Time For Spring Garden Cleaning: Spring Cleanup Time – 2024 Guide

Knowing how to start and when to start cleaning up every area of your garden is quite important for the growth of your ecosystem and this is also because lots of pollinators during the winter season might die off.

Knowing the right time for spring garden cleaning and by also engaging in this chore means you will be saving as much butterflies and bees as possible. However, when it comes to spring garden cleaning, there are lots of questions which most gardeners tends to ask is the proper time for cleaning up, whether it is during fall or during spring season.

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Time For Spring Garden Cleaning

time for spring garden cleaning

It is very important and advisable to clean up your garden during the spring than during the fall season and this is because you would be protecting all pollinators as well as other important aspects when spring cleaning your garden. However, not cleaning up your garden during the fall season isn’t procrastination but what it means is trying to ensure that your ecosystem is well protected. It makes sure that microbe growth is protected, insects are protected and also offering birds and other beneficial animals support during the food chain.

Cleaning Up Your Garden Early Enough

There are quite some important reasons why you should exercise some bit of patience before cleaning up your garden and that is because of pollinators. Several pollinators especially butterflies and bees during the winter season in dead plant material and what this simply means is they try to survive during the cold winter season but resurface during the spring to get back to doing their normal work. Eliminating dead material quite early enough means you are limiting the chances of destroying several useful pollinators.

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A good rule is waiting till temperatures are at a particular range and this also ensures that your habitat is well protected during the spring and also making sure that you have a healthy and robust pollinator population as well as an overall healthy ecosystem. No matter when you decide to clean up during the spring season, figuring out ways to clean up your garden during the spring season without causing your pollinators harm is also very important and this also helps to save more pollinators.

You should watch out for activities for bees when taking out old stems in your garden and this bees activity might include ends plugged with plant or mud material. Those things should be left in place so they can serve as a nesting place for bees and if you end up picking up old stems which has lots of bees nesting in it then you should try to move them to a special corner in your garden for some weeks so more bees can emerge. They can be tied in bundles to hang on fences and trees or left on the ground.

While pruning back of shrubs and also several other woody materials, it is also necessary that you keep an eye out for cocoons and chrysalies and if there is any branch which is actually housing any of these at that time then you should leave the branch exactly where it is. Assassin bugs, lady bugs and butterflies as well as other types of beneficial insects are known to have their nest in leaf matter piles so every leaf matter pile should be moved to a separate place in your garden and left their undisturbed for a while.

Smothering soil in beds shouldn’t be done with mulch instead it should be done when it is generally warm so as to avoid blocking bees that are nesting on the ground as well as other beneficial insects.

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