10 Best 12V Air Pump For Inflatables – 2024 Buying Guide

Inflatables are the best items or accessories that you can carry along whether you just want to go trekking on the beach, boating or even going camping outdoors and inflatables like tents, pools, sleeping pillows and air mattresses are all some of the inflatables that would certainly make your outdoor experience so comfortable and easy.

However, the only thing you would need to keep these items fully inflated is a 12-volt air pump and that introduces us to this best 12V air pump for inflatables review.

The good thing about these air pumps is they no longer come in large or bulky sizes as we can now have them to be more portable and compact as well as being light in weight which also makes it a buddy that you can conveniently carry along when going camping or to the beach.

Inflatable pools, toys, balls, mattresses and boats are gradually becoming more and more popular every day and this is because there is a tool that can be used in inflating them.

Best 12V Air Pump For Inflatables – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Our review on the best 12 volts air pump for inflating and deflating of your inflatable items would serve as a guide in showing the best quality air pumps that would meet all of your needs and you can trust that the air pumps mentioned in this review are very fast whether they are inflating or deflating, have a portable and compact design and are durable based on the fact that they were made using high-quality materials. Let’s meet the best ten on the market right now;

Best 12V Air Pump For Inflatables Review

1. AIRHEAD Air Pump, 12v

Our number one 12 Volts air pump for inflatables is the Airhead Air Pump and the Airhead brand is one brand that everyone trusts to make high-quality and dependable air pumps as they already have some on the market which is already making more waves.

This air pump is built to last long as it features high-quality materials in its production therefore ensuring that you do not have to visit the market to shop for another air pump in a very long time. This air pump can also be used by the young and elderly as they would find it extremely easy to work with.

It is one user will find very convenient to use outdoors thanks to its five feet power cord and a very common feature that you would find in air pumps is three different nozzles which make connecting to different items very possible and also convenient.

If you want an air pump that would produce decent and top-class inflation and deflation performance then this air pump right here is simply all that you need.


  • Efficient and very fast
  • Five minutes of maximum inflation time
  • Compact but yet powerful
  • Affordable


  • Makes noise during operation

2. Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump

At our number two spot, we have the Intex Quick-Fill DC electric air pump and the beauty of this air pump is in how fast it would inflate and deflate any of your items and accessories as it comes with a quick fill design which guarantees a faster inflation and deflation time.

It is a versatile electric air pump that can be made use of when inflating or deflating rafts, airbeds and other of your inflatable item. It is basically the best friend any outdoor enthusiast can carry along when going boating or camping or any other form of outdoor adventure.

Furthermore, it has a 12 Volts DC power plug that users can make use of in connecting conveniently to car power outlets while its three different connecting nozzles make connecting to various interfaces easy.

You can bank on this air pump from Intex to fill up even the largest item within no time and thanks to its compact and sleek design, there would be no problem with holding this air pump in your hands.


  • Incredible inflation speed
  • Convenient operation
  • Deflate items too especially kayaks
  • Compact for one-handed operation
  • Has a long cord


  • Car powered but not AC powered

3. AIRHEAD High-Pressure Air Pump, 12v

The Airhead high pressure 12 Volts air pump is what we consider to be a unique and top-class air pump that comes with features that make it stand out from so many air pumps that you would encounter when shopping for decent quality and functional air pump.

One such feature is its easy to remove the pressure release valve that makes sure this air pump doesn’t fill up inflatables more than 1.4 PSI and you can be certain that this air pump is capable of inflating up to 410 liters in a minute. It is truly a well made and outstanding air pump anyone can settle for.

It comes with a ten-foot power cord that also makes it usage very convenient and there is also something catchy about this air pump, it comes with alligator clips that make attaching to boat battery, truck and car firm, easy and secure.

This air pump is also capable of drawing up to 28 amps of power and it also has a ninety-day warranty. It is also the best you can carry along when embarking on any outdoor journey or adventure.


  • Nicely built pump that works great
  • Pumps in the air very quick
  • Quick inflation action


  • Tends to heat up very fast

4. WOW World of Watersports Air Pumps for Inflatables

Another air pump that users would find convenient to use is the WOW world of watersports air pumps for inflatables and this air pump is designed to be plugged conveniently into an RV vehicle, boat or car so it can deliver an efficient and fast inflation and deflation operation.

The ability of this air pump is likely to make it your favorite air pump and it also comes with up to three universal valve adapters that make it compatible with several items.

These three valve adapters that it comes with makes it the best option anyone can settle for when going on boating, camping or any other form of outdoor fun or adventure as you are rest assured all of your inflatables would be filled with air easily and for extra convenience, the WOW world of watersports air pumps for inflatables also features a long power cord and also a DC adapter so users would not find inflating items stressful.


  • Inflates rapidly
  • Worth the money
  • Easy to store
  • Finished off inflating and deflating in few minutes


  • Not to be used in high heat areas

5. Omont Electric Quick-Fill Air Pump

The Omont electric air pump also has some key attributes like some of the air pumps listed here and one of such impressive attribute is having a quick fill design which makes it inflate any of your items and inflatables very fast and again, this air pump also comes with three different nozzles which ensure it gets to fit three different valves.

This opens up options to filling up and deflating a variety of items and it comes with a 12 Volts DC as well as 100 240 Volts AC and a car plug that makes charging and usage convenient.

Being portable is another benefit users would love about this air pump as they would not experience any difficulty in storing and transporting this air pump, therefore, making it the perfect option for camping, boating and other outdoor activities.

It can be used in the inflation and deflation of so many items like an air mattress, kayaks, pool toys, swim rings, yoga ball, sofa, boats, inflatable pools but it is not compatible with inflating balloons.


  • Inflates in just a few minutes
  • Its different nozzles ensure it fits different sizes
  • Another air pump that no one would find difficult to use


  • Two parts of this air pump got delivered so it requires users to assemble before use

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6. Coleman QuickPump

The Coleman 12V QuickPump is the next electric air pump that we want to take a look at and if you are looking for an air pump for inflatables that is efficient and would also be perfect when going outdoors either on camping or any other outdoor adventure then this right here is simply the best air pump for you.

It is designed to be plugged into a 12Volt outlet plug of either a boat or a car and guess what, this air pump features a portable, compact as well as a lightweight design.

The main selling point of this air pump is having a fast deflate and fast inflate design combined with a double lock valve makes this air pump the best to use when inflating or deflating an airbed and here is something you would find very interesting about this air pump, it comes with Boston and pinch valve adapter which makes this air pump compatible with other forms of inflatables.


  • Has an impressive overall quality
  • Fills up inflatables very quick
  • Operating this air pump is easy


  • Produces a very strong burnt smell
  • Bad customer service
  • Not as quiet as described

7. OKPOW Electric Air Pump for Inflatables

Up next on this very interesting guide on finding a solid and reliable 12 Volts air pump is the Okpow electric air pump for inflatables and an attractive feature of this air pump is its quick-fill design which speeds up inflation or deflation, therefore, making sure that users enjoy efficient and fast inflation or deflation experience.

This airpower has a 50 watts power that is very higher when compared to other electric air pumps on the market while having various nozzles ensures its compatibility with other inflatables.

You can conveniently pack up this air pump and take it along with you either when traveling or going camping thanks to its portable and lightweight design and it is also designed to fit into the hand perfectly, therefore, making this air pump another reliable option for either outdoor or indoor use.

Having a compact design is another eye-catching feature of this air pump and that offers extra advantages when storing.

It is also easy to use and would not generate too much noise or no noise at all when it is being used.


  • Lightweight design for convenience
  • Top-quality air pump
  • Silent operation is guaranteed
  • Comes with AC and Car adapter


  • Adapters don’t properly fit on air mattresses

8. LotFancy Electric Air Pump, 12V DC Air Pump

This LotFancy electric air pump just like other valuable and high-quality air pumps comes with three nozzles that make it possible to deflate and inflate anything and this air pump is considered to being the perfect replacement for the Intex 66621E, 66626E, 68608E air pumps.

It also comes with a 12V DC power plug which makes connecting to car power outlets very convenient. Another appealing feature of the LotFancy electric air pump is that it has an 86 inches cable length.

You can also trust this electric air pump to deflate and inflate items quickly as it is designed to pump faster as well as being portable.

Thanks to the advanced design of this electric air pump, this air pump tends to reduce noise during operation, therefore, making it one of the quietest air pumps that anyone can settle for on the market today while its multipurpose design makes this air pump the best option for inflating and deflating pool, air beds, rafts, toys, waterbed, bathtub, sofa, boats and more.


  • Best preferred to hand pumping
  • Inflates very quick
  • Versatile
  • Delivered very fast


  • Its cord is not so long

9. Electric Air Pump 12V DC 2 Way Quick-Fill Air Beds Pump Attachments 

This is also another electric air pump that features a two-way design which makes it possible to support being connected to a normal household power supply and also through a car cigarette lighter socket and what most people tend to admire about this electric air pump is how portable it is as it is well designed to have a palm-size which makes it easy to inflate and deflate rafts, airbeds as well as other types of inflatables.

Inflating these items is very easy but this electric air pump doesn’t support inflating balloons, basketball, or tires.

This air pump also comes with three different nozzles that permit inflating and deflating using several interfaces and what you would get from settling for this product is thirty-day full money back, a home AC adapter, cigarette plug, output US plug and an electric air pump.

However, there is something every user ought to know about using this electric air pump and that it shouldn’t be used continuously for over twenty minutes because by doing so, it might tend to cause overheating.


  • Works as expected
  • Pumping is a lot easier using this air pump
  • Super convenient
  • Works efficiently and quickly
  • Portable


  • A little bit loud

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10. Swimline 12V Accessory Outlet Electric Pump

best 12v air pump for inflatables

The Swimline 12V accessory outlet electric pump is an electric pump that can be used for inflating and deflating any item or accessory regardless of where you are and you would love this electric Swimline pump as it is portable and also lightweight which contributes to this electric pump having a fast inflation time. Its high volume inflation makes sure it inflates floating boats, toys and mattresses.

Moreover, the Swimline 12V accessory electric pump comes with a multi-use adapter and the essence of this adapter is to make this air pump easy and convenient to use.

When we say users can make use of this electric air pump anywhere and anytime, it is, however, possible as you can plug this electric air pump into your car or boat outlet and ensure that your accessories or items are inflated no matter where you are or what the time might be.


  • The best option for camping
  • Compact but packs a lot of power
  • Inflates in less than five minutes
  • Has a durable design


  • Went up in flames according to a customer
  • A damaged electric air pump got delivered

What to Consider in A Good 12 Volts Air Pump For Inflatables

You can’t just stroll into the market and pick up any 12-volt air pump that comes your way and this is because there are key factors that you need to consider seriously which would help in making the best choice for you. Here are some important factors that you need to take a look at;

  • Pressure Rating – Before making up your mind on any 12-volt air pump, please ensure that its pressure rating matches the pressure rating of the item(s) you would love to inflate
  • Power Source – When selecting a 12-volt air pump, air pumps that can be directly connected to a battery is what you should go for. Also, go for air pumps that have an AC as an alternative power source so you can easily connect to your household outlet or cigarette lighter socket in your car.
  • Duty Cycle – Air pumps that have a duty cycle rating of ten minutes at 100 PSI at 72 Fahrenheit is a good model that you should go for
  • Noise – This is a very important factor because I am sure you wouldn’t want to hear so much noise in your ears when inflating your camping items so go for an air pump that is as quiet as possible
  • Air Flow – Another factor that needs to be seriously considered is the airflow of any air pump you want to settle for so select an air pump with a high CFM rating as it would inflate and also deflate faster. With such an air pump, you do not need to wait for ages before the fun gets started.


An air pump with 12 volts is what we consider to be an indispensable item if you are the type that loves embarking on outdoor fun and it is designed to work with so many items like inflatable boats, pools, toys, mattresses and many more.

Make sure you check out any of the products that we have reviewed today as you can never go wrong with any of them and they are simply the best you can find while shopping for a reliable 12 volts air pump for inflatables.

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