How To Grow Vegetables In A Japanese Garden – 2024 Guide

Do you love eating fresh Japanese cuisines but have a hard time with finding the right ingredients so you can make yours at home? How to grow vegetable in a Japanese garden could be the answer to your problem and after all, lots of vegetables found in Japan have similarities to other varieties of vegetables that are being grown in other parts of the world. In addition to that, you would find growing some Japanese vegetables very easy and this is because they tend to do well in different climatic conditions. Read this article and see how you can start growing Japanese veggies.

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How To Grow Vegetables In A Japanese Garden

how to grow vegetables in a japanese garden

Having climatic conditions that are similar is the main reason why growing Japanese vegetables in the United States is very easy and the island nation is known to have about four various climates with a majority of them facing a humid subtropical climate which is similar to the south central and south eastern states of the United States. Lots of Japanese vegetables do well in the United States climate and the vegetables that won’t do well, they tend to be grown as container plants.

Root vegetables and leafy greens are very popular ingredients which are mostly used when it comes to making Japanese cuisines and the truth is you can find any of these vegetables quite easy to grow. The first thing you need is a good place so you can start growing any of these vegetables and also adding other Japanese vegetables varieties that are commonly grown is also another way you can get to incorporate any of these vegetables into your garden. Today, you should challenge yourself to grow some Japanese vegetable plants which you have no experience about.

Some of the Japanese vegetables that you can try out includes lotus plant, gobo plants and also ginger plants and you can also refer to any of these plants as staples.

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Well Known Japanese Vegetable Plants

Some of the vegetables listed below are popular Japanese vegetable plants that you can try growing in your garden and these vegetables are key ingredients used in most of their dishes.

  • Aubergines – Japanese eggplants tend to be thinner with varieties that are less bitter
  • Edamame – Soybeans
  • Goya – Bitter melon
  • Horenso – Spinach
  • Hakusai – Chinese Garbage
  • Daikon – These are giant white raddish plants that can either be eaten cooked or raw, its sprouts are popular
  • Gobo – Its burdock roots are hard to harvest and its crunchy texture are found in most Japanese dishes
  • Jagaimo – Potato
  • Mitsuba – Japanese Parsley
  • Kyuri – These are Japanese cucumbers that have a thin shape with a tender skin
  • Komatsuna – This has a sweet taste and green like spinach
  • Kabu – Turnip plant with a white interior and should be harvested when small
  • Kabocha – This is a Japanese pumpkin plant with a dense and sweet flavor
  • Okura – Okra
  • Satoimo – Taro root
  • Mizuna – This is Japanese mustard that is used in salads and soups
  • Ninjin – Special types of carrot that are quite thicker than United States carrot varieties
  • Renkon – Lotus roots
  • Tamengi – Onions
  • Soramame – Broad beans
  • Satsumaimo – Sweet Potatoes

These are some important and popular Japanese vegetables that are found commonly in most Japanese dishes and for overproduction to be controlled or handled, vegetables like daikon, carrots, lettuce, onions, cabbage and more are often destroyed. The best method to make use of in disposal on the spot and this also involves the vegetables getting crushed on by tractors. They are crushed right there in the field or garden so they end up serving or becoming fertilizer or compost. This practice however is criticized as many people believe it to be wasteful.

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