10 Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges 2024 – For DIY Projects

Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges

Making use of wood fillers is a necessary action when talking about woodworking as they are very useful when it comes down to carrying out repairs on wood easily, quickly and also in a professional manner.

All wood fillers that you are bound to encounter on the market have various textures, and consistencies and also have different rates at which they dry up and there are wood fillers that can be very effective in various applications.

For this reason, we would be paying attention to the best wood filler for plywood edges.

Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges Review

1. Elmer’s Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler

Elmer's Carpenter's Color Change Wood Filler

Welcome to the first product to make it to our best wood filler for plywood edges review and this product here is the ELMER’s carpenter color change wood filler which features an innovative formula that makes it the perfect option for use when carrying out do it yourself chores or tasks.

What people love about this unique formula is its ability to change color when it gets dried fully and when this color change happens, this is actually an indication that the wood filler is ready for painting, staining and sanding.

All thanks to the ELMER’s carpenter wood filler, all refurbishing and repairing tasks have been made easy and has no stress and for this reason, we also consider this product to be the best option for interior applications.

If you want to repair defects, gouges, scratches, dents and holes on wood, this is the best option that any carpenter can settle for and working with this wood filler means saying goodbye to cracking and shrinking when sanding, painting, or staining.

  • This is the best option when trying to repair wood damages
  • Useful in drying light wood color
  • Also, a good option when it comes to making rough surfaces smooth
  • Doesn’t take or absorbs stain


2. Minwax 13616000 Wood Putty

Minwax 13616000 Wood Putty

The next product we want to review is one manufactured by the reputable MINWAX company and this company is known for its production of quality wood care and wood finishing products all over the world.

The MINWAX brand is concerned with making sure that woods look beautiful and its products are all aimed at repairing, cleaning, maintaining, preparing, staining and protecting the wood. This product right here is a nonhardening product that works effectively in the repairing of nail holes, gouges and scratches.

Users would love this product as it comes in numerous colors and if there is a need to fill up nail holes or cover up minor defects when working on a painting, bare, finished or stained wood, this is just the best wood filler product for use.

One interesting fact that users would love about this is the fact that it doesn’t require sanding and users would also find this wood filler quite easy to make use of. However, this is a color-matched to MINWAX wood filler that would effectively work on wood stains.

  • Great for filling up small holes
  • Doesn’t need sanding
  • No stress when working with this wood filler
  • Doesn’t cause irritation
  • Takes too long to dry up


3. DAP 00585 Latex 6oz, White All-Purpose Plastic Wood Filler

DAP 00585 Latex 6oz, White All-Purpose Plastic Wood Filler

The DAP plastic all-purpose wood filler features a solvent-based formula that is designed to harden so as to provide a repair that is three times more stronger and powerful than the wood that is being worked on.

In other words, the DAP plastic all-purpose wood filler is a professional grade wood filler as well as a heavy-duty wood filler which is made using real wood fibers that makes it possible for this wood filler to not only act like real wood but also to ensure that it has the same appearance of real wood.

This wood filler can be stained, planed, varnished, sanded, drilled, cut and also screwed, lacquered and painted and here is a note for our readers that they shouldn’t forget, this wood filler is capable of providing hard screw and nail anchoring with no splits.

Other features that carpenters and woodworkers would love about this wood filler is its resistance to cracks and shrinks and also the fact that it is able to dry up very hard and fast.

  • Provides desired results
  • Comes with an instructional guide that helps in achieving desired results
  • Can be used and cleaned up with ease
  • Its major con is the fact that it contains ingredients that could cause cancer


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4. Elmer’s E887Q Stainable Wood Filler

Elmer's E887Q Stainable Wood Filler

Another wood filler from the ELMER company is what we want to have a look at right now and this wood filler from ELMER is one that has a formula that is free from solvent.

The ELMER’s E887Q stainable wood filler is one that comes with real wood fibers which makes it the perfect choice for painting, staining and sanding and that isn’t just the benefit attached to making use of this wood filler, it is also the ideal wood filler choice for holding anchors and screws firmly.

Now, there is a feature that this wood filler possesses which is not commonly found in other wood fillers and that is its ability to work with high-speed sanders and it is also designed to stay resistant to cracking and shrinking. It comes neatly packed in a resealable container that makes it the perfect choice for small-sized tasks or jobs.

  • Perfect for odd jobs repair
  • Ideal for small jobs
  • Dries up quickly when the tube gets opened
  • Contents are a bit difficult to squeeze out


5. Timbermate Red Oak Hardwood Wood Filler

Timbermate Red Oak Hardwood Wood Filler

Our next product is a wood grain water-based wood filler which has a unique and quick-drying formula and is also capable of getting tinted and getting stained beautifully. This is one wood filler for plywood that its manufacturers have promised cant go wrong when used and users would find this wood filler very easy to apply.

Cleaning it up is also easy as well and making use of this wood filler guarantees that it would not fall out, crack or shrink. The only time this wood filler gets permanent is when applying it on any surface gets finished.

For anyone who isn’t okay with how its end result looks, this wood filler can be easily removed just by watering it down. It can be microwaved when it freezes and this is a very good option as it makes sure there isn’t any form of waste.

By all features, this is one of the best wood fillers any carpenter can settle for and it is also necessary that applying the Timbermate Red Oak wood filler is done using plastic and stainless steel tools.

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Consistent and fills up cracks nicely
  • Ideal for addressing termite damage
  • Doesn’t stain nicely according to a customer


6. Woodwise 14-lb Powered Wood Filler

Woodwise 14-lb Powered Wood Filler

This is one wood filler that every user would find very easy to make use of as all it requires is mixing the desired amount with water and when compared with some wood filler for plywood products that we stumbled upon while carrying out our research, we found out that this wood filler is environmentally friendly and also makes it possible for containers to be refilled so as to avoid waste and unnecessary packaging.

The performance that you would get out of this product is the same you would get out of the already mixed wood filler products already discussed here.

It is very reliable in filling up cracks, broken edges, gouges, as well as nail holes and other interesting benefits of this wood filler, is it is easy to sand and just like hardwood, it is able to take stains.

Being mixed easily and also being able to bond tightly are two major features that make this wood filler for plywood worthy of finding its way to this review and it is found much cheaper than the already mixed wood filler products found on the market.

  • Delivers a beautiful result after use
  • Simple to work with
  • Blends perfectly
  • Sanding is easy with this wood filler
  • It stains unevenly


7. FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

Up next is the FAMWOOD wood filler which is a water-based wood filler and one that is environmentally safe for use meaning it would not have any negative effect on the environment but it is designed to maintain its qualities.

Just like other wood fillers that we have talked about in this entertaining review, carpenters would find it easy to nail, paint, plane, sand, drill, saw and also stain this wood filler and it has a fast-acting method which makes sure it fills up cracks and holes very fast.

Its quick-drying formula makes it possible for this wood filler to dry up in as fast as fifteen minutes and there would not be any noticeable crumbling, cracking or shrinking.

It is also the perfect wood filler for outdoor and indoor use and it also doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients and produces no solvent fumes. It can be cleaned up using soap and water.

  • Sanding is easy
  • Cleaning up using water is easy
  • Dries fast quickly
  • Has a longer drying time


8. Elmer’s E861 Carpenter’s Wood Filler

Elmer's E861 Carpenter's Wood Filler

What we have next is another product from the Elmer brand and the ElmerE861 Carpenter’s Wood Filler is one that is actually sandable and paintable.

The beauty of this product is it can be sanded so as to obtain the very perfect smooth finish that you desire and guess what, it is also properly formulated to be resistant to cracking and shrinking. It can also get cleaned up easily using water so as to avoid permanent stains.

Not just for exterior use but it can also be used for interior purposes as well. You can count on this product to fill up holes and gaps that can be caused by nails or any other factor when working on wood.

  • Effective and simple product
  • Very affordable product
  • Perfect for minor hardwood repairs
  • Works great
  • Easy to use
  • Light-colored wood filler


9. Elmer’s E842L Carpenter’s Interior Wood Filler

Elmer's E842L Carpenter's Interior Wood Filler

Still another trustworthy wood filler from the Elmer brand and what we have right here is a product that is ideal when it comes to filling up dents, holes, gouges and scratches found on any wood, painted surface, molded surface and also wallboard.

This wood filler has a dry time of about twelve to twenty-four hours and that tells you that it is able to dry fast as well as drying hard so the best results can be achieved.

It is also easy to paint and easy to sand so you can obtain the smooth surface finish that you desire and having the right formulation also makes this wood filler resistant to cracking and shrinking. It is a solvent-free product meaning it can be cleaned up with water easily.

  • This is a great filler
  • Sands beautifully
  • Can be used on a regular basis
  • Dries fast
  • Has a reasonable price
  • If not properly sealed, it would dry out very fast


10. Elmer’s E864 Carpenter’s Wood Filler

Elmer's E864 Carpenter's Wood Filler

If you want a wood filler that would be able to offer you impressive value for your money then this wood filler again from the Elmer brand is what you need.

This is sadly the last product that we would be bringing you in our best wood filler for plywood edges review and trust me, you would find this wood filler very easy to work with and also very easy to clean up as well.

It permits painting and sanding of surfaces where this wood filler has already been applied and you can sand surfaces where this wood filler has been applied so as to get that smooth finish. It isn’t vulnerable to cracking and shrinking.

  • Fills up gaps in joints
  • Worked great so far
  • Not the right color displayed on the label


Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges Buying Guide

Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges

If you are paying a visit to the market to shop for the best wood filler for plywood edges then you can trust our review to help you find the best and most suitable product for you and take note that all of the products which we have reviewed here can be used carrying out several repairs.

Any of the wood fillers that we have reviewed can be used in solving several wood issues and defects so check them out right away;

There are several types of wood fillers available today but before making your choice on any, you just need to have an idea of the various types of wood fillers that you might find when shopping for a good wood filler product.

Below are the main types of wood fillers that you might come in contact with;

  • Gypsum Based Wood Filler – you can tell from its name that this type of wood fillers is one that has mineral powders in it and they bond well with water so as to form a solid substance that is quite difficult to break. One caveat of this type of wood filler is that it tends to get stained over time and in order to get the desired or best effect, a layer of paint might be required to be used on this type of wood filler.
  • Cellulose Based Wood Filler – these are the types of wood fillers that are quite easy to find and they can be found either in powder form or in form of a paste that is easy to mix. Being able to be stored for years is one greatest advantage of this type of wood filler but when preparing this type of wood filler, extra work might be required. This is a good choice for staining wood and it is best effective when thin layers are used.
  • Epoxy Based Wood Filler – these are fast becoming well used and popular as well as it features a two-part formula that requires mixing as well as short drying time. They are a great choice for outdoor use and this owes to the fact that they are designed to be tough and also resistant to several outdoor conditions.
  • Vinyl Based Wood Filler – User friendly and malleable are the two keywords that can be used in describing this sort of wood filler and one thing that makes this wood fillers ideal is the fact that they can be set easily. They are however vulnerable to getting cracked but being a plastic-based wood filler, it makes it weather resistant and suitable for use outdoors. This is, however, one of its greatest advantages ever.

How To Make Use Of Wood Fillers

Best Wood Filler For Plywood Edges

As long as some easy guidelines are followed, wood fillers are something every woodworker and carpenter can easily make use of.

These guidelines or steps are quite easy to be followed and one way that you can start making use of wood fillers appropriately is by sanding. Sanding the surface you want to work on makes sure you have the best surface for bonding and when trying to apply the wood filler, a putty knife is recommended for use.

Application of the wood filler onto the surface being worked on shouldn’t be applied with so much pressure.

After applying the wood filler, it should be given a very long period to get dried and we recommend that drying should take as long as four hours if you are interested in obtaining the best result.

When it gets fully dried, you can still sand the surface as it helps in ensuring a smooth surface. That is all that needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

Final Thoughts

One key advice from our experts is that wood fillers can also be used when addressing minor wood damages and we are talking about damages like narrow cracks, gouges, scratches, wider gaps and even larger holes.

Even though it goes by the name ‘wood filler’, it can also be used when working on other surfaces and this is possible because they are slightly porous.

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