10 Best Sander For Refinishing Furniture – 2024 Top Picks And Review

Whether you are just a novice or a professional craftsman and you have decided on getting yourself a new sander to finish off your next sanding furniture project, it wouldn’t be easy to find that reliable sander as you would not be allowed to walk into a store and test all the sanders yourself and if you find yourself in this situation then you can now let go of your worries as we have done the stress just for you.

We have brought you the best sander for refinishing furniture review today.

Best Sander For Refinishing Furniture – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best sander for refinishing furniture

As a carpenter or a craftsman, one thing you have to be grateful for is electricity as it has made sure no one has to carry out sanding using old fashioned methods.

When you are done going through our best sanding for refinishing furniture review, also make sure that you go through our buying guide as it would also make sure that you find the best sanding machine suitable for you.

Best Sanding For Refinishing Furniture Review

1. Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp Finishing Sander

This is one of the best finishing sander tools which has proved to be unbeaten despite the tough competitions provided by another sander for finishing furniture on the market and having a powerful 2.0 amp, this is one tool that promises to deliver an impressive finished product or work.

There are several reasons why this sander for finishing furniture tools has earned loads of applauds on the market and has less hand fatigue and less vibration is one such reason.

It also features a simplified on and off switch which works in turning on and turning off this tool and what this simply means is that how it is designed and also how responsive it is to users was taken into consideration when making this tool.

Paper installation is quite easy and simple using this tool and here is also another impressive feature of this tool, it features a unique dust collection system which gets rid of sawdust as users work with this tool.


  • Paper change is easy and quick
  • Has low vibration
  • Delivers a smooth and fast sanding finish


  • Doesn’t have variable speed but just one

2. Bosch GSS20-40 Orbital Finishing Sander

The second tool that we want to take a look at in this best sander for refinishing furniture review is designed by the reputable Bosch brand and despite coming in second place, this product proves to be one of the best options anyone could work with.

Having minimal vibrations combined with having a very powerful feeling, this product is quite similar to the Makita product we just talked about and they have similar features like sandpaper that is clamped in, a 2.0 amp motor as well as a dust collection hose.

However, there is one feature that cannot be seen in any sander for refinishing furniture and that is its triple-sided vertical sanding design which can be found right at the edges of the pad and this feature is very important especially when sanding bookshelves and drawers.

Furthermore, there are several nice comments regarding this tool and we recall a user saying this tool delivers a noiseless operation.


  • Features a powerful feel
  • Has minimal vibration
  • This tool can be attached to a shop vacuum
  • Its paper can be changed with ease


  • Has lesser OPM’s when compared with the Makita brand

3. BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

This is one reliable sander that comes with lots of punches in a compact body and it is also one that is fairly less expensive compared to the first two products we just finished talking about but despite having just 1.2 amp motor, this sander goes on to have about sixteen thousand OPM’s.

We love this tool because of its ability to balance control and power so it can be able to work effectively especially in smaller and compact spaces. This is also made possible thanks to its finger attachment design.

However, unlike the sander for refinishing products that we have discussed earlier, this tool has a slight setback and that is because it doesn’t allow the option of attaching a dust collection system but it features its own dust collection system which would be ideal for getting rid of a small amount of sawdust that would be generated when working with this tool.

For that lightweight and small-scale sanding job, this is the right tool to get such a job done but its triangular shape implies there would be a constant hunt for sandpaper.


  • Features high OPM’s
  • When working in nook and crannies, this tool would still get the job done
  • Cheaper


  • Tends to get overworked if this is the only sanding tool that you have
  • Its replacement paper is hard to find
  • Doesn’t come with a hose attachment for getting rid of dust

4. PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander

best sander for refinishing furniture

The Porter-Cable Random Orbit Sander is the next sander for refinishing furniture that we want to take a look at and so far, with all the reviews we have gotten on this product, we can safely conclude that this is a good choice and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Featuring a 1.9 amp motor and also packed with twelve thousand OPM’s, the Porter-Cable Random Orbit Sander is a very good choice for carrying out lightweight jobs and weighing about 3lbs makes it a heavy sanding tool.

Being this heavy is likely to cause some hand fatigue and also there were complaints that its on and off switch tends to malfunction.

This isn’t a big deal to some but to others, they might find turning on and turning off a sander completely frustrating. It also comes with a dust collection system that makes sure the sawdust is gathered and disposed of when working with this tool.


  • This is the random orbital sander ever to make it this far
  • Ideal for handling lightweight and modest jobs


  • Some users believe it is underpowered and weak
  • Its on and off switch is poorly designed
  • Dust collector also tends to fall off with ease

5. SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander with PC

The Porter-Cable sander that we just finished talking is the first detail sander to make it to our review and this right here is the second detail sander to make it to this review and this right here is simply a fantastic tool that can be used for refinishing furniture.

It has the nickname “OCTO” just because it comes with about eight different attachments and being compact makes it another good option to make use of when working in tiny spaces.

Users who have tried out this tool were impressed with its twelve thousand OPM’s but one thing that customers still didn’t like is its tendency to get broken frequently and easily and a part that gets broken easily is its clip which is used attaching its eight attachments.

Overall, this is a powerful tool that users can actually rely on but its complain simply is it isn’t built to be durable and sturdy.


  • Comes with about eight different attachments
  • Features about 12,000 OPM’s


  • Gets broken with ease

6. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

The next product to make it to our best sander for refinishing furniture review is the DEWALT Random Orbit Sander whose design features the combination of several operating speed so as to make sure every user has optimal control when working with this sanding tool and that isn’t all, this is the tool that can be trusted to get rid of alternate thickness coatings and not just that but also a rough wood grain that needs to get smoothed.

Its shorter height between the user and the tool helps in making sure that there is less distance between the two and here is something that would also be of interest, its design is effective in the reduction of vibrations while its rubber over-mold which is placed in some areas is useful in preventing hand fatigue.

Its switch has a dust-sealed design that makes it lasts longer and its dustbag features a one-hand locking system that effectively gets rid of sawdust produced while working.


  • Hands are quite comfortable while working with this tool as its design minimizes vibration
  • This tool has a simple mode of operation
  • Has proved to be a must-have for any do it yourself person


  • One-hand locking system gets loosed easily
  • Expensive

7. Milwaukee 6033-21 3 Amp Sheet Orbital 14,000 OPM

This is another heavy-duty sander to make it to this review and one which delivers an operation free from pressure as well as a lock-on button which is why it is considered as the best option for use when working on large projects.

It guarantees that the hands would be totally free from fatigue even though it is constantly being used for as long as seven hours.

Depending on the size of the project you are working on, you can decide to make use of the shop vacuum or make use of its attached canister so as to ensure the collection of debris.

Its dust collection system is an in-built one and the way this canister works effectively in the collection of dust makes sure that none is left behind.

It ensures that your work area is clean and here is one feature that made this tool worthy of being a part of this review, its sanding end product is completely flawless.

There is a high level of guarantee that working with this tool would not leave behind any mark on the surface that is being worked on.


  • Features various dust collection options
  • Has a lock-on button for ease of operation
  • Delivers an outstanding and flawless finish


  • Its sandpaper clips are a bit flimsy

8. Makita BO5030K 5″ Random Orbit Sander

One of the best sanders for refinishing furniture is the Makita BO5030K five-inch random orbit sander which has an impressive capacity and is also built to work with precision and accuracy when working on any woodworking project and what intrigues us about this tool is its ability to deliver a smooth and fast performance which makes it the right kind of tool for every woodworker and carpenter.

It also features a rubberized palm design that offers comfort and makes working with this tool easily.

Featuring a pad control system, 1/8 random orbit action and a 3 amp powerful motor, this is one tool that would make the sanding process look very smooth and fast and here’s another interesting feature, its already installed dust collection system features a mouth that is extra wide that makes sure the environment is clean and not littered with dust or sawdust.

However, with its high-quality features, this tool might not be a good choice for beginners.


  • This is simple to make use of
  • Built to work great
  • Delivers an impressive sanding performance


  • Doesn’t come with a sanding disc
  • Its dust bag isn’t free from problems

9. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

It shouldn’t be a surprise to our readers that this is the second time that a product from the Bosch brand has found its way to this review and this isn’t coincidence as well but what this tells us is that the Bosch brand specializes in the manufacture of outstanding and high-quality products.

What makes this tool stand out from the rest is because it is built specially to get rid of swirl marks that can be found either on contoured or on flat surfaces and when used by carpenters, it helps them finish even tasks that are extremely demanding.

It also has variable speed controls that make this tool easy to use as users can easily find the right speed that would be suitable to get the job done.

Users would definitely be satisfied with this tool as it offers a soft grip and here is another feature that would catch the eyes of users, it is designed to generate low vibrations that encourage users to continue working with it for long hours as they would feel no vibration or fatigue.


  • Makes removal of materials quite easy
  • Provides a superb sanding result


  • Its sanding pad cracks easily
  • Requires working with eye protection

10. Orbital Mouse Sander, TECCPO 120V 1.6 Amp

best sander for refinishing furniture

The ability of this sander to produce faster conduction of heat is one of the reasons why this tool is quite efficient than other sander tools on the market and this sanding tool comes with a cotton dust bag as well as dual sandpapers which are easy to clean and also washable.

It also comes with a strong vacuum suction hole found at the bottom of the body of this tool which is useful in the transportation of wood dust into the dust collection bag.

Having an ergonomic design is also another great point to look at when considering this sander tool and users would also be pleased with this sanders tool as it is designed to offer adequate control and comfort while in use.

Even though everyone thinks this tool is very easy to use, there are users who have complained about how it overheats, how the tool stops working in between and also issues of short sandpaper but overall, this is a good tool.


  • This sander is easy to use
  • Its dust bag ensures your work area is clean
  • One-hand control
  • Ideal for first-timers


  • The Velcro failed in holding the sandpaper after a period of time

Best Sander For Refinishing Furniture Buying Guide

If you are hoping to find a good sanding for refinishing furniture then you would be looking to select from three different types of sander which are the random orbital sanders, orbital sanders and detail sanders.

This review however consists of carefully selected products from the three different types of the sander.

However, there are still some key features that one needs to consider before settling for any sander and these features are talked about below;

  • Dust Collection – When you are sanding, you would definitely be dropping off sawdust in your work area and that is why it is necessary for you to go for a sander that has an onboard bag that would help in collecting all of these dust. There are serious designs that enable one to hook an attachment between the shop vac and the sander but whichever your choice may be, make sure it comes with a feature that enables users to collect dust.
  • Power – This is a powerful tool and should definitely come with a lot of power as possible right? When refinishing furniture you would want to make use of a sander that would offer finesse and great control so you shouldn’t be lured with the thoughts of getting a sander with too much raw power. You would be working with this tool for a while so ensure it produces fewer vibrations so you would be able to hold it for long.
  • Design – Avoiding vibration isn’t the only thing that users need to have in mind but they should also make sure they are settling for a power tool that would comfortably fit the hands. In this case, you might need to take a trip to the store and not shop online so you can find that which would fit the hands as sanders are considered to be higher power tools when compared to a chainsaw.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick in this review is the Makita B04556K product which is very comfortable to work with, provides a smooth finish and is also very fast.

Every other sander tool we have rounded up all have their own interesting and outstanding feature that would make them a good buy so this review is one that you cannot go wrong with.

If you decide to shop for more options, be sure to have the features we have discussed in mind so as to ensure you settle for the best.

You can check out some of the reviews listed below and see if you would find valuable information on any of the listed products.

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