Qualities of Good Dog Food. How Does It Affect Your Pet’s Health?

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When you get a dog or your little furbaby you take care of everything. You make sure to visit the right vet, get him the best training, give him the comfort he needs and most importantly feed him the best food. As his owner you intend to serve him with the best. You can compromise in one or the other thing but you would not compromise when it comes to his food. However, to find the right food can be very tricky for your dogs as there are so many different brands in the market which claim to have the best food. You need some points to differentiate these brands upon and find the right food. Let’s discuss what to look for in dog food while buying.

What to look for while buying dog food?

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  1. Presence of whole foods: now what are whole foods? Whole foods are termed those food materials that are processed as little as possible to maintain their ideal nutrition level and are additives and preservatives free. Just like it’s good for humans to have raw, unprocessed food, the same is the case when it comes to your furbaby.
  1. High nutrient ingredients: You wouldn’t want to feed your dog with something that is merely just raw materials and no nutrients. Your dog’s food must have the right nutrients on a per calorie basis. Your dog needs fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants on a daily basis to stay fit and healthy. Make sure to check about the nutrient level before buying the food.
  1. Protein: just like humans need protein for that additional strength and muscle build up. Dogs need it too. Make sure that there are no artificial proteins but actual proportions of beef, meat and other protein based ingredients.

How does the quality of dog food affect your pets’ health?

Food plays a very important role in your dog’s health. It affects and controls the following things in them:

– Their activity levels: A good quality food is going to be the game changer when it comes to their activity levels. It will keep them active all day long.

– Helps them with their brain functioning: good quality food helps them with better brain functioning

-Keeps their organs healthy: does what an oil does to an engine.keeps it smooth and healthy.

-Keeps their skin healthy and coat shiny: if you have big furry dogs then this is where you pay a little extra attention. The dog food that you pick can make a great impact in maintaining your pet’s coat shiny and healthy. Good food, good hair. Simple.

-Improves their digestive health

So, now you know how important it is to pick the right food for them.

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Some additional points to keep in mind

  1. Go easy on your pockets when it comes to food. You need to find the best affordable option for your pet. Food is something that you might need to restock weekly or monthly for your dogs and that could cost you a lot in the long term. Just don’t blindly follow or stick to the famous brands. There are better brands available out there at the price that can suit your different budget levels.
  2. Remember to differentiate between cat food and dog food. Many people think and believe that it is okay to give your dog cat food. There’s a reason why it is called cat food and not dog food. Your cat has different dietary requirements as compared to your dog. Don’t mix and match their foods and give them the one that’s made for them.
  1. Age of you pup/dog: the food varies as per age, size, breeds. Brands have now launched breed specific treats and foods. That can help you to find the right food much more easily for your pet. The age differentiates the food as puppy and adult dog along with their round odd ages.
  1. Keep experimenting: it’s likely that your dog can get bored of the same dog food again and again. So, you try and buy small packets of dog food and can keep on changing it for him. By doing this you can also come to know which one your pet likes the best, what suits him and what doesn’t. Don’t limit him to just one food. Make him adaptable. It should be easy for them to eat any food and not be particular about some. This can help your dog from being less stubborn and more flexible when it comes to food.
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