10 Best Paint For Ceiling – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

Painting is quite a difficult task that not everyone would love to indulge in as paint is likely to drop on your hair and also on your face therefore creating a huge mess.

However finding the best paint for the ceiling which is resistant to splatter is actually a major win and at the same time, finding a ceiling paint that also has other features and can be used in several situations or for several reasons is also a good thing.

All ceiling paints are not formulated to deliver the same type of results as there are ceiling paints that are capable of providing exceptional coverage during the application, there are ceiling paints that can also be used in getting rid of watermark or another type of stains and also, there are ceiling paints that make sure your ceiling has a sparkle and impressive shine.

What we would not forget to mention is that there are some ceiling paints which has the perfect kind of formulation that makes it able to prevent tinning noise and high-frequency radiation, therefore, making sure that your life and that of your home is greatly improved.

Even after mentioning all of these features and benefits, how can one easily identify the best paint for the ceiling?

Best Paint For Ceiling – Buying Guide And Recommendation

You would consider painting to being a very valuable item if you are truly worried about having an attractive room or house in general and just as the paint applied on walls makes sure that your house looks good, that is the same way a ceiling paint ensures that your home or room looks good too.

Making sure that your ceiling has a uniform surface is what paint for the ceiling is concerned with doing and it does this by making sure all of the spots, marks and stains are perfectly hidden so as to deliver an outstanding and decorative finish. But which paints can actually be ideal for your ceiling?

However, what you are worried about is actually our concern as well and this is the reason why we have carried out wide research in order to come up with the best paint products that would help you enjoy all the benefits that come with applying paint to your ceiling. Come along on this journey and meet these products today.

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Best Paint For Ceiling Review

1. Rust-Oleum 253536 Metallic Accents Paint

best paint for ceiling

If you are in search of a paint that would spice up the look of your home by adding a touch of elegance then the Rust Oleum 253536 Metallic Accents Paint is the best product that you need as it is designed to be applied either on the interior or on the exterior part of a house. It can be added to furniture and doors but looks perfect when used on ceilings.

What makes this paint loved is the fact that it makes use of mica beads to provide a desired metallic appearance and since it is a water-based kind of paint, there are no worries about this paint having an odor.

It however comes in about fifteen different shades and after application, it takes about thirty minutes for this paint to completely dry up.

Requiring just thirty minutes to dry up simply tells you that this paint has a fast drying time when compared with other paints that we came across and what’s more, applying this paint only requires a straightforward and simple application while any mess created can be wiped off with ease using warm water and soap.

This ceiling paint shines so as to provide the ceiling with that gorgeous look.


  • Has a quick drying time
  • Versatile paint
  • Offers a beautiful look on ceilings
  • Application is easy
  • Fast delivery


  • A customer complained of its sparkle not being enough

2. Latex Ceiling Paint, 2070T/01

The next paint for ceiling we want to show you is the Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint and what makes this paint quite exceptional is its ability to stay resistant to splatter and while doing that, it also offers an impressive white finish that would get your ceiling to look completely exceptional. Just like the previous point we talked about, this paint has a low odor.

Now, here is a benefit of this ceiling paint you would like and that is this paint designed with the aim of completely getting rid of surface imperfections meaning that any mark that can be found on your ceiling, the Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint would work to cover such mark and it doesn’t require much application as just one coat is enough to eliminate these marks.

However, this paint has a drying time of about an hour but with this paint, great coverage can be achieved quickly and easily.


  • Helps in covering up leaks
  • Application and cleaning up is very easy
  • Fast delivery


  • Too watery ceiling paint
  • This paint had lumps
  • Poorly packaged product

3. Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint, Mustard Seed

If what you expect from your ceiling is adaptability then the Montage Signature eco-friendly paint is what we recommend for you as the best because this is a very rare paint that has proved to either deliver a semi-gloss finish or a finish with a low sheen. It also comes in various sizes so you can find one with the exact quantity you desire.

However, this paint also comes in several shades and several colors so finding one that would be perfect for use on your ceiling is a must. Being able to offer excellent coverage is one reason why this ceiling paint stands out from the multitude and guess what, it offers protection against mold, moisture and mildew.

Furthermore, this is one of the paints that is made using high-quality materials and it also contains fewer pollutants after being compared with other paints on the market and what we also love about this paint is the fact that the makers were conscious about the environment with the kind of materials used in making this paint. It also comes with a ten-year warranty.


  • Rolls smoothly on the walls
  • Very versatile
  • High-quality paint that worth the price
  • Good customer service


  • The package arrived in a damaged can

4. KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint

We are moving on to the KILZ Color Change Stain Blocking Ceiling Paint which has the perfect formulation that makes sure it has very good coverage when it comes to getting rid of water stains from our ceilings and that is not all about this ceiling paint, it works good in making sure that tired and worn out ceilings looks brightened.

What people find interesting about this ceiling paint is its dry time indicator which works effectively to ensure that applying this paint is done perfectly well and when applied on the ceiling, this paint looks pink but later turns to white in less than one hour. It requires a second coat application to achieve better results.

This is a splatter resistant paint which makes sure that covering up minor stains is done quickly and even though this paint has interior written on its name, it can be used for exterior purposes.

It however comes in a one-gallon container and can be applied either on porous or on smooth surfaces.


  • Provides astounding results
  • Even after two days, this paint leaves a fresh smell
  • Doesn’t require preparing the ceiling before application
  • Gets rid of mildew stains


  • Not a white color but a creamy yellow color

5. Roll On Wall Texture White

Up next on this entertaining review is the Homax Roll On Wall white paint which has the perfect formulation that ensures it delivers a decorative sand finish or a decorative smooth finish and this ceiling paint comes ready to use and is going to leave a stylish decorative finish when it is applied on any ceiling.

If you are concerned with achieving a desired textured pattern then you can actually combine with this ceiling paint with any suitable applicator and it can be applied in all rooms as it has low odor.

It is also able to offer up to 150 feet maximum coverage and here is the most interesting part about this paint, you can choose or decide what color you would love to paint your ceiling with.

Whether there are surface imperfections on your ceilings or on your walls, you have nothing to worry about as the Homax roll on paint would do a great job at covering them up.


  • Mixing is easy
  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect at covering up stains
  • Affordable


  • Peels off with ease

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6. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One

This is a two-in-one kind of product as what you have right here doesn’t just consist of paint but it also consists of a primer and this is often described as a semi-gloss finish paint that can be used in giving your ceiling that stylish and decorative look.

This paint however comes in various colors so you are likely to get any color of your choice.

This ceiling paint is formulated strictly for interior use and guess what, you can trust that this ceiling paint is capable of delivering a smooth finish which is why we consider this paint as the best option for use at home.

Furthermore, this paint consists of one hundred percent acrylic material which makes it easy to clean up any mess made using just soap and water.

You can get this ceiling paint in a one-gallon container and it also contains a very low VOC. This ceiling paint is always the best choice anyone can settle for and this is strict because its color was developed using the best leading color technology. It is a good option for people who do not want to settle for less.


  • Dries very fast
  • Has no odor
  • Safe for use
  • Has a very good coverage


  • Has some patches

7. Acousti Coat – Sound Deadening Paint

This is one painting for the ceiling that can be seen either in a 5-gallon container or in a one-gallon container and it has a very special feature that isn’t seen commonly in every ceiling paint.

This feature refers to being able to dampen tinning and ringing noises which can be heard in metal structures and it is also very safe as it features a non-toxic and environmentally friendly composition.

Applying this ceiling paint however is very easy and simple just like most ceiling paints that we have talked about already in this review and it can be applied using a spray, roller or a brush while soap and water can be used in cleaning up messes that were made while applying this paint on a surface.

The end product you would get after applying this ceiling paint is a shiny and bright finish therefore ensuring that this product can actually be used as a primer or as a stand-alone paint.


  • Offers a shiny white finish
  • Worked great when applied on ceilings
  • Very cheap


  • Not so easy to paint with

8. Studio Finishes Molten Metallics

If you desire to make use of a metallic and durable ceiling paint then the Studio Finished Molten Metallics paint is the best for you as it can be used not just on interior surfaces but also on exterior surfaces.

This is one painting you would fall in love with as it delivers a rich, deep shimmer, nice metallic finish and also blends perfectly well with ceilings.

This paint however comes in a 32 fl container and can be gotten in about six various metallic colors. If you want to obtain the best finish then it is necessary that a double coat of this paint is applied and colors which it can be gotten in includes silver, gunsmoke, gold, copper, charcoal and bronze.


  • Offers a well-hammered finish
  • Nice quality paint
  • Dries off very quick
  • Goes on easy on ceilings


  • None

9. EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Shielding Paint YSHIELD

The EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Shielding Paint is one of the best paints that would deliver a nice and perfect finish when applied on ceilings and this is the best of its kind as it has the right kind of formulation which helps in offering protection and shielding against electromagnetic fields which are caused by high frequencies.

This is a pure potassium silicate paint which is can be used for interior purposes like being applied on ceilings, floors and walls and it also contains friendly materials, therefore, making sure that it isn’t toxic or contain any harmful or toxic ingredient.


  • Offers a high level of protection
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Resistant to corrosion


  • Not effective in sealing off high-frequency fields


The Sikkens CETOL ultraviolet ceiling paint is the final product we are bringing to you and from its name, it is quite easy to tell that this paint is designed only for interior use.

This is the perfect match for your ceilings and also the best paint you can actually settle for if you intend to give your ceiling that perfect finish.

This ceiling paint is capable of delivering that desired transparent finish when used on interior woodwork and even when you are itching to get that matte finish, you can trust this paint to get the job done for you.

This is a non-yellowing type of paint that dries off quickly and can also be washed with ease.


  • Delivers a transparent finish
  • Can be used in various applications
  • Makes use of acrylic technology
  • Has a quick drying time


  • Offers little amount of protection against UV
  • Impossible to tint


The way you pay so much attention to what people say about your floors is also the same way you should be concerned with what people think about your ceiling or also how your ceiling looks like.

One of the best ways your house can have that impressive and good look is by having a shiny, neat and attractive ceiling and with the best ten paints which we have discussed, you can trust your ceiling to have that look you crave for.