How To Make Plant Labels In Your Garden – 2024 Fun Tips And Ideas

How to make plant labels in your garden

Learning the act of labeling your plants in your garden is what most people refer to as a practical activity and it is also helpful because it helps gardeners in identifying one plant from another.

This is very important especially when you have plants that are quite similar and just image you end up picking some lemon mint leaves when what you originally intended to pick up is peppermint.

This could end up leading to a culinary disaster and that is why it is advisable for you to learn how to make plant labels in your garden.

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How to make plant labels in your garden

You really do not need to spend much when it comes to making plant labels and in most cases, most people find labeling plants as a fun and creative task that needs to be carried out in the garden.

What we have below are some of the best ideas and inspiration that you can practice when you decide to label the plants in your garden. Check them out;

Making Use Of Homemade Pot Markers

You can also decide not to label the plants you have in your garden but that can be quite confusing when working in your garden.

It is even more confusing when you are growing plants under different conditions but with the help of labels, you can be able to grow various types of plants which you would also find very easy to identify provided you make fertilizer and water available when necessary.

In labeling plants, you can decide to go for plain white labels for use at the center of your garden but making use of doing it yourself plant markers comes with so many benefits.

You can get to make yours with a little amount of money and this is achieved through recycling and making use of certain materials which you have intended to dispose of. The use of homemade plant markers doesn’t just encourage you to be creative but it is also something that you would find fun to engage in.

Having not just attractive but creative plant labels help in providing an interesting visual element to your garden appearance.

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Best Plant Label Ideas

Instead of making use of store markers, let us help you by introducing you to some of the best plant label ideas that you can try out first on a blank and be rest assured that all of the ideas that we would be bringing to you will leave you inspired one way or the other;

  • Wine Corks – Saving up your wine corks and attaching them to the end of skewers and wooden dowels would help create an avenue for you to write out the plant names on the cork.
  • Wooden Clothespin – If you want a rustic theme then you can write out the name of every plant on a clothespin so you can easily attach them to pot edges of to wooden dowels.
  • Painted Rocks – One of the trendy stuff people partake in nowadays is the painting of rocks and hiding them so others might get to look for it but in this case, instead of painting and hiding them, you can actually place them beside plants with names so their bright colors can make identification easy.
  • Carved Sticks – This is also another approach that we also consider to be a great choice especially if you are into whittle or carving. You can get this done by simply picking up straight and strong sticks and after cutting its bark away from one end, you can easily carve the name of a plant on it.
  • Metal Spoons – You can make use of metal spoons from your antique shop or thrift store and carve out plant names for labeling. You can also visit hardware stores and get leather punches.
  • Wooden Spoons – You can also visit your local thrift store and get some wooden spoons as well. You can paint or write the name of plants on a spoon and place them in the dirt.


When asked what the benefit of labeling plant is, the answer is quite simple because it makes it helps in identifying every plant with ease and also to know the correct care that each plant should get.

We have shown you some of the best and ideal ways that you can get to label your plants and after reading this how to make plant labels in your garden review to the end, we hope that you find it very helpful. Good luck with labeling the plants in your garden today.

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