The Effect Of Hot Water On Plants – 2024 Guide

There are lots of methods a gardener can adopt when it comes to preventing and treating of diseases in plants and these methods are actually what no gardener would even consider trying at home. Treating plants with hot water sounds like a very crazy idea but when hot water is applied properly on plants, it proves to be very effective. This is why we have decided to bring to you this interesting article which talks about the effect of hot water on plants and we encourage you to keep reading so you can get to find out some vital information that you might need someday.

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The Effect Of Hot Water On Plants

the effect of hot water on plants

If you are into gardening then you must have already heard about a lot of abnormal home remedies that can be used when dealing with plant sickness and diseases but the truth is when hot water is used, it proves to be very effective especially when it is used against certain pathogens and plants. Unlike in the case of other home remedies or pesticides, bathing plants in hot water is also safe for gardener, the environment and the plant itself and all that is required is for you to be careful when applying the hot water on the plant.

Before we go further and deeper into this topic, it is important for you to know the effects of hot water on plant. Pouring water that is extremely hot on plants would only result in the death of such plant and there is no other way the story could go. The hot water which is used in cooking carrots in the garden is the same hot water that would be used in cooking carrots in the garden and even though you move them outdoors, no amount of magic can help to change or alter this fact.

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However, bearing all of these in mind, making use of hot water not only to control but also to kill weeds is one of the best and effective method so far in gardening and hot water can be used in eliminating weeds that are found in your garden, in pavers and also in sidewalks. One important fact that you need to note is that hot water should not be poured on your desirable plants but hot water in gardening is an organic and wonderful method that any gardener can adopt when it comes to tackling weeds.

There are plants that have developed tolerance to hot water compared to other plants but another thing you should also do as a gardener before you apply heat treatment on your plant is using an accurate probe thermometer in finding out the temperature of the water before applying it onto any plant.

How To Treat Plants With Heat

One of the old ways of dealing with soil borne pests like aphids, mites, mealybugs and scale is by applying heat on plants and this method is what we refer to as heat treating plants. Water that is heated to a similar temperature which is used for he killing of pests can also be used in eliminating fungal ad bacterial pathogen and this temperature could either be 122 Fahrenheit or 120 Fahrenheit. This is the best temperature for disinfecting seeds and the truth is you really can’t go about spraying hot water on plants.

There are lots of plants that have no tolerance for hot water so caution should be taken when applying this hot water to the root zone directly. When dealing with insect pests, submerging the entire pot in another pot with a hot water of about 120 Fahrenheit for five minutes is the necessary step to take and as far as the leaves of your plants are protected with its roots not exposed to too much heat then you can be rest assured that hot water would not have any negative effect on your plants.

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