How Often Should I Water My Lawn With Sprinkler System – 2024 Guide

Everyone has that one neighbor with a perfect lawn that we cannot help but stare at when we walk past. On one of the days you walk past, you always ask yourself the same question; how often should I water my lawn with a sprinkler system just so my lawn can look just like my neighbor’s lawn.

However, trying to figure out the best watering schedule that you can adopt for your lawn isn’t as simple as it sounds.

There are lots of factors that determine the amount of moisture that your plants require for them to survive, weather conditions, the type of soil you need, the number of sprinkler heads that you can put out and also the plant species that you want to raise on your lawn.

Furthermore, there might just be that homeowner who wants grass that would be able to thrive even under the heat while another one might need a golf course kind of lawn.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn With Sprinkler System

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When your lawn starts looking dark or when it starts curling, that is actually the best time for you to start watering your lawn.

However, if the period is during the dry winter period then you would actually need to water your lawn consistently and during the summer period, what your lawn needs is moisture.

Depending on the present conditions of your grass, watering just an inch would be enough to keep them healthy during the dry and hot months.

In so many regions, homeowners are allowed to strictly water plants just once or twice every week and this is ideal for established plants that have already gotten used to the local condition but the case isn’t the same when it comes to newly planted flowers and grass and watering need to be done frequently when the root is still trying to develop.

You might seem confused but your lawn stays healthy when you water infrequently.

The ideal depth water needs to run beneath the surface of the soil should be about four to six inches because at this point, water would be able to get to the root system and if you want to find out how long your sprinklers need to run then set about six cans of the same size around the lawn.

Go about and set your sprinklers to run for about thirty minutes and when the time elapses, determine how much water you have in each can.

If you want to figure out the average depth then add up all of the measurements in each can and divide it by the number of cans and you will definitely get the average depth.

With a garden spade or soil probe, you can be able to figure out how wet the soil is deep down and it would also tell you how much further you would need to water your soil to get to the desired depth. However, there is still a problem with homeowners today.

The problem with homeowners is that they do not know the importance of what time of the day a sprinkler needs to be set for watering lawns.

If you want to cut down on the amount of water lost then the best period for you to set your sprinklers is during the early morning or evening.

In addition to this fact, watering during the early hours of the day would make sure moisture does not remain on the surfaces of leaves when it is nightfall.

One fact that we do not want you to forget is watering your lawn at night isn’t advisable or a wise decision because it only makes your plants prone to decay and illness.

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