How To Identify Bugs In The Garden – 2024 Guide

Reviews made by experts have revealed that there are about thirty million species of insects living on earth and every living person is vulnerable to about two hundred million insects. This is why most people find it very tricky to identify garden insects and even though learning about the names and characteristics of each of these insects could be a demanding thing to do, it still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t or wouldn’t be able to figure out what is eating your plant leaves. How to identify bugs in the garden article would teach you methods to identify these insects.

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How To Identify Bugs In The Garden

Identifying garden pest is very important because it gives you more information on what bugs you should get rid off and those that are beneficial to your garden. It also tells you which methods you can adopt when trying to deal with a bug that is harmful to the health of your garden. Hopefully, someday, someone would be able to design a bug identification app on our mobile phones and it would be able to give you the name of the insect just by taking a picture of the insect.

Today, identifying bugs lies at the ability of you to describe it based on the type of plant that it attacks and the type or extent of damage that has been done to a plant. Every gardener spends good amount of time tending to the plants in his or her garden so when it comes to noticing damages done by a pest, a gardener would surely be the first person to spot it. You can be able to tell of a pest attack through the damage done to a rose buds or through an attack carried out on your lemon leaves. Spotting the bugs can also enable you to spot for injuries on the plant.

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You should be able to take a closer look when you see a bug on your plant and you should be able to tell its color, shape, size, if they crawl, fly or are stationary. Are there are unusual features that you can spot or does the bug have a unique marking that sets it apart from other bugs? These are things that you should be able to identify when you spot a bug and you should also be able to tell if it is just one bug attacking your plant or there’s a large group of them attacking your entire garden.

Being able to gather more information about these bugs would make it easy to find them through online searches and you may also be wondering how you can be able to identify these bugs by not seeing them but if you are able to tell the kind of damage done then you are already familiar with the bug itself. Insects cause damages to plants either by chewing or sucking on the plant. Insects that feed on sap are likely to have needle-like, slender mouth parts which makes them penetrate stems and plants so they can suck the sap with ease.

Mesophyll feeders are the ones that tends to leave your plants with brown spots as a result of sucking away individual stem and leaf cells. Holes are another type of damage you would get to spot and these holes can be in the branches, trunks or leaves of plants. Searching for the type of damage done on a plant can tell you the pest responsible for it and the results that this search would give you also tells you what kind of pests are constantly visiting your garden and also gives you an insight on how to deal with them.

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