The Importance Of Attracting Butterflies Into Your Garden – 2024 Guide

The Importance Of Attracting Butterflies Into Your Garden

One of the benefits that come with allowing butterflies into your sunny garden is because of the beauty and movement that it offers to your garden and if you are a gardener, you would definitely agree with me when say watching a butterfly fly from one to another is such a pleasing and wonderful sight.

However, there is more to butterflies being a part of your sunny garden than watching them fly from one flower to another and that is why this article is here to help you understand the importance of attracting butterflies to your garden.

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The Importance Of Attracting Butterflies Into Your Garden

The Importance Of Attracting Butterflies Into Your Garden

One question you might be asking right now is why are butterflies so important to every garden? The fact is aside from the fact that butterflies are known to be good agents of pollinators, they also have a positive impact on our environment.

The welfare of every butterfly is greatly compromised based on the fact that butterflies tend to lose their habitat to either the widespread use of pesticides or deforestation. They can also lose their habitat due to certain weather and climatic changes.

Another importance that comes with planting a butterfly garden is it creates an avenue for people to be able to conserve butterflies and also several other native insects so as to help keep them safe.

Planting variously cultivated and native plant species is one of the ways that you can also get to attract butterflies into your garden and this also leads to attracting other insects that might be beneficial and also helping to ensure that plant diversity is sustained.

Some other insects that would be beneficial to your garden include ladybugs and native bees.

There are certain plants that butterflies tend to lay their eggs on so if you are also interested in attracting butterflies into your garden then you should consider carrying out research in order to ascertain which of the plants they tend to lay their eggs on so you can get to plant them in your garden.

They could be either be trees, shrubs, perennials, native grasses, or even cultivated varieties. Zinnia and Lantana are nectar plants that can be used in feeding adult butterflies the same way milkweed is to monarch caterpillars and pawpaw trees are to zebra caterpillar.

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However, there are several other reasons why you need to conserve butterflies and they are;

Butterflies Are Good Agents Of Pollinators

For a plant to bear fruit, a good number of them need to be pollinated in order to achieve that and butterflies are the major agents of pollination. The food for adult butterflies is plant nectar and flying from one flower to another and sipping this nectar, butterflies tend to pollinate these plants.

Butterflies Acts As A Barometer To Reveal How An Environment Is Doing

Based on their delicate nature, butterflies are likely to disappear once they detect that something has gone wrong in their ecosystem. The study of the butterfly population by scientists helps in telling them if there is a problem that could be a problem to both the non-living and living things.

Butterflies Help In Cutting Down The Use Of Pesticides And Insecticides

Having butterflies in your garden is very beneficial to wildlife as they help to track down pest insects naturally so you do not have to resort to making use of insecticides and pesticides. Some other insects that can be beneficial as well include ladybugs, dragonflies, spiders and praying mantis.

Butterflies Also Play A Role In The Life Cycle

In the food chain, butterflies in every stage of life tend to be a source of food for animals. They can be consumed by wasps, toads, frogs, lizards, birds and even bats.

Butterflies Help In Boosting Educational Value

One of the greatest teaching tools in our schools today is the metamorphosis of eggs into caterpillars, butterflies and finally chrysalis. This topic is studied by most children when introducing them to the wonders of life and one last thing you should also know about butterflies is they bring relaxation, joy and awareness to people who observe them.

In conclusion, we hope you agree with us that butterflies are not just beneficial to plants and animals but they are also very important to the environment as well.

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