How To Dry Out A Tree Stump – 2024 Guide & Easy Steps Follow

How To Dry Out A Tree Stump

This article talks about how to dry out a tree stump and the good thing is you really don’t need to dig deeper if you want to get rid of one.

One thing about tree stumps is that they are not pleasing to the eyes and they also take up space on your property and even though they are quite small, they end up having a resilient nature most times.

Most of the tree stumps you come across have the tendency to grow more stumps with their roots going deep into the soil and if you eventually kill these stumps, you are basically giving your landscape another chance to look beautiful.

Most people resort to hiring professionals when they discover a stump on their landscape but instead of going to that length, why not get rid of the tree stump yourself using some materials you have at home. You are surprised, right?

According to the experts at Tree Franchise, if you are starting your own tree service company and you have a lot of tree stumps to deal with, even some of the most expensive stump grinders can’t complete the job fast enough. Tree Franchise advises people to invest in a stump grinder if they’re looking to grind stumps quickly.

Well, you shouldn’t because this article right here would show you what to use and how to use it when dealing with tree stumps taking up valuable space on your property.

How To Dry Out A Tree Stump

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is made up of sulfur and magnesium and when in small doses, they are capable of creating the perfect environment for trees to grow.

The results would be quite deadly if you decide to expose Epsom salt to tree stump roots and if you want to get rid of a tree stump using Epsom salt then start by using one hundred percent of Epsom salt in making a solution that would be effective in decaying the roots of tree stumps.

Drill dozens of holes inside the tree stump and each hole should be about ten inches deep.

Good amounts of the Epsom salt should be poured into each of these holes then cover the stump using a tarp for at least three months and watch the salt destroy the roots of the tree stump.

Rock Salt

Rock salts are used when trying to melt ice from walkways and roads and to be very honest, it is also very effective when dealing with tree stumps.

Rock salt contains sodium chloride and this sodium chloride is good at retaining moisture so it becomes quite impossible for the root of any tree to absorb it. Its drying effect is what kills tree stumps and the same technique of drilling holes in the tree stump and adding rock salt should be done as well.

Furthermore, hot water should be added as it would cause the rock salt to penetrate deep into the soil.

The top of the tree stump should be covered using mulch for about six weeks and when the tree stumps starts decomposing then you can start the removal process.

Controlled Burning

A very cost-effective way to dry out a tree stump is by burning but the problem with this technique is that it is not widely accepted in some areas because of fire codes.

However, if where you are permitted to carry out controlled burning on your property then you can go ahead and drill holes that runs about twelve inches deep in the tree stump but a one-inch cavity should be left in between.

Go on and pour some quantity of kerosene in each of these holes until the tree stump becomes totally saturated.

Then, make use of scrap wood in covering up the tree stump before you ignite. One thing you should do at this point monitors the fire carefully as it begins to spread from the pieces of the scrap into the tree stump itself and does not stop monitoring this burn until the stump smolders and turns into ash.

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