speed of the society.

Since the traditional hand tool of work became harder under this current situation.

Change the use of tools from hand into power, will surely speed up your house works process.

So this is the reason why power tools gradually instead of traditional hand tools and fix of the modern life .

Lets keep reading and try to see what power tools can help you in the drilling and driving works.

1. The ALTOCRAFT 20V Max Cordless Drill

The motor of this drill is more powerful than other motors, it is provides 0-700RPM rotating speed to facilitate efficient hole drilling and screw driving on boards of several different materials. Combines with long lasting 1.5Ah li-ion battery , the 17+1 position clutch provide the good performance for drilling and screwdriving control. With the lightweight(weight only 2.6lbs) design and A soft rubber-covered handle, provides a comfortable grip and less vibration for you during heavy work. It is user-friendly and safety for use.

2. ALTOCRAFT 20V Max Cordless Impact Driver


This high-torque power cordless impact driver delivers 1100 In-lbs Max torque with speed up to 2700RPM and 3800 IPM for securing longer screws and fasteners. Based on this setting, it is built for driving long screws, lag bolts, and other fasteners through tough materials. This key-less 20v impact driver features a quick-release function to avoid wasting your time to place chucks before you use the driver. Whats more, the 5.5″ compact front to back & lightweight 2.6lbs design of the cordless impact driver provide you a comfortable experience, makes it easier to handle, especially in a tight spot or long-time working.

3. WORKSITE 20V Cordless Impact Wrench 3/8 Inch


This ergonomic design cordless impact wrench with lightweight body and ergonomic rubber-wrapped handle, which can offer comfort and lessen vibration during heavy work. Featured with all copper gear motor, this impact wrench can deliver 240 Ft-lbs (330 N.m) torque. Suitable for light automotive repairs, major construction projects and product assembly. The speed of this wrench can be adjust from 0-2700 RPM by controlling the variable speed trigger. And finally, With fast charger, 2.0A battery will be fully charged within 1 to 1.5 hours.

4. AVID POWER Impact Driver Kit


This Cordless Drill Set has Powerful Motor & High Torque. With maximum torque of 1590 in-lbs, along with variable speed up to 2700RPM, this impact driver can drive screws or tighten nuts at astonishing speed. With Compact design can help you fit into tighter areas, ultra-lightweight(3.1 pounds) make it effortless to be used for a long time, thus minimizing user fatigue. Specially, with the particular chuck, you can easily and quickly remove bits from the tool by simply pulling back on the collet.

5. WORKSITE Cordless Drill Brushless


With the equipped of high-efficiency brushless motor, this cordless drill delivers up to 57% more run time than those brushed, enhancing battery durability and machine performance. Compared with 3/8″ plastic chuck, this power drill with 1/2″ ratcheting metal chuck has unbeatable performance in providing maximum accessory compatibility and durability. 2 Speed and 3 working mode make this drill become all-round helper for professional and DIYers. For the design aspect, lightweight body and compact design help reduce fatigue for long time use and easy access to tight area.



This cordless drill/driver has greater control based on Lithium-Ion batteries with an improved 2-speed gearbox (0-350 RPM / 0-1350 RPM) and 16 different torque settings. The maximum 320 In-lbs torque can easily drill through wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. This 20V MAX cordless drill features as versatile tools and can be equipped not only for screw driving and heavy drilling but also for spinning brush cleaning and so on. For design, this cordless drill offers both power and control with its soft grip, ergonomic design, 3/8″ keyless chuck, and a lightweight of only 2.3lbs.

And Finally

DIY become popular activities for the people who lived in the world nowadays. Maybe because the reason of reduce daily cost or because the reason for have fun, the DIYers will certainly become a large social group for now and future.

All these six tools are preparing for the people choose to become a DIYers.

With high quality, interesting design and acceptable price let these power tools became good choices in daily life.

Started now, use these six kinds of power tools to deal with your house problem and reshape the furniture for a totally different life.