How To Protect Your Garden And Fight Off Plant Eating Rabbits – 2024 Guide

how to protect your garden and fight off plant eating rabbits

Anyone who is into farming knows for a fact that rabbits are not just cute visitors especially when they find themselves in a carrot farm. Rabbits have a very wide appetite for fresh vegetation including berries, woody plants, perennials and annuals. Rabbits also have a shocking long list of favorite foods and that is why this review we are bringing you today covers ways on how to protect your garden and fight off plant eating rabbits. However, you should also keep this fact at the back of your mind that rabbits has high reproductive potentials.

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If you find a rabbit, chances are there are more not so far away and that explains why your garden can get decimated overnight because there is a colony of rabbits not too far off. This is why timely measures needs to be taken on how to protect your garden and fight off plant eating rabbits. However, before moving to the steps that you would need to take, you first of all need to be sure that what you are dealing with is truly a rabbit infestation. The amount of damage done to your farm would shed more light on the type of rabbit that you are dealing with.

Rabbits are however very easy to identify with their long ears and and they prefer staying around cover while making use of brush fence rows to create a territory. They try to stay hidden during the day and they are very fond of berries, pruned pepper, bulbs, flowers and vegetables. I need to also remind you that rabbits are very difficult to catch that’s why the best time to trap is at dusk or very early in the morning. After identifying that you are dealing with a rabbit attack, here are some ways that you can try out to protect your plants.

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How To Protect Your Garden And Fight Off Plant Eating Rabbits

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Targeted Coverage

Beans and peas are certain crop plants that rabbits adore and if you have them in your garden then you can target that area. Garden fabrics can be used in wrapping up the plants and this method is also effective in protecting broccoli planted newly or even salads. You should make sure the fabric anchor is very firm as rabbits can be stubborn and especially when they sight one of their tasty meals. Mesh fencing is also another method that can be used in protecting plants in a target area. A poultry mesh can be used in preventing rabbits from accessing plants.


One way rabbits tend to be aware of their predators is through their sense of smell. Going for repellents is one of the ways that you can make use of in ensuring that rabbits do not have access to your garden or plants and one repellent that works amazingly well is garlic odor. This is because rabbits do not have it on their menu but there are also several other repellents on the market that you can make use of just to ensure that your plants are properly protected from rabbit attacks.

However, there are certain homemade mixtures that can be used in making your own garlic repellent. These mixtures are;

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  • Egg and Garlic Mixture
  • Onions and Garlic
  • Detergent and Linseed Oil
  • Cayenne Pepper and Tobasco Sauce


The third method that you can try out in preventing your garden from getting attacked by rabbits is by fencing your garden. This helps to keep rabbits far away from your plants but have it in mind that rabbits have the ability to jump and climb so the fence you intend constructing should be at least 3FT high. Another suggestion is going for pop up self supporting nets which are firmly anchored to the ground and have proved very effective in keeping rabbits away.


Rabbits are always cute but they are no longer considered as cute when they are devouring your plants and crops. They can pose a serious threat to your farm and since they have a high mating tendency or possibility, it is very difficult to completely chase all of them away. Repellents and scares mostly deliver short term solution and fencing could be the best idea but on the long run, it requires constant maintenance. You would need trying out all of the methods that we have talked about so you can find that which would be suitable for you.

You would also need to remain consistent in your fight against rabbits because they are also stubborn creatures which do not give up easily. You can share this article with your friends who are having the same problem as well.

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