10 Best Compost Bin For Kitchen – 2024 Top Picks And Reviews

Are you searching for a way to deal with your wastes but you don’t know how to? I think now is actually the right time for you to think about composting.

Yard waste and food craps have reportedly been said to be about twenty or thirty percent of the waste that we dispose of on a daily basis and composting helps in reducing the emission of methane from landfills as well as reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

This is where the best compost bin for the kitchen comes in.

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best compost bin for kitchen

If you are not used to composting then developing the habit might turn out to be a bit difficult but ensuring that you have a compost bin at one corner of your kitchen would certainly remind you that that is exactly where you have put all your kitchen waste and food crumbs into.

If you are now ready to own a compost bin then you would need to be able to identify the best products so here is a review on the best compost bin for the kitchen just for you;

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen Review

1. EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1.3 Gallon

best compost bin for kitchen

The EPICA stainless steel compost bin is one designed for everyone to be okay with and here is why, it is made using high-quality stainless steel material which makes sure that there are no joints to weld, no weak spots that might cause leakages and also no need to worry about rust.

Looking at this compost bin for the kitchen, we can also say that this compost bin is quite fancy while its interior is built to accommodate all kinds of waste.

It is also easy to clean but it also requires scrubbing for it to be extremely clean and it also comes with a lid made using an activated carbon filter that users would find less stressful to lift and cover.

The function of this lid is to make sure that bad smells and pests are kept away from entering this compost bin and here’s something interesting about this compost bin, it features a well placed and sturdy handle which makes it easy to carry this bin and getting rid of the waste in it.

Having a fancy, efficient but yet simple design is what makes this compost bin very attractive and rated among the best.


  • Its carbon filter does a good job at masking bad smells
  • Best product for composting
  • Has a good looking design
  • Very easy to clean


  • None that we know of

2. OXO, White Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

Made using durable plastic material, our thoughts concerning this compost bin simply is that lots of consideration and thinking were done before coming up with this perfect compost bin for the kitchen.

This is one compost bin that is designed to make emptying the bin a convenient task but one complaint that most people have about this compost bin is they found it very difficult to clean up when necessary.

This is one compost bin designed to work very fine and it can also be cleaned up by washing using the hands and this is because its design would not permit it to be washed in a dishwasher.

However, water tends to build up in between its layers and this is because there is no proper sealing of its inner and outer layer.

It also comes with a lid unlike the EPICA compost bin we just talked about, the OXO compost bin lid doesn’t have a filter but it also reduces smells.

Despite all of its downsides, this compost bin still has a design and would hold a decent amount of waste.


  • Nice design
  • Designed to hold a good amount of dirt
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to empty


  • Requires constant emptying
  • This compost isn’t a dishwasher safe

3. The Relaxed Gardener Kitchen Compost Bin

Even though this compost bin has a farmhouse appearance, it still proves to be a good choice for any kitchen.

This compost bin is one designed to hold at least a gallon of waste and guess what, it comes with an inner pail made of plastic which makes waste removal quite easy. Its lid also comes with a filter that helps in preventing the escape of bad smells.

Its exterior is made using steel material while the inner of this pail features a dark color to repel stains.

The style of this compost bin would make one think it is best used in a farmhouse but when considering products like this, what we look at is a function and not appearance.

Regardless, it cannot be used in industrial kitchens while its exterior that features a powder steel coating gives this compost bin a rustic look.

Talking about functionality, this compost bin definitely has high grades in that expect and that is why we believe it worth to be a part of this review.


  • Doesn’t support bad smells
  • Looks good
  • Can be lifted with ease
  • One of the best customer service


  • Its lid isn’t tight enough
  • Not durable as it falls apart easily

4. Kitchen Compost Pail Bin for Countertop – LARGE

The truth is we all would love our kitchen to look quite good and smell nice and if your kitchen has all copper cookware in it then you would definitely need something that would be able to compliment such decoration.

This compost bin is designed by the Gardenanatomy brand and just like the EPICA stainless steel compost bin that we talked about earlier, they both have certain similarities in their construction.

This is a copper-plated compost bin which also makes this bin look very attractive and in addition, it also has this sleek and shiny look that makes one want to have it in their kitchen just to complement their kitchen decoration.

It would also hold a nice amount of waste but its lack of inner pail might not really be an issue to some people provided it does the job it was purchased to do.


  • Well sized compost bin
  • Designed to sturdy
  • Would prevent smell


  • Failed in preventing bugs

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5. Joseph Joseph 30046 Compo Easy-Fill Compost Bin

This is another compost bin that is made of high-quality plastic material and if you are looking for the perfect item that you can safely use in keeping all of your dirt then this is the perfect bin for you.

Its size and design ensure that it easily and perfectly fits into a cupboard and it is also a good choice to make sure that all forms of waste are kept away from casual view.

When it is time to make use of this compost bin, all it requires is for one to grab it using its handle and lift it away from its hanging hook.

It can be carried to where the waste is and get filled up with the waste or it can also be grabbed by the handle and taken outside to empty it. After emptying this compost bin or putting dirt in it, it can easily be kept out of sight.


  • Has a properly made design
  • It has some sort of ventilation system that makes sure dirt gets dried to prevent bad smells from forming
  • It also keeps away mold and bugs
  • Its handle makes transportation easy


  • Too small
  • Its lid isn’t tight enough to keep out bugs

6. Polder Kitchen Composter-Flexible silicone bucket

When this was designed, I am sure that a tightly packed compost bin was actually given thought and I am sure everyone reading this knows how complicating a tightly packed compost bin.

So they actually stepped up in the style of this compost bin and made a compost bin that users would easily turn inside out. Made using silicone material, this bin is one designed to be durable and also last for longer years.

Right on the underside of this bin lies its handle which is useful in pushing out waste from this bin while its interior and also its exterior can be rinsed using water which is why we also consider this compost bin as one of the best to clean up when required.

Furthermore, this compost bin can also be washed using a machine which is one feature that most compost bin lacks.

This is however one easy-to-use compost bin that would be perfect for keeping dirt till it is emptied.


  • Its lid can be removed and replaced with ease
  • Has a brilliant design
  • Easy to clean and also easy to empty
  • Not made with plastic
  • Very easy to dump waste


  • Comes in just one color

7. Norpro 83 Ceramic Floral Blue/White Compost Keeper

Its beautiful ceramic material design is something that cannot be overlooked when talking about the Norpro 83 ceramic compost bin and if you own a kitchen that is lined with ceramic plates and jar then adding this ceramic compost bin from Norpro would not be a bad idea as it would serve as another form of interior decoration in your kitchen.

Its weight and shape are similar to that of the EPICA compost bin and I see that as a downside.

This ceramic compost bin is quite heavy even when it is yet to be loaded with grounds of coffee and even though it has two downsides that readers should carefully examine, my verdict concerning this product is it still proves to be a unique model.

It requires thorough washing as it also doesn’t feature an inner pail and thanks to its filter lid, there would not be any reason to be worried over bad smells escaping from this compost bin.


  • Holds days worth of waste
  • Its canister has an attractive design
  • Very easy to rinse after emptying the bin
  • Has a sturdy build


  • It is heavy and that makes it difficult to lift or transport
  • This bin and lid have spaces where dirt tends to get hidden

8. Bamboozle Food Composter, Indoor Food Compost Bin

For anyone searching for a metal-free, BPA-free and a natural way of keeping waste hidden till it is disposed of then the Bamboozle Compost Bin is one compost bin that fits such description and this compost bin right here is one that is made using premium bamboo fiber combined with eco-friendly materials and having a fully sustainable design.

Looking at the style of this compost bin, it is easy to conclude that this compost bin would fit most kitchens.

It comes in a white color that ensures it blends perfectly with the kitchen environment but here is something that might be a thing of worry about this compost bin and that is it might not hold as much waste as other compost bins that we have talked about in this best compost bin for kitchen review so it would require frequent emptying from time to time.

Its looks and construction have already earned it good scores and after considering all things, this is just a good option for every kitchen.


  • Built to be stylish
  • It has a variegated surface that helps in minimizing how dirt looks inside
  • Doesn’t encourage smells or flies
  • Expensive


  • Washing its lid is difficult

9. Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin

There are people who are not cool with plastic compost pails but when they get to meet the Full Circle odor-free compost bin they might have to reconsider where they stand on plastic compost bins.

Just a touch opens the spring-loaded lid so that waste can be added to it while a compost bag can also be placed inside so wastes can be properly packed. This compost bin supports airflow and this is quite helpful in eliminating bad smells.

This level of airflow also ensures that the compost bin stays dried at all times and this helps in slowing down decomposition in the kitchen.

This compost bin is the best option for people who have wet grounds and prepare coffee every day. Even if you are dealing with damaged or broken peels then you also have nothing to be worried about.


  • Supports better flow of air
  • Has an ideal design
  • Helps in reducing odor
  • Fights back fly


  • Wrong photos were uploaded
  • Not a strong or durable product

10. Greenlid Compostable Compost Bin

best compost bin for kitchen

We have come to the last product that we want to review when talking about the best compost bin for the kitchen and this product right here is what we tend to refer to as a two in one product as it can be termed compost fodder as well as a compost bin.

Its design is different from most compost bins out there as it requires carrying the entire bin outside just to get rid of the waste inside and it can be washed using a machine for proper maintenance.

However, all products were not designed to be entirely perfect and the major issue with this compost bin is the fact that it has cardboard inside which might tend to soak and leak if soggy materials are placed right inside this bin.

Looking away from this design flaw, this compost bin is one of the best options to settle for and when dealing with normal waste, this is the best option for any kitchen.


  • Its green lid helps in dealing with bad odors
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Ideal for composting


  • Not good for wet materials
  • Leaks

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen Buying Guide

The moment you are done with food leftovers and scraps, that is exactly when composting starts and I know there are people who would think that all they need to do is just to gather the scraps, toss them into a bucket, cover it with a lid and dump it outside in a compost pile but even though making use of a bucket might seem like a cheaper route, it is less ideal and would not help in obtaining one hundred percent composting process.

A compost bin still remains the preferred option for storing fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells and some other compost material.

This is the main reason why so many companies have embarked on designing various types of compost bins as a means of temporary storage of dirt in one’s kitchen.

Furthermore, compost bins also help in getting rid of bad smells and this means it doesn’t allow your kitchen to smell like compost itself.

Features Of The Best Compost Bin For Kitchen

  • Material – compost bins made using stainless steel materials are said to last longer but there are manufacturers that combined stainless steel and hybrid cast iron while others also make use of ceramic materials.
  • Size – a compost bin definitely needs to fit into a particular space so before making a final purchase, ensure that you have a good memory of the available space where the compost bin would be placed.
  • Protects Against Odors – this is also one massive feature that needs to be carefully looked into because I don’t think anyone would love to walk into his or her kitchen and be greeted by a foul odor. All of the compost bins that we have reviewed all fight against bad odors so you would not go wrong with any of the products we have reviewed.
  • Appearance – since compost bins would be placed in the kitchen, it is necessary that the sight of such bins isn’t an eyesore. Also, a compost bin that would also serve as a form of decoration for your kitchen would also come as a welcomed addition to any kitchen.

Final Words

This is where we come to the end of our best compost bin for kitchen review but we are quite certain that by now you should have a perfect idea of the best compost bins to settle for.

You would also encounter a buying guide that would shed more light on the essence of compost bins as well as some key features that should be considered when shopping for compost bins.

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