The New Era of Home Security Systems


Home security systems are not what they used to be. All-in-one, feature-rich smart solutions are now becoming the standard way to protect our properties, and we round up their many benefits and system components below.

Smart Locks


There are many advantages to having smart locks feature in your home security system: they can be set to open up on your approach and can also be controlled remotely so that there’s never a need for that anxiety that comes when you reach work and start wondering whether you did actually remember to lock the front door…

Some smart locks will message you a notification if you’ve not activated the locks before leaving the house or can send you a reminder to check that you’ve locked the doors.

Doorbell Cameras

These clever little devices allow you to see who’s come calling without needing to open the door. Look for options that feature wide-angle lenses and night vision for extra peace of mind. Most doorbell cameras allow for two-way talk and can also be accessed remotely, so you can keep an eye on your porch wherever you happen to be in the world! Auto record features are another handy element that many of these cameras have; take a look here for more information on how doorbell cameras can be used in conjunction with the rest of your home security system and for more of their benefits.

Flood and Freeze Sensors


Home security systems are no longer just about deterring intruders; they’re now designed to protect your property from several eventualities, including freezing pipes and flooding that originates inside the house. Smart systems allow homeowners to be notified when conditions have been met that could make either (or both) of these eventualities most likely, such as particularly low temperatures or high levels of humidity, says experts from balluff.

CO Detectors

These detectors could be life-saving. They are designed to warn the residents of the home if these toxic fumes (that have no smell) are present at dangerous levels. Choosing detectors that integrate with the rest of your security system allows for ease of monitoring.

Cameras and Alarms


Just as with traditional security systems, cameras and alarms are an essential element of modern set-ups. However, unlike those of the past, these can be connected to your home wifi or security control panel so that they can be monitored remotely. Cameras can be moved remotely, too, to allow you to view different angles of a room, and alarms can be set up to send custom notifications should they be activated.

Wireless smart alarms and cameras tend to be easy to install, too, as no hard-wiring or fitting expertise is required.

Door and Window Sensors

Sensors are attached to the doors and windows themselves and their respective frames so that an alarm will be triggered if they’re opened once armed; the system can also be set so that the homeowner receives a notification to their phone if an alarm has been activated.

Smart Smoke Detectors


The new generation of smoke alarms not only alert you to a potential fire but will also speak the alerts to let inhabitants know which room the smoke is coming from. Some smart smoke detectors even have self-testing capabilities, meaning that they check their systems for reliability and accuracy before sounding an alarm. Other options on the market allow you to ask the device questions and even use it to play music!

Mobile Apps

One of the best things that the new era of home security has delivered is the ability to monitor our homes from wherever we happen to be. Systems now often feature mobile apps designed to allow for integrated monitoring and communication with all aspects of the home security set-up. As well as allowing users to set notifications, many of these devices will also sound an alert if any of the alarms in the home are triggered so that the user can be safe in the knowledge that, wherever they are in the world, they’ll be immediately warned if there’s a problem.

What Does the Future Hold for Home Security?


Technology never stays still, and innovations are constantly underway that will affect every industry sector, including that of home security.

In terms of the future of the home security system, there are already some clues regarding what it’ll look like. A number of manufacturers are developing motion-detecting external cameras that can differentiate between an animal in the garden and a possible intruder. Beyond this, it’s likely that the increasing integration of AI and computer learning technology into all-in-one security solutions will lead to an intuitive control panel that will become familiar with every element of the conditions of your home: the normal routine of human activity within it, voices, temperature, airflow, etc., so that the inhabitants can be immediately alerted if something isn’t right – be that fire risk or someone trying to gain access.

Smart neighborhood alarm systems are also highly probable; these will communicate with other systems in the neighborhood, sharing details of possible threats to provide protection that extends beyond that of an individual property.

The benefits of improving home security systems


A home security system needs to be a priority of every family and thanks to the technology development the is a truly wide range of different home security products that people can choose from and select the one that can significantly improve the overall home security. What are the beneficial sides of looking to improve your home security system? Let’s find out!

You can always check your kids

People are always thinking that the home security system works only for protecting the house from intruders that can break-in. That is true, however, there are other things that you can use the home security system for. For instance, you can check at every moment your little kids and see whether they are safe. There are some very advanced home security systems that manually control and keep an eye on the kinds. This means that there is no reason for getting up or stopping with your own duties just to go and see whether your kids are alright. After all, security systems are made in a way that they give you proper relaxation.

Your Whole Family Will feel A lot Safer

Logically, family is the most valuable thing on earth and you do not want to lose them. Therefore, you should think about how you can make feel safer and more comfortable. For instance, alarm systems can keep them safe from intruders when they try to break into the home. The alarm will start beeping and inform the police on time to come to your house. In that way, you will avoid the risk that something harmful can happen to your family.

Convenience and Energy Savings

These new, modern and innovative home security systems have incredible features that you can benefit from a lot. They have automation capabilities that are offering energy savings as well as the convenience factor. With these innovative systems, you can actually save a lot of money. The lights that are connected through the internet, as well as thermostats paired with a security system, will adjust themselves in a way that can save energy once the system is armed. Additionally, smart door locks and connected garage door openers can give a very protected way of entering the house.

Call Medical Support

Innovative home security systems will take care of everything including calling the medical assistance help that can come. The security system can even open up the gates for them which is one of the most advanced features. Therefore, you do not have to stress about the emergency situations and whether someone in your house will get the necessary help at the right time.

Ease On Insurance Costs

As we said, there are so many different benefits of installing an innovative home security system, and one of them that no one even considering refers to the insurance costs. When your insurance company knows that your home is secured and protected with a high-quality security system, they will provide you with a discount on the coverage cost. We are talking about a 20% discount.