How To Make Use Of Sticky Traps in 2024 – Pest Population Control

Constant pest attacks in your garden can be a serious problem to deal with. All pests do is to infest and eat up all of your plants and also inconvenience you and your guests while you are taking a walk or tour around your garden. There are lots of methods to apply when dealing with pest and insect attacks in your garden but the fact is all of these methods have their own benefits and limitations. Sticky traps can be used for bugs and at the end of this article, you would learn how to make use of sticky traps.

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how to make use of sticky traps

When talking about sticky traps, we want you to have it at the back of your mind that they are mostly used when dealing with pesky insects and these sort of traps are not the ones that discriminate as they would also end up trapping birds, lizards and snakes. Some organizations just like the humane society strongly advocate against the use of methods like this for various reasons.

What Are Sticky Traps

Sticky traps as a form of pest control involves the use of a glue based trap in catching and rendering pests immobile. These traps are constructed making use of a typical cardboard paper and also glue and this cardboard can be folded either into the shape of a tent or it is laid flat. Its tent cover design is used in offering the sticky surface adequate protection against dust as well as other materials and there are other types of sticky traps which comes with certain types of scent that works in attracting pests.

Furthermore, a sticky trap can also be designed to have a hanging design and this type of sticky trap which is capable to sit on surfaces works very effectively in trapping cockroaches, bugs and spiders. However, flying insects might not be able to be trapped that way so another way one can get to trap flying insects is through the use of a sticky trap that has a hanging strip.

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How To Make Use Of Sticky Traps

Most of the time, when people actually think of making use of sticky traps is mostly when they are concerned about cutting down or eradicating the population of thrips, whiteflies, and aphids in their homes or greenhouses with the aid of these traps. You can keep an eye out on the growing population of insects so as to figure out if your pest control strategy is really effective or if you might need to figure out another pest control method like the ones at StopZBugs that could help and be effective.

When it comes to managing garden pest outdoors, sticky traps might pose a serious threat to wildlife and that is why in most cases, it is preferable that you make use of another pest control strategy. Another strategy that you can consider making use of is through the beautification of your garden and also figuring out ways to attract some beneficial insects into your garden. Attracting beneficial insects into your garden would certainly be of great help as it would help in controlling the population of pests in your garden.

This is because many of these beneficial insects feeds on some of these pest and one example is in the case of ladybugs which are very famous for their love for aphids. If you want to monitor an area 24/7 then a sticky trap is simply the method you have to adopt and this is why it is mostly used by professionals when carrying out pest control inspections. Sticky traps are very useful in the sense that they would help in detecting pests even at night time and also when no one is around.

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