How To Care For Lawns In Winter – 2024 Guide

how to care for lawns in winter

The period every gardener or homeowner gets to rest from lawn maintenance is during the winter period because they do not need to weed or mow constantly.

However, this doesn’t mean that winter is a period for you to completely abandon your lawn but the winter season is a period where you get to maintain your lawn using just a few simple steps.

These simple steps can get your lawns looking green and lush and you have this article to show you how to care for lawns in the winter seasons.

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How To Make Lawns Thrive In Winter Season

how to care for lawns in winter
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The fact is the best steps that anyone can take to care for lawns in the winter season are actually steps that you should take before the winter season actually comes. These steps are quite active and important and what you need to do is before the first frost comes, the blade of your lawnmower should be gradually lowered each time you mow.

This is quite helpful in easing grasses to shorter lengths and this is very important as it makes sure damaging rodents are discouraged from taking shelter in your lawns during the winter season.

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In order to relieve compaction, another important step that you also need to take is to aerate your lawn before the first frost comes. After aerating your lawn, another thing that needs to be done is to apply lawn fertilizer.

This is a necessary step to take because promotes lower grasses as it helps fertilizer to sit in between the blades of your mower so it can seep slowly into your lawn. This makes sure the lawn remains fed all season long and after fertilizing and aerating your lawn, ensure that you go across your lawn in a crisscrossing pattern.

Moving in a set of single straight lines means you would obviously have a set of straight lines of healthy grass when the spring season comes.

How To Care For Lawns In Winter

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If you have taken the steps we have mentioned above, the only thing left for you to do during the winter season is just to carry out simple maintenance. You should take away any other thing littering your lawn and fallen leaves should also be swept away.

Some of these things littering your lawn could be branches, toys and furniture. You would also be tasked with removing all of these fallen branches and leaves as the season progresses. This is very important for you to do because the weight of each of these objects can not only stunt your grass but also kill them.

In order to prevent the killing and stunting of your grass, you should also make sure that people do not walk over your lawns confidently so you should ensure that your sidewalks and pathways are clear of ice and snow so people can stop walking through your lawns if they want to avoid ice and snow.

During the winter season, you should also prevent parking your car on your lawn because it is also capable of doing heavy damage.

Salt is also capable of causing more problems for your lawn or destroying the good works you have already done on your lawn all season.

Furthermore, you should also avoid plowing or shoveling snow which contains too much salt on your lawn or grass. Minimal salt should be used close to your lawn and the only salt that contains calcium chlorides is the options that you should opt for.

These are because when calcium chloride salts were compared with sodium chloride salts, it was discovered that sodium chlorides are more harmful.

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