Caring For Flowers And Plants Under Hot Weather Conditions – 2024 Guide

If it happens that the weather temperature rises above twenty-nine degrees centigrade then you should be concerned about the health of your plants because they would definitely feel the effects. However, caring for flowers and plants under hot weather conditions helps in taking away or eliminating stress from plants that heat brings. Take for example caring for your vegetables is quite helpful in aiding them survive under extremely hot weather conditions.

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Plant Ability To Cope With Heat

One question that we are always left it is how do plants manage to cope under extremely hot weather conditions.In the case of succulent plants, they come equipped with the ability to conserve water which helps them to handle heat and lots of plants do not have the ability to conserve water and this in turn leads to these plants suffering greatly under extremely hot weather conditions.

Furthermore, if a plant is being attacked by heat, it tends to show as the plants would start to wilt and wilting tells you that the plant must have lost a great amount of water. As a gardener, if you do not try to tackle this issue, chances are it would get worse and your plants tends to dry up eventually leading to their deaths. In other cases, these plants start to turn yellow. Dropping of leaves is also another way to tell if your plant is being attacked by heat.

However, there are some plants which tend to shed foliage as a way of conserving water but when the weather becomes extremely hot, it is quite impossible for vegetables especially to produce. Under high temperature, plants like tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, melons, pepper, squash and beans tend to witness a decrease in their bossom while in the cases of cool season crops like broccoli tends to bolt.

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During the hot weather condition, blossom end rot is what you are likely to come across more often and it is quite common in squash, pepper and tomatoes.

Caring For Flowers And Plants Under Hot Weather Conditions

The way we tend to care for flowers and plant during extremely hot weather conditions doesn’t differ much but exceptions can be made in the case of container plants or plants that have just been planted. Additional watering can be done as potted plants and new plants constantly require irrigation but in addition to watering, another way a gardener can get to care for flowers and plants under hot weather conditions is through mulching. When mulching is carried out, it helps plants to conserve water and also makes the soil moist.

When dealing with vegetable crops, having shade covers is also helpful and container plants would definitely need you to water everyday if not twice in a day depending on how high the temperature is and it is advisable that container plants are thorough soaked until you can find water escaping from the drainage holes in the container. Adding water granules to container plants also tends to help care for plants during hot water conditions and this is because they work effectively in soaking up water.

The water these granules get to soak up are actually excess water and when dryness comes, these granules slowly release the excess water they have soaked in back into the soil. Finally, taking potted plants to a location with shade that offers protection from the sun can also ensure that your plants and flowers are cared for during hot weather conditions.

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