How To Keep A Compost Bin Clean – 2024 Guide

Cleaning and keeping a compost bin clean is one task most people do not enjoy engaging in but the truth is it is very necessary that we try to keep our compost bin clean at all times. The creation of compost is one of the best ways we can still get to make use of old kitchen and garden scraps so we can get to boost the quality of our garden soil. For those who own curbside compost bins, then can end up sending scraps to be used again. However, your bins needs to be kept clean and you have our how to keep a compost bin clean article to help make the task easy.

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The Importance Of Cleaning Your Compost Bin

how to keep a compost bin clean

If there is a curbside compost bin around you then you already have to put up with rotting and stinky vegetables as well as other garden and food waste. Unlike in the case of garbage bins, you only have to dispose all of your trash in a bagged bin but when talking about compost bins, you simply have to put the trash right inside the bin itself. This is a very simple strategy but at the same time, it is bound to make a whole lot of mess and this mess stinks very well during the summer period.

Cleaning out your compost bin and ensuring that they remain clean at all times is one of the ways that you can get to prevent certain pests like flies as well as bad odors from polluting the entire place and the truth is refusing to clean out your compost bin for too long would result in the production of extremely bad smells which might require you to put on a mask before you would be able to clear out the bin. It is very important that you clean out your compost bin regularly and i am sure the question you are asking is why.

The reason is being able to clean out your compost bin early enough provides you with a continuous supply of new and fresh microbes and you are also asking insects to keep working extra hard. Now, you know why it is very important for you to always clean out your compost bin and also ensure that it stays clean at all times but one question you would be left with is how can anyone get to take out and maintain a clean compost bin. The answer is simple.

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How To Keep A Compost Bin Clean

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For people who have small outdoors where they store any kitchen waste that they collect then it is preferable to keep it in the freezer so as to avoid the production of bad odors as well as making sure that sanitary conditions are attained. Washing your compost bin regularly just as you also wash all of the dirty dishes in your kitchen is also another way that you can get to keep a compost bin clean. There are certain things that you might need when it comes to cleaning a compost bin.

A very essential material that you would need is some natural cleaners and also a hose. You can make use of this instead of making use of a soap because soaps are known to cause damage to an ecosystem. This is why you are advised to make use of either baking soda, lemon and vinegar in order to get rid of the bad stink and also for sanitizing your compost bin. There are also some preventative measures which can be employed so as to ensure that your compost bin stays clean.

This involves the use of newspapers to line the compost bin and also sprinkling baking soda so as to ensure that bad odors and moisture is absorbed. You can also make use of compostable bags so as to help house some scraps but ensure that any bag you make use of would be accepted by your local waste service. However, you do not need full cleaning if you make your own compost but what you need to focus on cleaning is the finished compost. The surface scraps that aren’t finished should be pulled out once a year before putting the scraps back in.

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