Best Cheerleading Teams in The NFL


Football is all about enthusiasm, and just like the audience, the players are also always charged up. Even when they are under an immense level of pressure, the players are carrying the hope of millions of fans on their shoulders. So, to keep their confidence from faltering, there are cheerleading squads in every team.

These squads consist of talented, super athletic, and beautiful women. In this blog, we will explore some of the top cheerleading teams in the NFL. For more information on the NFL, check out Borgata Online.

The Most Popular NFL Cheerleading Squads


The cheerleading squads of each team embody their team exactly the way they want to convey to the audience. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous ones.

Indianapolis Colts

Did you know that the Indianapolis Colts have photos that you can not only look at but also order? Yes, this cannot be done with any other team. They also hold a photo gallery session where people can cast their votes for the selection of the next squad session.

Miami Dolphins


The cheerleading team of the Dolphins has given several performances in the past at the Hard Rock Stadium. Every year, they also release an annual swimsuit calendar. Like other cheerleading squads in the NFL, the Dolphins had also conducted their auditions in virtual mode.

They also send a cheerleader to the Pro Bowl and some of their best alumni to the Indian Premier League every year. They usually give their performance in an all-white uniform.

Dallas Cowboys

The “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading; Making the Team” reality TV show has made the team quite famous. The team’s philosophy statement focuses on helping those who don’t possess the means or strength to help themselves, and the team’s charities also rely on this mission statement.

The team’s website has a separate page for its cheerleading squad, where you can find an extensive schedule for their various appearances. The group pictures on the website date back to 1961.

Houston Texans


In the past season, both Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team have caught the public’s eyes with their stellar performance. This is one of the very few NFL cheerleading teams that offer screensaver wallpaper for every woman on the team. Did you know that they are one of the only teams that also offer the audience a chance to spectate the women at gyms as they offer the fans some helpful workout tips!

Philadelphia Eagles

The website of the Philadelphia Eagles also contains a lot of information about the cheerleading team and the latest Eagles news. The roster section of the team is quite well organized, and for every woman, you have a separate photo gallery with easy-to-click video sections. These cheerleaders can also make appearances at events, for a fee, of course!

Denver Broncos


They are well known to commit 1,000 hours every year to charity work and events that take place in their area; this also includes several fundraisers for troops present overseas. This group has even toured military bases across the world and has gone as far as Afghanistan and Iraq, among other places.

Tennessee Titans

If you want to watch some of the best videos of cheerleading squads on the internet, you definitely have to visit the website of Tennessee Titans. The entire team’s swimsuit calendar video is present there.

But if you want any of these women to do an event, it will not come for free. The Titans follow a rate of $300 per hour for every cheerleader’s performance. If you are hosting a meet-and-greet, then for every cheerleader’s performance, you’ll have to pay $200 per hour.

Charger Girls of San Diego


These super ladies were once rated the ‘Best Cheerleading Squad in the NFL’ by SportMagazine. The Charger Girls not only work day and night to support their team but also spend numerous hours working for the community.

They are well-known for supporting many charity organizations such as Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, D.A.R.E., American Diabetes Association, Junior Seau Foundation, and many others. With their dedication and exuberance, the Charger Girls really set an example for others.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiderettes generate the most buzz in the press after the Cowboys. They are one of the cheerleading teams to have the maximum sponsors in the NFL, including MAC makeup, Body Bar, Betsey Johnson swimwear, Euphoria Nail, and other popular fashion brands. The Raiderettes charge a whopping $400 per hour for each of their members at any special event.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The cheerleading team of Tampa Bay is one of the most elite cheerleading squads and enjoys a very high status in the NFL. Nonetheless, they still manage to take their time out to consistently perform military appreciation tours both in the US and overseas. The ladies are known to visit military bases across the world to show appreciation and encourage the great sacrifice the men and women in the army are carrying out.

Washington Football Team Cheerleaders

These ladies have their calendar packed with events and shows all year round besides never failing to show up for cheering their team, and are very famous for their outreach among the youth.

They boast one of the largest youth cheerleading squads in the NFL and host numerous junior cheerleading and dance camps for girls aged 7 to 16. Through these camps, they provide an opportunity for the young girls to perform besides making them aware of the importance of fitness, safety, and fun.

Seattle SeaHawks’ Sea Gals


The Sea Gals are well-known not only for their energetic performance but are also one of the cheerleading teams to be highly involved in a variety of charities. These girls use their name and fame to host many fundraisers and community outreach programs to help out the people in their community in all possible ways.


Even though the NFL season is over, the cheerleaders of respective teams do perform off-season performances. In fact, with so many women auditioning every year and the huge amount of revenue that is generated from this industry, the number of cheerleaders has exponentially increased over the years. Some other notable names not mentioned in this list include the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Jills, New England Patriots, and so on.