10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers 2024 – Top Picks And Reviews

best cordless leaf blowers

Raking up leaves every day from your decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks and lawns can be a very challenging task but it would be quite different if you are working with the best cordless leaf blowers.

Investing in a good cordless leaf blower isn’t ideal for just your garden but also for you and this is because they are designed in such a way that they making raking leaves effortless and ensures that every work is done quickly.

Cordless leaf blowers are designed to get a whole lot of tasks done and these are tasks that lawnmowers and rakes would not be able to get done.

Cordless leaf blowers would ensure that your yard looks great at all times and the good thing about such tools is that they are not only used for working on lawns and gardens but they can be trusted when it comes to clearing out driveways, garages, gutters and a host of other places.

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best cordless leaf blowers

You can make use of cordless leaf blowers in eliminating leaves away from your plants as well but taking a look at the market, you would realize that we have several cordless leaf blowers with different styles, different designs and with various powering modes.

In this review of the best cordless leaf blowers, we would show you what every product mentioned here is capable of so you would be able to make a precise and wise decision for you and your garden.

There are certain factors that were taken into consideration when putting this best cordless leaf blower review together and these factors include budget, maintenance, noise levels, weight and more.

There are also certain features that we considered too so if you are ready to part ways with some cash so as to get your surrounding to look clean then here are the best cordless leaf blowers for you;

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Best Cordless Leaf Blowers Review

1. Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Leaf Cordless Blower

best cordless leaf blowers

The overall best cordless leaf blower that you can make use of in your garden and lawns is the Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless leaf blower.

This is one cordless leaf blower that every homeowner and gardener loves to work with and this is simply because it is effective in getting your patio, driveway, garage, lawns, gardens and deck to look good effortlessly and with ease.

You can count on this cordless leaf blower to run for about thirty-five minutes thanks to its powerful battery that powers it and unlike other cordless leaf blowers that tend to generate so much noise and make a mess of things, this right here is designed to operate smoothly with creating so much noise.

Maintaining this garden equipment is very easy and thanks to having a lightweight design, users will find this cordless leaf blower very easy to work with.


  • Low maintenance cost
  • Offers more control
  • Powered using a reliable battery
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to work with


  • Its impeller fan got damaged quickly

2. DEWALT DCBL770X1 FLEXVOLT Handheld Blower (3.0AH)

What we have here also is a reliable handheld cordless leaf blower which you can make use of in ensuring that your workshop, lawn, deck and garden are free from unwanted debris.

What we like about this cordless leaf blower is the way it is designed as a workhorse and two features that make it stand out from the rest are its 175MPH overall speed and variable speed control design which ensures that even wet and stubborn leaves get blown away.

This tool right here has a lightweight design but it comes with a great amount of power that is necessary to get all jobs done and thanks to having a well-shaped and well-balanced design, this tool right here would not cause the hands to be stressed but instead, it would help in boosting control when working.

Just like the first cordless leaf blower that we talked about, this right here would also generate a less or minimal amount of noise at all times.


  • Has a variable speed control design
  • Designed to be lightweight
  • Effective in eliminating debris and dust


  • Poor quality control
  • Its battery charger failed at some point according to a customer review

3. BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Lithium Sweeper (LSW221)

Are you desperate in search of the appropriate tool that you can make use of in keeping your sidewalk, driveway and deck clean at all times and with a minimal amount of effort then the BLACK+DECKER lithium sweeper is simply the best tool for the job.

This is the type of tool that you can make use of any time and anywhere or on any day and even if it gets stored for as long as eighteen months, pick it back up again and you would realize it never lost a single charge.

This tool is designed to deliver up to 130 miles per hour speed and similar to the cordless leaf blowers that we have talked about, this right here is designed to not generate any noise and thanks to having a lightweight design, you can comfortably and conveniently work with this tool for lengthy hours. Its noiseless operation is the major reason why you can work with this tool around residential areas.


  • Doesn’t generate so much noise
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Can retain a charge for as long as eighteen months


  • Takes too much time to recharge

4. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Sweeper, 36V (LSW36B)

This is another trustworthy and reliable cordless leaf blower from the BLACK+DECKER brand and this simply shows that if you can trust in or rely on any brand to make high quality and premium tools then the BLACK+DECKER brand is simply the brand that you can trust.

This cordless leaf blower is designed to get all jobs thrown at it done and it does its job without generating noise or creating any mess.

There is a command power feature that we find quite appealing about this cordless leaf blower and what this power command feature does is to make sure that the amount of CFM that is being generated when working on any job is well controlled and monitored.

This is a very important feature because it ensures that the run time gets extended and what’s more, this cordless leaf blower has a lot of power that would ensure it blows away wet leaves as well.


  • Emits low noise
  • Maintenance and use are very easy
  • Has a lightweight build as well
  • Has a power command setting


  • Didn’t come with a battery and charger

5. DEWALT DCBL720P1 XR Brushless Blower

All through the year, the DEWALT DCBL720P1 XR brushless blower is the perfect tool that you can count on to keep your sidewalk, deck and garages free from leaves and debris.

One similar thing that the best cordless leaf blowers that we have talked about so far have in common is the fact that they make a low amount of noise during operation and this is such a helpful feature as your neighbors do not have to complain about the noise coming from your garage.

It comes with the maximum amount of power for moving leaves away from sidewalks, garages and decks and thanks to having a brushless motor, this cordless leaf blower right here guarantees more durability and efficiency when working at all times.

Its shape and lightweight design helps to get rid of stress but enhance control when working with this tool and this is why it is loved and has earned positive reviews online.


  • Features a brushless motor
  • Makes low noise
  • Has a variable speed trigger design
  • Designed to exceed users expectations


  • Its battery doesn’t last long
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning

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6. WORX WG545.4 Cordless Hi-Capacity Blower

Up next on our best cordless leaf blowers guide is the WORX WG545.4 hi-capacity leaf blower and this cord leaf blower is designed to be a multipurpose tool meaning it can be used as a clearer and as a cleaner when working in your workspace, yard or at home.

This cordless leaf blower delivers up to one hundred and twenty miles per hour in terms of speed and this is why it is effective in clearing debris and leaves away from your sidewalk, driveway and deck.

Being easy to operate is one of the advantages that come with working with this tool and this is because of the simple design that it has. It is also designed to have a lightweight build which explains why users can work conveniently with this tool for a lengthy period of time.

All of these features come together to make this tool your go-to tool when working in and around your home.


  • High-speed power
  • Designed to be extremely lightweight
  • Comes with eight separate attachments
  • Perfect for working in small spaces and tight corners


  • None

7. EGO Power+ LB4800 Cordless Electric Blower

Designed to be extremely powerful and also very easy to make use of, the EGO POWER+ cordless electric leaf blower is yet another high-quality cordless leaf blower to make it to this interesting guide.

This is one cordless leaf blower that is powered using a reliable battery and it has the right features and type of design which makes it capable of providing stiff competition for other electric and gas-powered cordless leaf blowers.

This is the type of cordless leaf blower that you can count on to work with without having to deal with so much noise and also making a mess of the entire place and thanks to the restrictions on this cordless leaf blower, you would be able to achieve 480 CFM when it hits its highest setting.

It boasts of having a weather-resistant construction which explains why it lasts longer than most cordless leaf blowers and it also comes with a powerful brushless motor.


  • Offers up to sixty minutes of run time
  • Has a low noise rating
  • Features a variable speed adjustment design
  • Very powerful
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t last long

8. Makita DUB182Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower

After a very long day at work, the Makita DUB182Z LXT lithium-ion cordless leaf blower is the ideal tool that you can turn to ensure that your workshop is well cleaned up and tidy.

This, however, doesn’t mean its services or options are limited but you can also make use of this cordless blower when working in your garden, lawns, driveways and sidewalks as well. It has a variable speed control which helps you reduce its power so as not to create noise.

This is why it is a preferred choice for use both by homeowners and by professionals and it is just the perfect tool that you need because it is very easy to maintain, has a compact design which storage easy, has a lightweight design that enables users to work for long with it and it is also easy to operate which take away every difficulty that comes with working with this tool. It has all you need to make your workshop clean.


  • Has a variable speed control
  • Designed to be lightweight and compact
  • Offers about twelve minutes of nonstop use


  • The motor failed to spin up to high speed after six months of use

9. WORX WG546 Turbine Leaf Blower

If you are in need of a tool that would make cleaning up your garden, workshop, sidewalks and driveways very easy then the WORX WG546 turbine cordless leaf blower is the perfect tool to run to.

Being able to generate high capacity air, you can remain to rest assured that this tool right here is the best to run to when it comes to tackling difficult and odd jobs. It is one of the easiest leaf blowers to assemble and work with on the market today.

It uses up to five hours for charging and being lightweight, powerful and compact are three of the best ways we can describe this tool in a nutshell. What we find outstanding about this cordless leaf blower is its hyper stream air nozzle and this nozzle is very important when dealing with or working under tough conditions.

However, it comes with an easy to understand manual which helps you in putting this tool together for use.


  • Offers one-handed operation
  • Reliable under extra tough conditions
  • Powerful and lightweight


  • Has a short battery life

10. Milwaukee 0884-20 M18 Utility Blower

We have gotten to the very last product of our best cordless leaf blower and this product here is designed by the Milwaukee brand which is also another brand you can trust when it comes to shopping for high-quality garden tools.

This is a lightweight, compact and fantastic cordless leaf blower that is capable of producing high airspeed required to take on difficult tasks.

This is the sole reason why it is used for various tasks such as clearing away your gutters, workspace and patio, ensuring that they are free from debris and leaves.

There is no challenge that this cordless leaf blower would not tackle and one more thing we want to bring to your notice about this cordless leaf blower is its extension nozzle which ensures that this blower also has access to areas that are difficult to get to.


  • Comes with a reinforced handle
  • Compact and powerful
  • Multipurpose design


  • Customers complained of how small it is

Best Cordless Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Due to the fact that cordless leaf blowers are very useful, there are a lot of options that anyone is bound to encounter and this also includes the best products which we have already talked about in this review.

For you to be able to understand each and every one of their differences, you need to be familiar with the major options and features each of them possesses.

However, if you still have some doubt in your mind then we have this buying guide which is aimed at showing you important features and aspects that would also help in settling for the best. They are;

Battery Voltage

The battery voltage of every cordless leaf blower needs to be carefully checked when before paying for any product and this is because settling for a cordless leaf blower with higher voltage guarantees that it would offer a sound and outstanding performance.

Several battery voltage options that you would come across on the market include 20V, 30V, 40V, 60V and 80V.

Battery Life

If you are bent on shopping for a cordless leaf blower that would last you for a very long time then you should look out for one that has long battery life. This can be written in Ah or in minutes and going for a cordless leaf blower with  5.0Ah battery life is a very wise investment.

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to how long it would take for its battery to get filled because a leaf blower with a less charging time means going back to work quickly.

Speed And Airflow

Leaf blowers make use of air to get rid of leaves from your backyards, lawns, sidewalks and driveways so one feature that you need to check closely is its speed rating and flow of air.

This is a very important feature because it gives you an insight into how a cordless leaf blower is going to perform. Cordless leaf blowers with a high-speed rating and high flow of air are bound to blow away leaves quickly and deliver a better performance.

Size And Weight

Cordless leaf blowers are powered using batteries and this is why you can make use of them as a portable tool. As a result of this, their weight and size are features that everyone also needs to pay close attention to.

Lightweight and compact leaf blowers can be made use of for a very long period of time because they would not cause any form of stress on the arms. It also means you would find them very easy to store when they are not being used.


The warranty that the manufacturer of a leaf blower offers or states should also be checked if you want to end up with a reliable tool.

A tool with a longer warranty period tells you that you can make use of such a tool for a very long time and some of the best warranty duration that you can get is 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and also 5 years. Apart from looking at a product’s warranty, you can also pay attention to its build and construction.


Nobody would be pleased to spend so much time clearing debris and leaves away from gutters, walkways, sidewalks and lawns.

However, with the best cordless leaf blower tool, you would realize that all of these tasks are not as daunting as they might seem. We have given you our best cordless leaf blowers selection so you would not find shopping for a suitable one difficult anymore. You can go ahead and select any from our list and use it with confidence.

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