How To Keep Vegetables Fresh: Tips On Keeping Veggies Fresh – 2024 Guide

how to keep vegetables fresh

Getting at least five servings of vegetables per day is what the doctor recommends but the big question is, how do you intend keeping your vegetables fresh for that long? This is a very important question for gardeners and farmers who own vegetable gardens and we all know that when vegetables produce, they produce really well so that leaves you with questions and thoughts on how to keep vegetables fresh so you don’t end up wasting what you labored to grow. Keep reading this article for tips on keeping veggies fresh longer.

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How To Keep Vegetables Fresh

how to keep vegetables fresh

You would really understand the struggles that comes with preserving vegetables for long if you actually have a vegetable garden and one of the best things about summer is consuming fresh vegetables without having to waste any. However, you would need some tips on how to keep vegetables fresh and refrigeration has proved to be the key method that people have adopted in keeping their vegetables fresh. Furthermore, there are other methods that you can adopt in keeping veggies fresh and they include companions, containers, humidity and more.

Most people tend to store their vegetables in refrigeration crisp drawers and in the case of newer and fancier models there are improved controls and designs that would extend the lasting ability as well as enhancing the crispness in not just vegetables but in fruits as well. Regardless, even if you have an old refrigeration in your home, you can also get to enjoy the benefits of a crisper. You can make use of the vents to get rid of excess humidity which causes food to get bad quicker than you expect.

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Having an open vent also makes sure ethylene gas escapes which helps in ripening foods quickly but in the case of a closed position, the vent is likely to enhance humidity and this is quite beneficial for leafy vegetables. By now, you might be asking how one can get to increase the shelf life of certain vegetable varieties as well as know that potatoes, onions and other root crops all require special attention. Storing these items in a dark place or storing them inside a refrigerator is the best solution even though they might take up so much space in your refrigerator.

One thing that you should also be careful about is making sure that you do not store your roots crops close to a heating source because all they require is just fifty five degrees Fahrenheit. In the case of tomatoes, they would need to finish ripening so placing them on a counter till they get ripe before placing them in the fridge is the appropriate thing to do. Asparagus and broccoli are items that would stay fresh if their cut ends are placed inside water right inside a refrigerator.

Preparation For Keeping Veggies Longer

The way your vegetable is stored also plays a role on how long your vegetable would get to last but buying a very fresh vegetable produce from your local farmer’s shop would certainly offer a produce with a longer shelf life. However, other tips that you can adopt include;

  • Drying of vegetables before putting them inside a drawer
  • Eliminating leafy tops which is capable of attracting moisture from food
  • Produce should be kept in a clean, plastic bag
  • They can also be wrapped using a clean towel
  • They can also be stored in a dark and cool place while boxes should be kept away from damage with its interior filled with insulating material
  • Vegetables should be stored separately from fruits as this helps in prevent ethylene contamination

These are simple steps that you can practice to help your veggies stay fresh longer but at the same time, you should not waste so much time before consuming them. If after waiting for a long time and your produce turns listless and limp then an ice bath can be used in bringing them back to life.

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