How To Grow Beer Ingredients In Planters: Potted Beer Garden – 2024 Guide

how to grow beer ingredients in a container

Growing your own beer using containers is something that you should consider trying out if you have these thoughts of wanting to brew your own beer.

However, growing hops in a potted beer garden tend to be a bit tricky sometimes but one which we think is worth the effort is fresh flavor. You would find Barley very easy to grow but it would require growing with too many pots.

We however encourage you to continue reading this review as it would show you how to grow beer ingredients in planters.

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How To Grow Beer Ingredients In Planters

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We would be using Hops as a case study here and growing hops in a container would require you to make use of a large size container so its roots would have enough space to spread.

A large container that has a diameter of about twenty inches would be just fine for growing hops and you should also plan on growing one rhizome in every container. Some adjustable trellis would also be needed when growing hops and this is because they help in accommodating the vines as they start growing.

With twines and wooden stakes, you can be able to make your own trellis with ease and when you are ready to grow, you should also fill up the container you want to make use of with potting soil of high quality. The hop rhizome can then be planted deep about two to three inches in the container.

This is also the perfect time for you to install the trellis and a suitable spot where you can place the container is where the hops would be exposed to sunlight at least for several hours per day or even every day.

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For those living in a place with a hot climate then they can actually place the container in a location that offers shade in the afternoon and sunlight in the morning. This is because excess heat is capable of destroying the hops.

The potting soil should also be kept moist till its sprout comes out and when that time comes, then you should water the potting mix to avoid it staying dry. Frequent watering should be done but not shallow watering and watering should not be done when the plants start to wilt.

During the summer months, watering might need to be done daily but be careful not to apply excess water and a well-balanced liquid fertilizer should be used as well. This process should be repeated at least once every month.

Potted Beer Ingredients – Barley

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Growing barley in a container would require you to make use of several containers and its seeds should be scattered at one or two rates before pressing the kernels firmly into the potting soil.

The best period to plant barley kernels is during the early winter of during fall so you can get your harvest when June or July comes. The Barley plant also requires lots of water as well but be careful not to make its soil turn soggy.

Barley also tends to thrive in sunlight and the time for you to harvest Barley is when its kernels can no longer be dented with your fingers or when they are hard

Pouring its grain back and forth in containers is also a way you can make use of in removing the chaff and you can also turn on a fan so its chaff can be blown away.

The Barley should be stored in a container that is airtight and placed in a spot that is cool and dark till you are ready to make use of it.

Other plants that you can get to grow in a potted garden include mint, chamomile, lavender, oregano, lemongrass, ginger, sage, thyme and more.

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