How To Turn A Tree Stump Into An Outdoor Table – 2024 DIY Guide

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Most homeowners find it difficult to deal with tree stumps around their property but this is one issue which we don’t see as a major problem but also a way that you can get to make your property more beautiful.

You do not need to completely get rid of a tree stump but you can try converting it into an outdoor table. Well, the next question on your mind would be how to turn a tree stump into an outdoor table and that is why you have this article at your fingertips to guide you through these easy steps.

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How To Turn A Tree Stump Into An Outdoor Table

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How do you deal with the awful sight of a tree stump on your property? The good news is this article comes with a solution for you and you also do not need to invest so much money, time and effort in getting rid of a tree stump rather you can check out the ways listed below which you can try out in converting a tree stump into an outdoor table.

Step 1

The first step here involves cutting of the tree stump. If you have a fallen tree or a tree that has been cut down then the remaining area of the tree should be used as a tree stump.

This involves you leaving behind a good or perfect table height using the tree stump and when making this cut, it should be as flat as possible. It is quite easier when the tree that has been cut down has a log that grows branches and depending on how thick the stump is, you can be able to make two different cuts.

Step 2

The next step here involves finding a good tabletop material and one material which we recommend for you today is the pine material which would be perfect for a large area of the table.

You can easily get this material from craft stores and also home improvement stores but if you don’t have plans of painting the table or you prefer a natural look then materials like redwood, teak or cedar can be used as the tabletop material.

Step 3

The third step we want to introduce to you is the painting of the tabletop and when doing this, what you really need to make use of is a premium primer before going on to apply a finish coating.

Since you would be using this table outdoors, making use of several colors of paint would not be a bad idea either instead they would help in providing better coverage. A semi-gloss, exterior paint can also be used when it comes to painting tabletops and before you proceed to the next step, please make sure that you allow the paint to dry off completely.

Step 4

The fourth and the last step involves attaching rounds to the stumps. What you need to do here is to drill pilot holes and then, large galvanized screws should be used in attaching the tabletop to the stumps.

Wood edges and shims if you want to level the tabletop and also ensure that you drive screws into the tops, wedges and shims so as to keep them in place. You can make use of a chainsaw if you want to cut horizontal notches into the side of the trunk so as to hold smaller rounds of pine if you want to create extra levels.

When making cuts, remember that they need to be narrow and deep so they can stay tight in place and if you want to secure them, ensure that you drive screws from a precise angle through the rounds and stumps.