Who Makes The Best Chainsaw In The World – 2024 Brand Comparison

Just as how the Chevy and Ford brands are very popular with street racers, that is exactly the same way Husqvarna and Stihl brands are to loggers or people who are into woodworking.

There is a possibility that you might find a 50 50 split when talking about loggers that love the Husqvarna brand and loggers that love the Stihl brand.

Everyone has their own preference or what makes their choice unique and today I would be showing you some points on who makes the best chainsaw in the world.

The fact is when it comes to these brands, they are very good at making professional-grade and high-quality chainsaws that would deliver amazing jobs when used in woods so it is really up to you to find out that which would be perfect for your kind of work.

One of the ways you can get to figure out what you really want from a chainsaw is by trying out several models, brands that have power and size that can be compared.

One of the easiest and cheap ways of achieving this is through rental companies that offer you a feel on features and specifications that you might need.

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Before you can truly know what a chainsaw is capable of, you might have to run it for an entire day and at the end of the day, it is necessary that you make a list of the things you like and what you dislike about the chainsaw.

Returning the chainsaw back to the rental store, you also need to do more findings on what its maintenance looks like and what brand they would prefer.

Finding out from other arborists and loggers is also a welcomed idea because after all the comparisons then you might be ready to make up your mind on what you really want.

Who Makes The Best Chainsaw In The World – Brand Comparison

The two best manufacturers of chainsaws in the world still lie between the Husqvarna and the Stihl brands and this is because any of this brand is very likely to make a chainsaw that would offer superior performance than any other brand on the market.

Going through a wide survey, we realized that there was a 50 50 split between those who fancied the Husqvarna brand and those who preferred the Stihl brand.

Another appealing fact is that these manufacturers are constantly making new models that would entice any user.

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1. Husqvarna Brand

who makes the best chainsaw in the world

This is a very old and large power tool manufacturer which was founded in Sweden and it was named after the town in it got founded.

This brand has been in the business of making chainsaws since 1959 and below are some of the advantages it is known for;

Key Features:

  • They are mostly used by professionals
  • They make use of an X-TORQ technology which is responsible for its lower emission and fuel efficiency
  • They are quite easy to shop for online
  • They possess large-sized fuel tanks which offer a longer run time
  • It is also famous for have a fast cutting action when compared to the Stihl brand

2. Stihl Brand

who makes the best chainsaw in the world

This is however a German power tool manufacturing brand that was founded in Stuggart back in 1926.

This is a privately owned company which has its headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

It is also famous for employing over two thousand people in the United States Of America and back in 1950, this brand manufactured its first-ever chainsaw.

Key Features:

  • Costing less than the Husqvarna brand
  • Mostly used by homeowners
  • Does not require too much or constant maintenance
  • Having a small-sized tank makes it lightweight and easy to handle
  • It also has more torque which makes it preferable to make tougher cuts


Based on different demands and specific needs, everybody’s experience and preference using a chainsaw can never be the same.

This is because there are people who would love to experience the low maintenance and high torque of the Stihl brand while others would prefer going for the extended run time and hardness of the Husqvarna brand.

You can download your Stihl chainsaw manuals from manualsnet.com if you need help operating it.

The most important thing is to make sure that each job is carried out safely and properly. Working with a good chainsaw would also boost output and production and keeping up with its maintenance means it would last for years.

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