6 Key Things Every Happy Couple Needs in Their Bedroom

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It is a question that the majority of marriage therapists get, as well as a key area of inquiry that sex therapists have to explore with their clients – what makes a happy couple?

There will be some differences based on religion, culture, and age, but if you are in a long-term relationship, there are some core values that have to be met for you to be a healthy and functioning couple. Some of these include open communication, mutual respect, spending time with your partner, and seeing them as a friend and confidant, more than just someone you have a sexual relationship with.

That is not to say that sex does not play a part in what is needed in a happy relationship. For many people, sex is the foundation of their relationship, and it can help to cement positive feelings that they have about their partner. Sex is also a great way to get to know each other in a way that nobody else does.

This often leads to the next question that many sex and relationship therapists are asked – how can you boost your sex life in a long-term relationship, and what are some of the things that can be used to make the bedroom a more romantic place? After all, you sleep there, and, in some instances, you may also work there if you are a remote worker, so how can you turn this room into a more erotic space for you and your partner?

This article aims to highlight some of the key things that you may need to have in your bedroom to make it a truly personal space for you and your partner, where you can have a lot of fun when the lights go off.

1. Toys

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The first thing that she may want to look into or expand upon is your collection of sex toys.

If you have never used sex toys before, don’t worry. The taboo surrounding these items has certainly vanished in recent years. Many online stores, like My Amazing Fantasy, can provide you with an array of different sex toys to choose from at an affordable price, meaning that you can experiment with the different types of toys and discover which ones you and your partner both enjoy playing with.

However, it is important to see these as what they are – they are sex toys. They are aids to your relationship, and they should not be seen as a replacement for sexual activity with your partner. If you are unsure where to start when choosing a sex toy and feel that a taboo needs to be removed for either you or your partner, then it may be time to visit a relationship therapist or a sex therapist to talk this issue through.

2. Books

Much in the vein of sex toys, books relating to sex are commonplace in many bedrooms, especially books that have been written by sex therapists that break down the action block by block, so to speak.

The best way to tackle anything correctly is to know more about it and reading up on sex techniques, either with books or online, is a great way to learn the parts of the body that your partner is going to like to be touched, as well as the different ways of doing so. Of course, this doesn’t replace asking your partner what they like or dislike and should be seen as an addition (not as a replacement) to open communication about sex.

3. Candles

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Candles have a long history of being associated with romance, and, best of all, they do not look out of place in a bedroom setting.

Some couples are also interested in engaging in activities that relate to dripping candle wax onto each other, which can be an interesting addition to your sex life. However, having candles in your bedroom will help to set the mood, and it can also be an indicator to your partner as to what you have in mind when they come into the bedroom.

Best of all, you don’t even have to use flame-based candles anymore, as there are now LED options available that offer the same lighting, without the fire risk. So, you won’t have to worry about potentially falling asleep and leaving the candles on.

4. Lubrication

Lubrication is a great addition to any bedroom, as it is ideal for men to use on themselves and for ladies to use as well, especially those who are menopausal or older or may have had complications relating to giving birth.

Some lubrications also double up as a massage gel, meaning that you get a sort of 2 for 1 when purchasing this product, as it can be used to relieve any tension that you or your partner may have after a long day and can then be used to engage in sex or with toys. Always be sure to read the label or leaflet that comes with sex toys. You have to see the types of lubrication that are safe to use with your toys, as due to the materials that toys may be made from, they may not be suitable for use with certain lubricants.

5. Lingerie

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One way you can spice up your nights together behind closed doors with your partner is to get some lingerie.

There are so many different varieties of lingerie available that even if your partner is not too keen on one type, they will almost certainly like another type that you have in your wardrobe. Plus, the best part is lingerie is no longer an expensive addition to the bedroom and can be bought online for low costs and in lots of different designs and colors. So, dress up and have fun with it.

6. Air Fresheners

As much as humans are visual creatures when it comes to sex, we also are not big fans of bad smells in the bedroom when we are engaged in romantic evenings. As mentioned before, you can have candles that are scented, although due to safety, you may want to have LED candles instead. This means that it can be a better idea to have a plug-in air freshener in your bedroom when you are in the mood for love to get rid of any unpleasant aromas that can be a turn-off for you or your partner.