Growing A Garden With Your Toddler in 2024 – Fun And Easy Tips

Before your toddler gets to hit age one or two, your toddler is likely to get inspired, learn how to interact and also make certain discoveries in your garden. All that is required to achieve this are just some seeds, a patch of dirt and some levels of patience.

Putting these three things in place will in no time create an avenue for you and your toddler to garden together.

We would provide you with some ideas and tips on growing a garden with your toddler which would be so much fun for both of you.

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growing a garden with your toddler

Growing A Garden With Your Toddler

Create A Materials List

Creating a materials list of things both of your want in your garden is the perfect way to start and in most cases, the list is likely to look like what we have below;

  1. Seeds that would easily grow into plants such as cherry, beans, peas, sunflowers, pumpkins, radishes and more
  2. A large container which has a sterilized potting soil in it or a well-tilled garden
  3. A spray bottle or a watering can
  4. Lightweight tools that would easily fit into the hands

Great Ideas

You can pick up some books on gardening which has some pictures that you and your toddler can easily relate with and read together. After reading this book together, ask your toddler what idea they would like to plant in their garden and you should also have at hand several seeds packets so they can be able to select from based on the information they must have gotten from the book.

Hunting And Gathering Together

What this involves is basically going on a scavenger hunt together with your toddler if you have decided to start planting indoors.

This could also be a hunt on the type of container you would like to make use of and the containers that are bound to work are the ones with drainage holes and also the ones that are about two to three inches deep.

Some other examples of items that you can make use of include empty yogurt containers, cardboard egg cartons and also pots that are made using newspaper.

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The Right Kind Of Tools

If you are really into gardening with your toddler then you might as well want to provide them with the right kinds of tools that they would need. These are tools that are actually safe to work with and even if you do not intend buying some kid tools then adult tools would also be good too.

You should teach your toddlers on how to make use of these tools and also point out which tools are okay to make use of.

Teach them how to start planting or how to start sowing seeds then step back and watch them do it and also try to remind them that you are always available if they need your help.

If they do not seek your help, try not to get involved yet and with the help of a spray bottle or watering can, you can watch your toddler water plants and seeds.

Picture Illustrations

You and toddler can work together in creating plant labels with the help of pictures and this would help them in remembering what and where they are growing in the garden.

Furthermore, you people can get to visit the garden together to maybe pick up insects, catch a wriggle or a worm, pull out a weed or also count tomatoes.

Here are some other key tips that you can also teach your toddler when working in the garden. It is more like the do’s and doesn’t of working in the garden. They are;

  • Making use of organic methods for fertilization and controlling pest when gardening with toddlers
  • Ensure that dogs and cats do not turn your garden into a toilet
  • Poisonous plants should be eliminated from your garden
  • Your toddlers should not be allowed to pick up plants unless you give permission to do so
  • Your soil should be checked for lead and other harmful materials if you reside in urban areas before you start gardening.
  • You and your toddler should wash your hands when you are done with gardening and band-aids should be used in covering scrapes and cuts

One of the best ways toddlers can get to play naturally is through gardening and whether you have a tiny balcony, a large space in your backyard or pot plants, what matters most is that toddlers would get to learn valuable lessons from gardening.

Gardening with toddlers provides them with lessons on the life cycle, nature and also food. It also helps in enhancing curiosity, play and imagination. We hope you find our tips helpful in growing a garden with your toddler.

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