Where To Place Dehumidifier In Grow Room – 2024 Guide

Figuring out where to place the dehumidifier in the grow room is very crucial as to how your grow room would perform or it would determine how efficient your grow space would be.

What this truly involves is learning how to create predictable conditions that you can achieve either by being specific or by being intentional about the capabilities or about the placement of your equipment.

If you have just a single unit that is helping you get the job is done or you make use of about fifteen dehumidifiers and more, you should take each of the steps that we want to show you right now into consideration as they would play a major role in boosting efficiency, maximizing predictability and also enhancing growth. Grow plants are known to exhale and inhale just like how living things do.

Making use of a dehumidifier is going to boost up the humidity level of the room especially during the winter months. This is why making use of a dehumidifier is very important when it comes to indoor growing but then that would probably leave you with some questions like; what type of humidifier should you use, wherein the room can you place your dehumidifier and also how many dehumidifiers do you need.

Understanding The Dehumidification Needs Of Your Grow Room

where to place dehumidifier in grow room

The answer to this question lies in the dehumidification requirements of the grow room it would be placed in.

This actually refers to the number of plants that you would be dealing with, the size of the room, the flow of air in the room and also the type and breed of plants in the grow room. These are the most important things that you should figure out as a gardener when trying to figure out the dehumidification needs of a grow room.

Where To Place Dehumidifier In Grow Room

According to Machinewonders.com, before we take you through the best possible places you can position a dehumidifier in a room, we want you to know that there isn’t any place like a ‘fixed place” where you can position a dehumidifier. With that being said, come with us as we show you the dehumidifier placement rules of thumb;

Even Distribution Of Dehumidifier Air

When deciding where to place a dehumidifier, there are two areas that need to be properly balanced. These areas are redundancy and efficiency. Efficiency is what you need to for creating consistent and predictable conditions and also for getting the best out of your grow room without wasting energy.

At the same time, you would also want to build in some redundancy so if a unit is down, the other unit should step up and handle the demand.

In order for you to balance these aspects, it is very important that you focus on distributing the dehumidifier evenly all through space. This helps in optimizing airflow and humidity control and also remember to have moisture removal capability which all your crops need.

Trust me when I say it would be of great use if this unit needs to get repaired. Considering how to access the unit once it has been installed should not be ignored too.

Checking on them occasionally to make sure that drainage is done properly is also very important so at least make sure it would not cost pain to get them.

Maximizing Airflow

Another aspect that you have to consider when placing a dehumidifier is the movement of air. This is very important to the health of your plants because it helps to mix air evenly so as to prevent the risk of cold and hot spots and also a rise in humidity.

You should also try as much as possible not to face the filter of the dehumidifier tight to the wall or any other area that would limit the flow of air.

Remote Control

It might be a bit difficult to get to the dehumidifier based on the setup and this is why you would feel the need to have a remote control.

Whether you are trying to confirm diagnostics information, setting the levels that you prefer or for any other reason, having a remote setup makes operation not just reliable but also easy and trust me when I say the remote control would end up being your best friend.

Placement Options

Another known fact about cultivation rooms is that they come in different sizes and shapes so when trying to install your dehumidifier, it is very important for you to create multiple options. The following ways can be followed when trying to install a dehumidifier in a grow room;

  • Suspended – The suspended option is useful when it comes to saving space and some units come with bracelets required for installation. You can also try positioning the dehumidifier in a way that supports the removal of moisture throughout your entire grow space.
  • Freestanding – If there is no suspended option or you have room to space, the freestanding option would be ideal as it is designed to function from the ground level in your grow space. This also makes checking of tweaks very easy.
  • Ducted – The ducted placement option is suitable for grow rooms where the space is limited. This is done by setting the dehumidifier in a separate room and then it gets ducted into your grow space.

Bottom Line

This is where we draw the curtain on our where to place a dehumidifier in the grow room and options that you should carefully consider when placing a dehumidifier.

Hopefully, everything that we have mentioned in this review would help you in getting it right when the time comes to install a dehumidifier in your grow room. Good luck.

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