Using Plants As Bug Deterrent: How To Repel Bugs In Your Garden – 2024 Guide

using plants as bug deterrent

If you are into gardening, one thing in certainly inevitable and that is having insects pests in your garden but no matter how bad the case may be, you can also be able to scare these bugs away and this can be done simply by growing some useful plants in your garden.

There are lots of plants that can be used as plant deterrentin gardens today and that is why we would be talking about using plants as bug deterrent in this interesting article and you are guaranteed learning more on how you can keep your garden free from harmful bugs.

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Using Plants As Bug Deterrent

There are lots of vegetable plants, flowers and herbs that every gardener can make use of when it comes to repelling insects and discuss below are some plants that most gardeners have made use of and also confirmed its effectiveness;

  • Leeks and Chives are known to repel carrot fly and doing this also helps in improving the general health of your garden.
  • When it comes to deterring nasty Japanese beetles and aphids, you can count on garlic and garlic is also effective in repelling mice and moles especially when it is used together with onions.
  • The basil plant is effective in chasing away mosquitoes and flies and it also becomes more effective when it is set up around the porch as well as outdoor areas.
  • Tomato plants and Borage can be used in fending off marigolds, tomato hornworms and also other insects that are harmful to your garden. It is also used when dealing with Japanese Beetles and Nematodes
  • Planting some rosemary and mint plants inside the ground also helps in discouraging several insects that are good at laying eggs. These insects can be cabbage moth and spraying some tansy and mint around your house also works in keeping ants away.
  • If you want to keep mosquitoes and Japanese beetles at bay then you can also try growing Tansy in your garden.
  • Spinach is also another plant that can be grown to deter bugs and insects and whether you believe it or not, this plant is effective when used against slugs while thyme can also be made use of in deterring cabbage worms.
  • Pyrethrum painted daisies are also plants that can be planted anywhere around your garden and you are sure it would keep aphids away from your garden.

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Once again, an effective way that you can get to lure harmful insects away from your garden is by growing plants that are resistant to these insects and take for example, planting varieties of rhodondredon and azalea would definitely result in fighting back insects that are capable of causing harm to your shrubs and such insect includes weevils.

Every homeowner should be concerned with protecting their family and property and one of the ways to achieve that is by keeping bugs away when necessary.

There are lots of plants that would make sure you do not have to keep putting up with these attacks from bugs and not just would these plants keep bugs away but they would also help to make your garden look colorful too.

All of the plants that we have talked about in this review would certainly help you enjoy relaxing outdoors with your family without being bothered by these bugs and even though bugs can be clever at times, always feel free to run more research if they find a way around these plants.

Always keep it at the back of your mind that one of the easiest ways that you can prevent bugs from attacking you and your family is by not letting them inside your garden.

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