9 Best Patio Heater For Wind – 2024 Buying Guide And Recommendation

Nothing beats enjoying quality time with your family and friends, hanging out with the entire family or even having a barbecue party and these sort of activities tends to start when the day is still warm but as the evening approaches, the temperature starts to drop.

This however shouldn’t mean the party is coming to an end as far as you have invested in the best patio heater for wind.

Patio heaters are essential items that can be placed at any point or spot as it would help in providing extra heat since there is a drop in temperature and in most cases, they are powered either using propane, electricity or gas.

Natural gas and propane tend to burn fuel therefore making use of open flames to produce the required heat.

Patio heaters come in various styles as it could have a pyramid style or torch style. However, electric heaters are not as elegant as others but what they lack in terms of appearances, they have made up for it in terms of function.

They are fast when it comes to warming or heating up the place and they require power outlets that meet up with its electric demands.

Best Patio Heater For Wind – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Fire tables or fire pits tend to add extra fun when there is a gathering as it helps in providing not just warmth but light as well and that is why it is similar to being around a campfire.

From what we have said so far, you can tell that patio heater comes in various designs and with various features and that is why shopping for one is a daunting task.

Firstly, we would be showing you the best ten products that have all it takes to make every gathering worthwhile and after that, we would also show you a brief buying guide that contains some of the key features that you should be on the lookout for when shopping for a quality and functional patio heater for wind.

With the help of this review, we trust that you would be able to make the right choice and find the right patio heater for you and your family. Check them out right away;

Best Patio Heater For Wind Review

1. Hiland HLDSO1-WGTHG Pyramid Patio Propane Heater

For people looking forward to making sure that their patio stays warm even under chilly weather conditions then the Hiland HLDSO1 WGTHG patio heater is the best to serve such purpose and this isn’t just because this patio heater is practical but because with time, it would turn out to be part of your home as it would make your nights out comfortable.

Now, unlike the patio heaters that we have talked about, this is slightly different because it is a CSA approved heater and this patio heater from Hiland come with wheels which helps in aiding movement and mobility when necessary.

Despite weighing quite some pounds, its wheels would make it very easy to move around pr place it where you want to.

Being able to produce about 40,00 BTU of heat makes us consider this patio heater as very capable as it is estimated to function for as long as ten hours and with its tower made using heat resistant materials that are effective in concealing this heater’s combustion flame.


  • No stress during assembly
  • Comes with precise and clear instructions
  • Awesome unit with fantastic customer service


  • Different heaters from the one in the picture were delivered

2. Fire Sense Stainless Steel Natural Gas Patio Heater

best patio heater for wind

Made using heavy-duty steel material, this patio heater is one designed to last for a long time as well as endure all types of use.

When it comes to delivering a high heat output, you can count on this heater to provide the warmth that you desire and it is also designed especially for outdoor use alone.

Its stainless steel material is approved by the CSA and that tells you how safe and durable this product is.

Making use of natural gas as fuel is what makes this patio heater unique and rated above many other heaters on the market. It comes with a button that is designed especially for turning on this unit instantly when you are ready to make use of it.

This is the perfect outdoor heater that you can make use of on your porch, patio and any other outdoor space in your house.

There are tip-over protection and weighted base design which takes away every worry that comes with this heater falling over. There is also a safety automatic shut-off valve just for extra safety.


  • Stable
  • Protected against tipping over
  • Protected against the wind
  • Runs for hours


  • Needs to be more secured

3. Fire Sense Stainless Steel Pro Series Patio Heater

Yet another quality heater from the Fire Sense company and this is very similar to the last product we just finished talking about.

It also boasts of having a high quality, stainless steel material in its construction and this stainless steel is also approved by the CSA thereby telling you that what you are looking at is a heater that is built to last long and withstands all outdoor use.

This heater comes with wheels and this helps in making it more portable.

The other product that we talked about makes use of natural gas as fuel but this right here comes with a twenty-pound LPG propane tank.

Thanks to its push-button, starting up this heater is made convenient and easy and when it comes to creating warmth if you want to relax with your family and friends on your patio or porch, this is simply the best patio heater for a wind that you can turn to.

It is designed to spread heat evenly which is why most users are pleased with this product and it is the recommended heater if you intend to have outdoor meetings during the winter period.


  • Simple assembly process
  • Premium materials used in construction
  • Comes with a helpful manual for assembling
  • Heats up well


  • Its ignition doesn’t last

4. Hiland HIL-1500DI Electric Patio Heater

This tall black electric patio heater is designed to have this attractive look that also makes it serve as a decorative piece anywhere it is placed either on your patio or on your porch and what we also find attractive about this heater is its weighted base design which is useful in fighting against accidental falling and tipping over.

Users would find it easy to control the heat output of this heater as it comes with variable controls.

It is constructed using high-quality aluminum and plastic material which makes it durable and sturdy as well. This is a heater that is powered using electricity and for extra safety levels, this patio heater comes with an anti-tilt switch.

Operate or running this heater is less expensive compared to other heaters that come with propane tanks. It however requires some assembly before use and can be used both outdoors and indoors.


  • Assembly is fast and easy
  • Its large base makes it unlikely to get knocked off
  • Lightweight


  • Produces more light than heat

5. Aura Patio Plus Infrared Electric Patio Heater

The next product that we would want to bring to you in our best patio heater for wind review is the Aura Patio Plus electric patio heater and what makes this heater unique is the M-wave low light technology that it comes with and trust this product when it says the heat it generates for making you and your family warm cannot be affected by the wind.

Its stainless steel design makes it more convenient and also durable as well.

Users would also find this electric patio heater very attractive as it features a freestanding, portable, sleek and modern look which you would not find in most patio heaters on the market today.

Guess what, you can use this heater in any weather as you do not have to cover up any parts thanks to its all-weather use design and construction. Its on and the off switch also has a waterproof design and there is also a safety tip switch.


  • Works great
  • Looks good
  • Its up very fast
  • Has a straightforward assembly


  • Its performance is poor
  • Bulb died in few minutes of use

6. Hanover HAN004BLK Propane Patio Heater

If we are considering patio heaters that are good-looking and very attractive then this patio heater right here fits the description as it has a stylish and modern design.

The importance of very patio heater goes way beyond its appearance so, in terms of providing warmth, this patio heater has what it takes to keep you and your friends warm especially on cold nights and chilly evenings. It comes with a sturdy and stable base that helps in keeping this unit secure.

Thanks to its ignition system, you would always find it easy to start up this patio heater. All that it requires the user to do is simply push the ignition button and hold the control knob at the same time.

This heater is very reliable as the hat it produces can spread to a wider area which is why it is considered the best option when hosting parties as it would keep guests warm and comfortable.

When putting this unit together, you would find it straightforward and convenient as it doesn’t require the use of special tools.


  • Easy to startup
  • Awesome heat generation
  • Has the right height


  • Its is too large and that makes it difficult to store

7. Fire Sense Stainless Steel Table Top Patio Heater

If you are looking for a patio heater that has what it takes to provide that special and high-quality warmth for you, your family and maybe some guests on cold and chilly evenings then this heater from the fire sense company is a must-have in your home.

This makes it the third time a product from the fire sense company would find its way to this review and that tells you how reliable and trustworthy that this brand is.

It is one that is specially designed to last as it is made using high-quality materials for durability and there would be no difficulty in turning on or starting up this patio heater as it comes with an ignition system or design that ensures starting up this unit is fast and easy.

Having a lightweight design also makes it easy for users to move this heater from one spot to another and thanks to being portable, it would not consume so much pace where it is kept.


  • Provides an adequate amount of heat
  • Provides comfort when sitting outside


  • Not a long-lasting heater
  • Poor quality heater

8. Fire Sense Powder Coated Patio Heater

Being attractive is one of the main reasons why most people tend to consider a patio heater in the first place.

The reason is that if it is attractive or good looking, it can actually serve as a decorative piece anywhere it is placed. This patio heater right here comes with an aqua attractive powder-coated finish which gives it this modern, sleek and attractive look.

This high-quality heater comes with wheels that make it more portable.

We have talked about patio heaters today that run based on electricity and also natural fuel but this right here comes with a twenty-pound propane gas tank.

Just by the push of a button, turning on this heater is made easy and you can count on this heater to keep you and your family warm especially when the nights are quite chilly and cold. It is regarded as the best outdoor patio heater on the market today.


  • Easy to put together
  • Produces a great amount of heat
  • Runs for many hours


  • Has a leaking regulator

9. GLOBAL AIR GLC-GH-T Havana Bronze Patio HeaterĀ 

The Global Air GLC-GH-T Havana Bronze Patio Heater is the nest patio heater for the wind that we want you to consider when next you are out shopping for a reliable patio heater on the market and guess what, this is one patio heater that makes use of high quality and ultra-efficient heating elements which generates heat for comfort and also spreads heat over a wide area. It is also one that doesn’t need special tools to put it together.

Safety is one of the main points of this patio heater as it comes with an automatic shut-off design which makes this unit totally safe and for additional safety, there is a tilt switch.

Being lightweight tells you that you can move this heater from one spot to another for your convenience and thanks to its wheels, you would also consider this heater to be very portable.


  • Great for its price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfectly packaged


  • This product arrived bent

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Final Thoughts

There are lots of questions to be answered when shopping for a reliable and durable patio heater and hopefully, after going through this interesting guide, we hope that you would be able to find that patio heater that would be able to meet all of your needs.

Selecting from the ten that we have talked about means you are getting the best model that would suit your lifestyle and make your patio warm.

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