Uses Of Compost In A Garden – Learn About Uses Of Compost

One of the best ways anyone can make their yard and kitchen waste environmentally stable is through the creation of compost but if you are puzzled with the question of where to put your compost then you would obviously be needing some guidance. This is quite true if your garden is big but there are a lot of things that you do using a compost which is why we have brought you this article on the uses of compost in a garden. If you want to know how to make good use of compost in a garden then stick around and read through this guide thoroughly.

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Uses Of Compost In A Garden

uses of compost in garden

There is a reason why people refer to compost as black gold and this is because it helps in adding richness and nutrients to soils which makes sure plants gets to grow fully, healthier, better and also for plants to be more productive. What we are about to show you are ways that you can get to apply this black gold and also ways that you can get to utilize this black gold. Check them out;

  • Amend Soil – Compost should be mixed into soil beds before seeds or plants are added. This would result in the aerating and lighting of the soil as well as adding more nutrients.
  • Lawn Fertilization – Adding two inch or an inch of compost to your grass would serve as fertilizer for them to grow. You can rake the compost in then allow it find its way down to the soil and into the roots as well.
  • Mulch – Compost can be used as mulch for plants in your garden bed. Just like every other mulch, compost ensures that the soil is warm and also that the soil is able to hold back moisture. Compost also helps in providing plants with extra amount of nutrients and it should be applied at the base of plants for it to do its job.
  • Compost Tea – You can make use of compost tea as a liquid fertilizer for your plants. Just as the name goes, you know it is already a liquid form of fertilizer and all that it requires for you is just to soak compost for few days in water. The solids should be removed then the liquid that remains can be sprinkled or sprayed on plants.

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Utilizing Compost That You Do Not Need In Your Garden

For those who do not have a yard or garden but have only potted plants then my best guess is you are struggling with what to do with your compost. Regardless of this, it is also necessary that you still keep converting your kitchen waste to compost and after making this compost, this is what you can do with it;

  • You can mix compost with bagged and basic soil to make potting
  • You can also make use of your compost to make compost tea as it would serve as fertilizer when sprinkled on your plants
  • The soil of your potted plants should be amended as it would prompt better plant growth
  • You can also share the compost you have with some neighbors that also garden as well
  • There are some farmers market that also purchase compost
  • You can share the compost you have with school or community gardens
  • You can also check for any curbside compost collection in your environment

Compost are rich in nutrients which is why it is used in landscaping, urban agriculture, horticulture and organic farming. It is quite beneficial in lots of ways and we are sure that after reading this review, you must have found out so many ways that you can best make use of your compost.

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