How To Grow Mandevilla – 2024 Guide With Pictures

How to grow mandevilla

Mandevilla are considered to be twinning vines that are well behaved and what exactly do we mean by this? It simply means that Mandevilla is plants that would not grow out of their space and also try to strangle surrounding plants. Providing Mandevilla with stems or support and watch them wrap themselves all around it in order to display their beautiful and bright color in various directions. This kind of makes them look messy and despite that, they are still wonderful to have in your garden. Here, you can learn how to grow Mandevilla easily.

How To Grow Mandevilla

Mandevilla naturally is known to do extremely good under humid and warm weather conditions and you can also rest assured that from late springs, these plants would blossom till frost season. You can own Mandevilla by purchasing them as potted plants but if you want to plant them outdoors then you need to wait till it the temperature is suitable. For them to thrive outdoors, you would need to plant them in a spot where they can have access to sunlight for at least six hours every day but under hot climatic conditions, a little shade would be helpful.

In the spring season, Mandevilla should be well watered and fertilized using a balanced slow-release fertilizer preferably the 14-14-14. However, there are several designs that you can try out when trying to plant Mandevilla and discussed below are four easy and simple designs that you should consider trying out when you finally make up your mind to plant Mandevilla in your garden space or yard.

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Best Mandevilla Designs

Here are the four best Mandevilla designs;

1. Plant Mandevilla At The Entry Of Your Home

You can have a Mandevilla flowers growing right in front of your doorstep as it is displayed in the image above and with the aid of pillars or fishing lines, they can help these flowers to find their way or navigate their way to the top of the pillar or fishing line. Furthermore, one of the ways that anyone can get as much growth of Mandevilla in a single season is by planting all of the biggest plants that they can find, and trust me, their colorful display would certainly make your home entrance have this beautiful and nature-like look.

2. Place Mandevilla Inside A Hanging Basket

Purchasing a small cultivar just like something similar in the image displayed above would open your mind and imagination to the possibility of planting Mandevilla flowers in a whole different way. The Mandevilla flower has the tendency of blooming during the summer compared to most plants and when it is about 18 inches to 36 inches long, you can rest assured that it still would not try to overtake other plants or flowers close to it. Having a small size cultivar with Mandevilla in it proves to be an excellent addition to any hanging basket.

Just as it is displayed above, you can see that the Mandevilla flowers were added to a variegated airplane plant and a burgundy alternanthera. You can see how colorful and beautiful it is and that can only make you imagine how awesome it would be having something as nice as this in your own yard or garden space.

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3. Growing Mandevilla In Containers

If it happens that your flower border is beginning to fade then one thing that you can also do is to provide more color using a colorful container that has Mandevilla flowers in it. Training the Mandevilla flowers on a little number of obelisks would help to add extra color and height and just take a look at the image above for example and see how the colorful Mandevilla plant takes away every attention from the faded plant.

4. Growing Mandevilla On A Wall

Do you have a big bare wall then you can also make it look colorful and beautiful by growing the Mandevilla flowers on it? This also helps in adding a touch of style and elegance to your property.


After reading through this review thoroughly, we hope that you now have a perfect understanding on how to grow Mandevilla in your home. Growing Mandevilla in your home is such a great idea mostly because of the color and pleasant look that it brings. However, you also have great ideas on how best you can grow Mandevilla in your home thanks to the best designs that we have discussed in this review. You can also share this review with family and friends who also intend to beautify their homes.

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