How To Light Lava Rock Fire Pit 2024 – Ignition Tips & Tricks

How To Light Lava Rock Fire Pit

Lots of homeowners today have decided to construct a fire pit in their homes based on the pleasure and fun that it brings when you and your family decide to catch some fun outdoors. There are other people that have even taken a higher step by using lava rocks or fire glass to lace their lava pit.

However, what this article is focusing on is how to light a lava rock fire pit, and trust me when I say that is one of the most frequently asked questions today.

This article was written as a way of providing answers to the question and what we want you to understand is that lighting a lava rock is very simple but at the same time, it can also be very dangerous if the proper guidelines are not applied.

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How To Light Lava Rock Fire Pit

In this context, we would be showing you how to light a lava rock fire pit using gas and this section talks about the match light ignition, the electronic ignition, and lastly the push button spark ignition.

1. The Match Light Ignition

The Match Light Ignition

For this method, you would need to make use of a long stem lighter and this first step involves slightly opening of the gas. There will be the release of a lot of gas if you end up opening the valve fully and this might cause an explosion by the time you light the lighter.

I am sure you do not want an explosion that would lead to thick flames so the best thing for you to do is open up the gas slightly. After doing that, light it up using the lighter or match stick. It is either you open the valve some more to get more flames or you just leave it the way it is and it is also your preference to make use of either a lighter or a match stick to light up the gas.

The valve can be used in controlling how the fire burns and when you want to put out the fire, you can also make use of the valve. this would cause a supply of gas to cease and the fire will eventually go off. The lava rocks close to the burner should be removed before lighting it up and when it is successfully burning, the rocks can be arranged again.

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2. Push Button Spark Ignition

Push Button Spark Ignition

If your fire pit has a push-button feature then the first thing you must do is take away the rocks around the burner first. After that, you can open up the gas slightly and then press and hold the ignition button which would cause a spark that would light up a fire.

This spark is battery powered so there is really nothing to be worried about. Take your hands off the button and the fire would not stop burning. The gas valve can also be used in controlling how the fire burns and turning off the gas valve is simply how you extinguish the fire.

3. Electronic Ignition

The electronic ignition method is a bit different from the other two methods that we have talked about in the sense that electricity is needed for it to light up. However, it does not need electricity for it to run because it can also run on gas but electricity is needed when it comes to power.

Most people are in love with this style because they find it very convenient and easy to light up. The first step here involves taking off the lava rocks that are close to the burner and after that, moving on to the flipping off the power switch. This helps in igniting the pilot light and the pilot light helps in lighting up the fire pit.

After turning on the lava pit, return the lava rocks to where they were before and the same button can be used to turn this fire off. Flipping off the button would cut off the flow of gas and eventually lead to the end of the fire.


We hope that after reading through the steps and processes that we have outlined for you, you find all of these steps easy and convenient in addition, we also gave out tips on where to place the rocks when trying to light up the fire pit.

One fact you should always pay close attention to is how you deal with the gas valve and ensure that the gas valve isn’t fully opened when trying to light up the fire pit so as to avoid any form of explosion.

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