6 Tips for Keeping Your Dogs and Cats Happy & Healthy Indoors

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Being a pet owner is a lot of fun but also gives you plenty of responsibility when it comes to your pets. Anyone who has pets knows how much outdoors is important for their well-being and restlessness. But there are times when you just cannot go out with your cats and dogs. So, even if you are choosing to stay indoors, it falls on your shoulders to make the time worthwhile. In this article, we will tell you some easy tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy while inside the home.

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Let them Rest

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You need to understand one thing; pets are more likely to adjust to your absence and make a routine of their own. Usually, pet owners go to their work and leave their cats and dogs behind. In such a case, the entire day for the pets is free, and they take plenty of rest. In case you are home, your pets will undoubtedly be more excited but do not hesitate about providing them some downtime.

You do not need to constantly engage them and involve them in different activities throughout the day. It depends on your pet’s initiation and how they respond to your involvement. So to conclude, you can expect some free time for yourself because it is likely that your pets would feel the same.

Involve Exercise

Now that we have emphasized the importance of adequate rest, we should jump to the most obvious activity that will help tackle some nervousness from your cats and dogs. Usually, pets are used to doing some physical activity which will allow them to be more responsive and productive at home.

However, since you will be taking care of your pets indoors, you can design some activities to let all of that nervous energy out. You will have to be creative with exercise if you are planning on staying in all day. Rearrange your furniture and plan some activities at different times of the day with plenty of rest breaks in between.

Take Care of The Diet

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If you are staying indoors and taking a break, it is your right to have some tasty yet unhealthy food for yourself. Try not to make this decision for your pets because keeping them healthy will be the best-case scenario for everyone involved. It is normal for your pet to give you the puppy dog eyes, literally in this case, when you are eating anything.

Sometimes feeling the scraps is alright but try not to indulge their demands too much because the food we eat is not compatible with their systems. Try to make their diet as healthy as possible, and make sure you include a lot of treats to keep them appeased. To know more about the right food for cats and dogs, try out mainecoonhawaii.com.

Involve Toys and Chew Treats

There are a lot of smart pet toys in the market now, which will allow you to get some work done while your pet remains occupied. If you are looking for a way to keep your pets busy, invest in a chew toy. Chew toys are especially great for dogs because they tend to have more nervous energy than cats.

Cats will usually take care of themselves and like to spend some time alone, so keeping them busy will not be too difficult. On the other hand, dogs will require some involvement and attention from you, which is why the right chew treat and toys are essential. You can even DIY some toys because you know your pets the best. See the best cbd treats for dogs here.

Get Everyone Involved

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If you live alone, you can skip this step. If you have a roommate or you live with your family, the best approach will be to involve everyone to some extent. The entire family can contribute to some playtime and have different activities designed for the pets. If you have kids, make sure that you give the pets and children plenty of time to bond.

You will be surprised to see that dogs and cats are very careful with your children, so even if you want to catch up on some housework, it will be a great time to do so. When it comes to your roommate or other family members, talk to them about their degree of involvement and whether or not they are interested in spending some time with your furry friends.

Include Mental Simulation

Whenever we go for physical activity, it is our priority to engage the mind and go for holistic well-being. There is no reason why this would be any different for your pet. It would help if you did not hesitate to include mental stimulation and games related to mental activities. The easiest way to engage your pet’s mind is by teaching them a trick.

You are a new pet owner, start small and give treats frequently to develop the habit of listening to your command. You do not need to set up a particular time for mental activity and can do it as per your pet’s mood. Just be receptive to your pet’s behavior because sometimes they might not feel as responsive as you might like them to be.

You can also try out some puzzles involving different types of food and hide them around the house living for your pet to discover them. Whatever the case may be, have some extra treats in your hand. Your pet would be more likely to get involved with treats.

The Takeaway

We hope you are now more comfortable spending time with your pets when you do not want to step outside. The key to a good day is optimum engagement in different activities while allowing plenty of breaks. Physical and mental exercises are equally important and should be factored in your workout. Take care of their diet and try not to disrupt their routine too much because it may lead them to be more fidgety. And don’t forget to have fun!