How To Let Insects Into Your Garden And Its Importance – 2024 Guide

how to let insects into your garden and its importance

There are insects that are easy to recognize and also loved universally. It is the same as spotting a lady beetle hunting down a colony of aphids that have taken over a milkweed plant or spotting a praying mantis stationed like a sentinel on a kale leaf.

When we spot this scenario, we just laugh and allow these insects to go about their normal business. The fact is, it will take quite some effort to be able to recognize the good deeds of these insects and that is why you have our how to let insects into your garden and its importance article right at your fingertips.

It might be a bit challenging to learn about the importance of having these insects in our garden but when you eventually do, you would be amazed at the life and death scenario that gets to take place in your garden every day.

Stick around as we show you some tips that you can employ which would help in attracting healthy insect predators into your garden so you can cut down on the use of harmful pesticides.

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How To Let Insects Into Your Garden and Its Importance

Frequent Examination Of Plants

One of the ways to know if it is time to let insects into your garden is through constant checking of your plants if they are being attacked by predator insects.

It is important that you monitor your plants closely so as to be able to identify the insects in your garden and most especially at the back of your leaves. You should also learn how to identify larvae, pupae as well as insect eggs.

Wasps Should Be Welcomed

There is the certain specie of wasps that are nonaggressive and solitary, there are also others that are parasitoids and what this means is that they tend to lay their eggs in the bodies of aphids, tomato hornworms, cabbage worms as well as other unhealthy inhabitants which could lead to their death.

Ground nesting and aggressive yellow jackets offer wasps bad identities that aren’t meant to be so it is important that wasps in your backyard are well treated because they are harmless and helpful garden predators.

Planting Of Flowers

Certain perennials such as mountain mint, goldenrod and golden marguerite alongside other annuals should be planted as they help in providing required resources for garden predators. Below is a very shortlist of the type of plants that predator insects would love to hang around;

  • Cilantro – parasitic wasps, syrphids flies, lacewings and lady beetles
  • Sweet Asylum – syrphid flies
  • Dill – helps in attracting species of predator wasps
  • Anise Hyssop – also attracts -parasitic wasps
  • Bachelor’s Buttons – parasitic wasps, lacewings, lady beetles
  • Milkweed – pollinators or different kinds, lady beetles and other types of garden predators

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Mixing Up Plants

Instead of planting several rows of the same plant, you can try mixing it up by planting a certain plant species in a particular and also planting another in another space. Lettuce, small tomatoes, pepper and some vegetables are few plant species that can co-exist in an ornamental garden.

Encourage Growing Population Of Pest Insects In Your Garden

Applying soap spraying aphids in your garden might only offer temporary relief from pest insects but ensuring that you control the urge to make use of such spray would allow natural predator insects to come to your rescue and in less than a year, you would be able to record a massive decrease in the damage caused by pest insects in your garden.

Expert Tip

By reducing the use of pesticides, you are creating an avenue for natural predators to thrive in your garden. Truth be told, there are times that you would feel tempted to make use of an insecticide or pesticide but you do not have to resort to that option all the time.

This is because it isn’t just damaging to our health but also to the ecosystem as well. Not all insects are out to attack you, your family and garden and for the good of the environment as well, it would be a wise decision to offer these predator insects a chance to live in your garden.


Making use of a nontoxic approach in dealing with pests would allow your garden to grow organically. Pests would forever be a menace to our gardens and practicing these simple tricks which we have talked about in this article would be helpful in creating an environment that would be would allow predator insects to dwell in your garden so they can eliminate the pest insects for you. We hope you find this article helpful and encourage you to share with your friends, family and loved ones too.

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