How To Use A Handheld Seed Spreader – 2024 Guide

There are several ways a garden can adopt when he wants to evenly spread seeds or fertilizer all over his yard and it is either you do it yourself or you get a lawn service to do the job for you.

Doing this yourself would require you to invest in the right tool and at the same time, it would save you some expenses on paying for a lawn service to spread fertilizer or seeds across your lawn. The easiest and cheapest tool that you can make use of when spreading fertilizer or seed is a handheld seed spreader and today you would learn how to use a handheld seed spreader.

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What Is A Handheld Seed Spreader

When working in smaller spaces, this is one option that you should consider going for and this is because you would find it very easy to use and also less expensive to purchase. It isn’t ideal for you to spread fertilizer and seeds all across your lawn or yard without the use of a special tool as it would result in not appropriately spacing the materials.

What this means is you are likely to end up with clumps of fertilizers and clump of seeds and also bare patches.

A hand spreader is an inexpensive tool that is designed to evenly spread fertilizer and seeds and if you are just hearing the word handheld seed spreader for the first time, you might be puzzled about what this tool truly is.

This sort of tool is a simple and small device that features a hopper that helps in holding the fertilizer or seed and it also features a hand-cranking mechanism that helps in dispersing of the materials. However, there are handheld seed spreaders that do not require the cranking mechanism because they make use of a battery.

Being battery powered simply means there would not be any reason to crank and the truth is a gardening tool which you would find very easy to use is a hand spreader. When comparing a handheld spreader to a broadcast or drop spreader, you would realize that a handheld is still the preferred option as the other types of spreader mentioned would require pushing across your lawn or yard.

Handheld seed spreaders are lightweight, easy to make use of and also inexpensive and if you are working on a budget or working on a smaller space then it is what you really need.

Not only can you make use of handheld seed spreaders in distributing fertilizers and seeds but this versatile tool can also be made use of when spreading salt on either your driveway or on walkways.

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How To Make Use Of A Handheld Seed Spreader

Making use of a handheld seed spreader doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge. If you can be able to walk all-around your yard or lawn then you can spread materials all across your yard with ease.

The first step that you would need to take before making use of a handheld seed spreader is to first read its instructions carefully because each model is likely to come with its on instruction on how to make use of it effectively.

However, there is a general step that you can follow when making use of handheld seed spreaders.

This is optional if your handheld seed spreader comes with the setting but you should first try to select a preferred setting for your broadcast area and after that, you can go on and fill the hopper with the material you want to disperse which could either be fertilizer or seeds.

This should be done in areas like a driveway or walkway were cleaning up would be easy if there is a spill and when working with this handheld tool, it is very important that you wear hand gloves.

While working around your yard or lawn, you can pull the trigger on this tool that is if it is a battery-powered handheld seed spreader or you can crank and start dispersing.

You should stop its motor from spinning or simply stop cranking when you have covered every area in your yard or when you stop walking. You should also ensure that you clean up and dry this handheld spreader at the end of the day.

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