Dealing With A Receding Lawn: Reasons For A Receding Lawn – 2024 Guide

dealing with a receding lawn

If you are a homeowner then what you would actually want is a green, lush lawn but sometimes, achieving that could also cost a lot of work. Now, take a moment to imagine that after growing a green and beautiful lawn, the grasses in it start fading off.

If your lawn has some areas that are dead, patchy grass and also recedes in some areas then this could be as a result of various reasons so what you need to do is make a proper diagnosis that would lead to making corrective steps needed in dealing with a lawn receding lawn.

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Why Your Grasses Are Disappearing From Your Lawn

dealing with a receding lawn
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Not having sunlight is one of the major causes of the patchy areas that you have in your lawns or the lack 0f growth on your lawns or cause of the drastic deterioration on your lawn.

Grass tends to thrive when it has enough sunlight so take note of the fact that you are likely to start having patchy areas in your lawn if you have a fence that is extremely high if your lawn has too many shady areas and also if there is a new tree in your lawn that tends to block away sunlight most of the times.

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However, there are potential issues that are capable of causing this same issue on your lawn and not just lack of sunlight and these issues includes;

  • Excess watering which later results in rotting of the root
  • Lack of water and drought
  • Excess application of fertilizer
  • Dog urine
  • The presence of pest eating up your grass and its roots

Dealing With A Receding Lawn

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When it comes to dealing with a receding lawn, you are required to make use of sod or you re-seed as they help in making sure that lost patches are restored but before you start doing that on your lawn, one thing that needs to be done is to try and figure out what really caused the receding that happened in your lawn and then put proper measures in place just to make sure that the same occurrence doesn’t repeat itself again.

However, lots of issues that cause the loss of grass and receding in your lawn can actually be fixed with ease.

It might just involve you cutting down on the amount of herbicide or fertilizer that you make use of or you add more water or cut down on excess water.

Taking your dog for a walk can also help and even though it would be difficult to fix shades back again, you can consider re-seeding but this time using a particular grass variety which can tolerate shade very well. You can also consider making use of groundcover preferably when it comes to dealing with shady areas.

At first, dealing with the past can seem a bit tricky but first, figuring out the exact pest that comes to invade your lawn is what you need to do. This would point you towards the best method or approach to take and one sign that shows that you truly have pests in your lawn is the presence of birds early in the morning digging up your lawn.

These pests might actually be grubs, bugs, or even crane flies or leather jackets and you do not really need pesticides in taking care of leather jackets and grubs.

Appropriate nematode should be applied as it would help in infecting the pests with bacteria. Milky spore is also another great option to try out but in the case of bugs, you should consider making use of a pesticide. Insecticidal soap and less toxic pesticides are options that you should consider trying out.

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