Outdoor and Indoor Activities To Keep Your Dog Active – 2024 Guide

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Dogs are energetic creatures, so they love to run around and have fun. Due to this, your dog may get a boost of energy while inside, so you need to have fun activities for various situations. Let’s discuss some activities your dog can participate in so he or she will have something active to do while inside of the house or outdoors.

Go to the Park

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Parks provide plenty of experiences that will allow your dog to have fun while enjoying something new. A standard park will provide your dog with new smells so he or she can spend some time looking around, exercising and learning. You can also find a dog park and bring your dog there.

If your dog can’t get down from the car when you arrive at the park, you can bring a dog ramp with you. Dog ramps will allow you to create a pathway from the car to the ground so your dog can exit without jumping out. Some dogs will injure themselves when they jump out of cars, so a dog ramp can let your dog have fun while remaining safe.

However, not all dog ramps are created equal, a number of factors need to be considered like age, weight, height, and health of your dog, as well as professional recommendations from dog experts. You can get more information at The Pampered Pup about pooch ramp models that dog owners and animal health experts prefer.

Visit Dog Training Facilities

Depending on the area you live in, you could take your dog to a training facility. Some of these facilities will be inside while others might be outside, so do some research and pick the best option for your dog. They work well since your dog can run around, try out the courses and have some fun.

Training facilities can also help your dog become more obedient while he or she enjoys some activities. You can encourage your dog to jump over walls, go across balance beams and run through tunnels. See what your local facilities can provide you.

Schedule Doggy Playdates

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Some dogs become more active when they have friends to play with. If you can schedule some doggy playdates with other dogs your furry friend gets along with, they will run around and have some fun together. Whether you spend time inside or outdoors, the dogs will play with each other, run around and exercise.

Your dog can have some fun and healthy experiences by spending time with other animals. Even though dogs love their owners, they also need some time to interact and socialize with other dogs. Make sure you give your dog these opportunities so he or she can have fun and stay active.

Hide Treats

Some dogs need the motivation to participate in activities. You can easily hide treats in the backyard or around the house so your dog can walk around and look for them. See if you can find some hiding places your dog will come across and spend some time watching your dog to see how many treats he or she can find.

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, so your pet should pick up on the trail for those treats and find them. You should avoid complicated or out-of-reach spots so your dog won’t get frustrated or annoyed during the treat hunt.

Visit a Beach or Lake

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Some dogs love to swim and spend time outside, so if your dog likes these conditions, you could visit a beach or lake. Even if your dog has never been to either of these areas, you can bring him or her to enjoy a new experience. This way, your dog can run around on the sand and near the water.

You should make sure you go during a time when the water won’t have a strong tide or you should choose a shallow lake. This will help you to keep your dog safe if he or she decides to enter the water. Make sure you watch your dog carefully at these locations.

Go On Walks

Many people view this as one of the most basic answers, but this activity works if you want your dog to be active. Try to walk your dog more than once each day so he or she can get plenty of exercises. However, some owners can’t do this, so you should give your dog at least one walk each day.

Walks are important since they help your dog in multiple ways. Not only will your dog get some exercise, but the walks will also let your dog experience new smells and situations. Your dog could even make some friends, so let your dog enjoy these walks and stay active. You should aim for at least 30 minutes of walking each day.

Play Fetch

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Playing fetch works well since most dogs love it and you can even play it inside. If you live in a house with a hallway or a large enough room, you can throw the ball and encourage your dog to sprint after it. Once your dog brings the ball back, you can repeat the process until he or she gets tired.

Fetch works well since you can play it in various situations. You can even mix it up with toys, sticks and other objects your dog will want to chase. If you have a small dog, you can purchase small tennis balls so your dog can still enjoy fetch without struggling with the ball.

Chase Your Dog

Dogs love to spend time with their owners. If you want to enjoy some time with your dog, you should chase him or her around the house or outside. Many dogs like it when their owners chase after them, so they will run off in a joyful sprint and show you that they want to play.

If your dog sticks his or her butt into the air and leans forward with his or her chest near the ground, your furry friend wants to keep playing. You can easily chase your dog in the house or in your backyard, so keep at it until your dog gets tired. After all, you don’t want to make your dog exhausted or risk any injuries.

Throw Your Dog’s Towel After Baths


Many dogs hate baths, so you should turn it into a game after you dry off your dog with a towel. This will involve throwing the towel around your house. This will encourage your dog to grab it, run with it and even swing it around the place. So even though your dog may not like to bathe, you and your furry friend can have some fun with the towel.

Not only will your dog get some exercise, but he or she will also dry off quicker. Even after you use a towel, your dog may still feel damp from the bath. A quick activity and game with the towel stands out as a great way to help your dog dry off while encouraging some exercise.

Dogs love to play, so you need to have different activities your puppy can enjoy in various settings. Make sure you remember these suggestions so you can let your dog have fun while encouraging active behavior and good health. After all, dogs need to exercise, so you should do what you can to encourage them.