How To Water Plants During Extreme Heat – 2024 Guide

Taking a good look at the weather nowadays, you would agree with me that the weather is hot enough to actually fry an egg and if you share these thoughts with me, then imagine the effect it would have on the plants you have in your garden.

This is the point where you have to step up your plant watering performance but the main question we have been facing is how to water plants during extreme heat and also how much amount of water do you need to apply to plants.

This article is here to help you answer these questions and help your plants stay safe this hot season.

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How To Water Plants During Extreme Heat

When the weather gets hot, the next thing that probably comes to your mind is taking a cold cup of tea, care for your feet and also turn on the air conditioner but you are actually forgetting something if you are into gardening and that is the welfare of your plants.

The truth still stands that when the weather is extremely hot for you, it is also extremely hot for your plants as well and watering your plants when there is extreme heat is one thing you need to do if you want your plants and garden to stay green.

Failure to water them during extremely hot weather conditions would result in your plants getting discolored but how much water that you need to water during extremely hot weather conditions is one question that most gardeners are faced with today.

However, this doesn’t have a simple answer but the amount of water you apply to a plant totally depends on the plant and what this means is you have to consider the type of soil that you have in your garden as well as the temperature of the air in your garden.

However, if what you have are potted plants then that is also another issue to deal with but the good thing about this entire situation is that all plants have a way of telling us that they really need to get a drink when they feel quite hot.

Take, for instance, you might check on your plants in the morning and find out that they are doing just fine but when it is noon, they start getting discolored and this is where you have to know that your plants really need to get watered.

Another instance is if you have a vegetable garden which is doing just fine but then its progress comes to a halt then without being told, you need to water those plants. If you also have baskets that have started drying out due to the heat then it is the right time for you to water these baskets.

It doesn’t really matter if you have to make use of watering mediums or make use of your hands in watering these plants but all you need to do is make sure that you are consistent with watering your garden plants.

Watering plants should be done the way you feel is right and after watering, go ahead to dig a hole that measures about eight inches. You can tell you watered properly if the soil turns moist but not wet but if it is still dry then more watering still needs to be done.

However, you should also work on improving the drainage around your garden so the health of your plants doesn’t get compromised in the future.

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Additional Ways To Keep Plants Cool During Hot Weather Conditions

One thing we want you to be aware of is that watering isn’t the only thing that you can do to make sure that all of your plants don’t feel the heat during extremely hot weather conditions. Here are some other tips that always come in handy;

Moving Potted Plants

There are lots of houseplants which are found on our patios especially during the summer period but sometimes, the patio becomes sunny and that isn’t good for the health of those plants. What you should do is install a solar sail or a shade to shield your plants from direct sunlight or heat.

Heavy Mulching

Mulch is one of the best ways that you can get to protect plants from extreme cold weather conditions but do you know that it also offers your plant adequate protection during the hot summer season?

Mulch is just perfect for everything and applying two to four inches of mulch while ensuring that the mulch doesn’t get to touch your plants. When watering is done at this point, there are some that would actually remain in the ground and keep plants cool during hot conditions.

Maintain A Watering Log

A watering log is very important but it helps in keeping an accurate record of when you get to water your plants as well as checking to see the way your plants react to every watering done.

Final Thoughts

How often do you need to water your plants when the weather turns extremely hot and also do you know the amount of water that would be enough when watering your plants? All of these questions and more have been answered in this article which talks about how to water plants during extreme heat.

I am sure that after reading this, you would find every information talked about here very helpful and you can also share the information gathered in this article with your friends and relatives too.

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