15 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher 2024 – Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

An electric leaf blower which can also act as a vacuum is a tool that every gardener would find very useful and it becomes even more interesting and exciting when this same tool has the ability to mulch.

Being able to mulch simply shows that such a tool can be used in vacuuming the garden quickly as well as mulching the leaves into bags so they can be easily dumped for composting.

Comparison Table:

If you are in need of such a tool then welcome to this best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher review.

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Top Picks Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Review

1. Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Vacuum

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Vacuum

This is the overall best commercial leaf mulcher and blower that you are guaranteed would offer the best results when used and comes with a brushless motor actually provides lots of benefits for this cordless leaf blower over other types of products with electric motors.

However, providing low temperatures, high efficiency and also weighing less are what makes this gardening tool stand out a lot right now and this tool is designed to make use of a powerful battery from Greenworks so it can power some tools at any Jobsite for longer run time.

What we really amazing about this leaf blower is its ability to suck up or move wet and heavy leaves weighing just about eleven pounds, this tool can also permit attaching a bag to it which helps in reducing strain on your back and arms.

What people do not like about this vacuum blower is the fact that its battery offers a lesser run time but despite this major drawback, considering all other features that it comes with as well as other advantages that it possesses, you would agree that this tool would be a great buy for anyone.

  • Comes with a brushless motor
  • Offers variable speed
  • Designed to be lightweight
  • Its battery doesn’t last long


2. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

If you are searching for the perfect blower and vacuum combination then the Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum is the ideal choice for you as it has proved to save time when working as well as deliver a stand out performance which contributes to why it is being rated over other products on the market.

In addition, this tool comes with a shredder and this is something you don’t get to see in most leaf mulchers today. This tool comes with a quick-release latch which helps in the easy conversion to a leaf vacuum when necessary.

Furthermore, the fact that this tool is an electric-based tool simply shows that you would never run out of gas or battery when clearing out your environment but this also means that it would need to be plugged into a socket that could limit the user’s movement.

This is a good option for people who are looking forward to working on the small-sized or medium-sized gardens or yards and guess what, you would find it easy to store up this tool as all of its mulcher components can be stored easily in a bag. It also sucks up dry, heavy, and wet leaves.

  • Its variable speed control offers control over the blower and helps in boosting vacuum control
  • Saves time when working
  • Perfect mulching and leaf blowing abilities
  • Its mulcher isn’t as effective as the blower


3. BLACK+DECKER (BV6600) Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher

If you want a blower that you would find very simple to work with then this BV6600 three in one leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum from BLACK + DECKER brand are what you need, and guess what, this tool is also very much quiet when in use compared to other leaf blowers on the market.

There is a metal, high-impact fan which helps in preventing clogging when mulching is being done with this tool and this reason alone makes this tool grind about sixteen bags into one bag. There are two-speed settings as well as two handles on this tool and here is an interesting aspect of this tool.

When working on your flowerbed, you can easily switch away from the vacuum mode so you won’t end up sucking most of your flowers away.

Having a variable speed selection enables this tool to work on matted leaves and its three-in-one design is perfect for keeping an uncluttered and clean garden or yard. It doesn’t require tools to change between the mulcher, blower, and vacuum modes.

  • Its straps make it easy to hold
  • Easy and fast to change attachments
  • Easy to use a blower with great blower force
  • Working too fast on wet leaves might cause clogging
  • Its collection bags gets clogged easily


4. WORX WG518 12 Amp 2-Speed Leaf Blower, Mulcher & Vacuum

This is another three-in-one type of tool just like the last product we just finished reviewing and this tool right comes with a 250 miles per hour blowing speed as well as two different speed options which make operation fast, simple and effective.

Its mulcher and vacuum are very much easy to set up and here is a key feature that you should also note, its shredder is capable of shredding sixteen bags into one bag. This tool has a 12amp blower vacuum which is compatible with the Worx leaf hose attachment.

This tool offers a two-handed operation when vacuuming and blowing so there is actually no need to worry about smelly fumes when working with this tool.

Working with this power tool from WORX also offers you adequate control over as well as being able to make speed adjustments which is why it is the best for clearing out patios, decks, steps, parking areas, sidewalks and also small yards. Working with the Worx WG518 tool isn’t just about blowing leaves but it also serves to mulch and vacuum.

  • Serves three purposes in one
  • Lightweight
  • A simple method of operation
  • Its assembly doesn’t require the use of a tool
  • Sucking up wet leaves could lead to jamming of this tool

5. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 (BV3600)

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 (BV3600)

With three functions in one tool, this is a tool that you can count on to help keep a clean and clutter-free yard. When we say serving three functions in one, we simply mean that this tool can be used for blowing, vacuuming, and also for mulching and that is why it is considered an ideal tool for cleaning up decks, and driveways, garages, and also sidewalks.

You would find its anti-clog vortex impeller design very useful as it makes sure this tool doesn’t clog when working on pine needles, clipping leaves, twigs as well as other forms of debris.

With two separate speeds to select from, you have a versatile tool with the ability to work on flower beds and it also comes with enough power required to work on matted leaves.

You can change in seconds from its vacuum to its mulcher without needing the help of any tool and what’s more, this tool comes with a cord retainer which makes sure the extension stays plugged in so users would not have to stop working unnecessarily. Irrespective of the area you want to work on, you can count on this tool to clean up in less time.

  • Mulches, blows, and vacuums to keep yards clean
  • Tool-free switching modes
  • Versatile
  • We got some complaints about its sucking motion


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6. WORX WG505 3-in-1 Blower, Mulcher, Vacuum

When it is fall season, the perfect tool for you to run to is the WORX WG505 three in one vacuum, mulcher, and blower as you do not have to rely on rakes anymore but trust this tool to be able to get rid of debris and leaves from your yards.

With this tool, eighteen bags of leaves can be easily turned into a bag and you would also love the fact that this tool runs a very quiet and noiseless operation. It comes with a powerful 12amp motor which provides enough power for the blower to blow a large number of leaves away from your yard.

Changing the nozzle location just because you want to switch to any mode isn’t necessary but what it requires you to do is switch the selector which is found on the handle of this tool. This helps in turning this tool either into a vacuum or into a blower depending on the choice of the user.

Furthermore, it has a well-shaped design meaning it is also lightweight but designed to blow away leaves, and suck up leaves and debris in just one pass. Its comfortable handle and angled nose all come together to make this an easy tool to make use of.

  • Comes with an efficient and powerful motor
  • Versatile
  • Has high-speed settings
  • Requires more power for more difficult jobs


7. BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 Power Boost Blower, Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 Power Boost Blower, Vacuum The BLACK+DECKER brand is one popular brand that specializes in making high-quality and premium tools and this explains why this is the second time it is coming up in this best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher review.

This is a powerful leaf blower that can be easily converted into being used as a mulcher or as a vacuum and if you are searching for a go-to a tool that you can count on to clear and clean your yard from leaves and debris then this tool is exactly what you have been looking for. This tool right here is a must-have for all homeowners and professional gardeners as it features a power air volume and airspeed.

It is designed to be less noisy and also high-performing as it is committed to making your yards clean and free from leaves and debris. Having a backpack style is what makes this tool very easy to maneuver unlike other complex tools and what you would get in its complete package includes different types of nozzles, a vacuum bag, instructions, vacuum attachment, and more.

  • Zero noise
  • Vibrates less
  • This is a backpack machine therefore its weight rests on the users’ shoulders
  • Corded design tends to restrict the movement of the user


8. WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion Leaf Blower, Mulcher, Vacuum

The WORX WG510 turbine fusion leaf blower is another powerful leaf blower on the market with the ability to be converted into a mulcher and vacuum. Finding tools like this with metal impellers is very difficult as most of them are built using plastics which makes them prone or vulnerable to breakage especially when they are being used to vacuum leaves or debris.

Instead, it features a turbine fusion technology which makes its operation not just effortless but also seamless when cleaning up yards.

This is quite a compact tool that anyone can carry around conveniently as it weighs just ten pounds but one of its limitations is that it is corded and this tends to limit or restrict movement.

However, there are good things still about this tool and they include being resistant to vibration, being very powerful, and also being less noisy. It is an absolute breeze to convert this leaf blower into a mulcher or a vacuum and this is done just by removing the vacuum bag. It doesn’t require the use of any switch for conversion.

  • Offers two-speed control
  • Features metal impellers for durability
  • Easy to convert from a blower to a vacuum or to a mulcher without using any switch
  • Has no variable speed
  • Its air velocity is low


9. Sun Joe iONBV 40-Volt Cordless Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher

This is a versatile and cordless leaf blower and it can also be converted into a mulcher and vacuum when necessary. This is one tool we noticed is loved by many based on the reviews that we have read but the major drawback that it has is its price tag.

However, taking a look at the level of performance that it delivers, you would also agree that this tool is what the price that it has on it. What you would find in this entire package includes a blower, battery and charger, vacuum bag, and also a nozzle.

This is quite a great tool especially if you live in an area where you are not allowed to burn leaves so having a tool like this that can be used in turning crushing leaves into smaller and fine particles for easy disposal is actually a big win if you reside in such area.

There would be no need to sweat over converting this blower into other options like the mulcher and vacuum as it can be done quickly in just a few seconds. One last thing you also need to know about this tool is it runs a noiseless operation.

  • Offers a run time of forty-five minutes
  • Cordless design
  • Shred leaves into fine particles for quick disposal
  • Its run time is not suitable for large projects


10. Poulan Pro PPBV25, Handheld Leaf Blower, Vacuum

Poulan Pro PPBV25, Handheld Leaf Blower, Vacuum

This is the last pick of this review and what we have here for you is the Poulan Pro PPBV25 handheld leaf blower and vacuum. This is for people who are keen on making use of a machine that would make sure its job is done properly and perfectly.

It is powered using a gas engine and also comes with very high speeds which ensures that it does all that it is required to do. Another downside that comes with making use of a gas-powered leaf blower is that it would require more maintenance than an electric blower.

Vacuuming and mulching are also possible on this tool but all that it would take is attaching an available bag. There would be no need to worry about leaves that have been vacuumed as its mulching feature is capable of mulching sixteen bags of leaves into just a bag.

  • Has very high miles per hour
  • Efficient and effective
  • Heavy


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Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher - Buying Guide And Recommendation

Working with this kind of machine or tool means you would be versatile especially when it comes to cleaning up surfaces and when we checked out their prices, we also realized that these tools even the high-quality ones go for a decent price rate.

Commercial leaf vacuum mulcher tools are easy to use, super cheap, and also require little maintenance so I don’t see the reason why every gardener or homeowner out there shouldn’t own one.

If you are seeking information on the best models then trust me, this review has got you covered. Looking at the market, you would find countless models all claiming to be of high quality, and trust me, this alone could make finding a suitable one extremely difficult.

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Buying Guide And Recommendation

People also might not have the time to carry out the necessary research required before going shopping but before going out to shop for any, look through this review as we have considered features and functions of most tools and found ten worthies of this review.

After reading through this review, all you would need to do is find a suitable one for your needs and also your budget.


With a lightweight design, variable speed, and also has a brushless motor, the Greenworks 40V 185MPH leaf blower is the best product in this very guide and it can also convert easily into a mulcher which makes getting rid of debris and leaves easier.

We trust that even as we have come to the end of this review, you would be able to find that commercial leaf vacuum mulcher that would be just perfect for you and also help in keeping your garden green and your yard clean.