7 Pros and Cons of DIY Interior Painting – 2024 Guide

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Renovating your home’s interior and changing something is always fun and exciting. The idea of upgrading your home and making it feel warmer and look nicer is something most homeowners love to do. However, it does not happen as often as many of us would like it to because it can be so much work. What is more, it does not really make financial sense to change things too much and too often.

When it comes to painting, or rather, repainting your interior, it is a huge job that will take days to prepare for and then days to complete. It is an overwhelming experience for all the people living inside because their private lives will be disrupted for well over a week. Despite the fact that the final project will be modernized interior of your home with a fresh and clean coat of paint, getting there is tough.

Taking all of these issues into consideration, a decision has to be made. If you think about painting, you will realize that it is one of the most DIY things you can do. On the other hand, we have the help of an experienced professional, a house painter who has thousands of hours of work under their belt. So what do you do? Do you try and do it yourself or hire an expert instead? If this is something that is troubling you right now, do not worry. We are here to help you with the decision with this pros and cons list. In case you need painting services in or around Cochrane, Alberta, visit this website.


We will start the list with some positives of painting you’re the interior of your home on your own.

1. Fun Activity

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It can be tons of fun to do something like this on your own, especially if you have never done it before. There is always time for new experiences and doing something completely different for the first time will make you feel special and fulfilled. The whole family can participate to and everyone can paint their own room. Painting the walls is often a very nice bonding activity as well so go for it if your family members are up for it.

2. New Skill

While doing the painting on your own you will be developing a new skill and use arm motions you have never used before. Attention to detail and your hand-to-eye coordination will improve, and understanding how the brushes, the paint, and other equipment works is an interesting new set of skills and knowledge to be explored.

3. Easier on the Pocket

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The most obvious positive side to painting your own home is the money you will save by not hiring a team of professional painters. You will still have to purchase the paint and the brushes if you do not have any, and it is always better to buy fresh brushes for a new and extensive job anyway.

4. You are the Boss

Doing things to your own home means that you are fully in charge and therefore responsible for everything. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending what you are like and how much you generally like being in control. Since you know your home the best, you will know exactly what needs doing and how much time and effort certain areas require.


Now that you know the three most important pros of painting your home, let us determine the cons of not having it painted for you by the professionals.

1. It Can Never Be Perfect

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Since you are not an expert and this would probably be your first such experience, you cannot expect the paint on your walls to be perfect. You lack the proper training and experience and the brush strokes and how much paint you are using will not be by the book. This can result in too much paint on certain areas, too little on the other, and you may miss a few key spots on the walls that needed special care during the painting process. This is the biggest problem with any DIY job.

If you’re looking to have a picture-perfect paint job, hiring a professional painting contractor is your best option. Painting services, like Sidepost, not only paint your walls but also specialize in preparing the walls so that they look professional and polished. This ensures your painted walls don’t crack or peel in the future.

2. Time

Doing something as big and delicate as this completely on your own will surely take more time than if a team of experts does it. If the family does not help, you are looking at a week of work at best. To make matters worse, most walls are painted with two coats of paint so you will have to wait for everything to dry and then do it again. It is very time consuming to do any type of work you are not qualified for yourself because you will go out of your way to make sure everything goes well and carry out the whole project very slowly and with too much attention. The experts have it down to a science and it is second nature to them.

3. Mess and Cleanup

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After you have done everything, you will begin to realize how many spills there actually were and how much dripping of paint happened as you were moving the paint and brushes around your home. If you failed to cover the furniture and the rest of the home elements the right way using the proper protective materials, you will have a ton of additional work before you in terms of cleaning up and scrapping off excess paint. Contractors know full well how hard it can be to remove paint from other elements and furnishings, so they go out of their way to protect the things that are not to be painted. Since it is your first time, you will probably do a fair job out of necessity and worry but there could be many mistakes in how you are doing things. This results in hard to solve problems later on.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Although there seem to be more pros than cons to doing this renovation activity on your own, the cons outweigh the pros any day of the week. They are simply too important to be overlooked and you should not leave such things to chance. Saving some money and developing new skills are not worth it if you have to spend weeks on the job and still not do it as good as you wanted it.