Heat Gun Vs Chemical Paint Remover – 2024 Guide & Top Picks

best heat gun vs chemical paint remover

Which is more important or does more work when comparing a heat gun vs chemical paint remover?

Electric heat guns are becoming more frequently used by professional mechanics therefore helping them gain more popularity also among do it yourself, enthusiasts.

We have the Wagner Spray Tech and Black+Decker brands which have been tasked to making standard and improved versions of electric heat guns so you can easily get them in department stores, home centers and hardware stores.

One popular heat gun from the Wagner brand is the Wagner Power Stripper and this heat gun sells for about sixty dollars.

Even though heat guns are mostly advertised for use when it comes to getting rid of paint, they also help to serve other purposes. Other ways that you can get to make use of an electric gun around your workshop includes;

  • Heating up of adhesives and floor tiles so they can be easily removed
  • Softening caulking and putty which can be found around doors and windows so you can find it easy to scrape out the compounds and this is done mostly when a broken done panel needs to get replaced.
  • Ensure quick drying of patching plaster on ceilings and walls
  • Warming up plastic laminates before applying them on curved surfaces
  • Heating up rigid acrylic plastic sheets so they can be able to form curved shapes
  • Setting resin patching materials and fiberglass
  • Used in curing epoxy compounds

Heat guns are very important because it subjects materials to heating which in turn makes them easy to bend.

When it comes to one of their most popular chore which involves removing paint, you would agree with me that heat guns are safer tools compared to using a torch. You can make use of heat gun whether on outdoor and indoor paints and you can also trust that they would deliver good results on oil base or latex finishes.

However one fact you should know is you cannot use a heat gun in eliminating a stain that has soaked fully into a wood.

A heat gun comprises of a special tool called the nozzle and this part of the heat gun tends to heat up very well when in use. However, it is better and safer not to drop a hot nozzle on any material which is prone to heat damage and one more thing.

Never store up a heat gun when it is still hot. If you make use of a heat gun which has varying heat settings that allow the heat gun to run on its lowest heat setting for a maximum of two minutes before you eventually shut it down. This is important is it helps to boost the lifespan of any heating element.

Installing the nozzle you want to work with is a necessary thing to do and one type of nozzle which is best used for paint jobs is the wide flare nozzle. However, round and smaller nozzles are better used in areas where heat needs to be localized.

Figuring out which nozzle is best suited for the job that you have at hand is also another important fact to note and also make sure that you allow a hot nozzle to cool off for at least five minutes before you get to take off the nozzle.

On the other hand, chemical paint remover or paint strippers as they are popularly called are a form of chemical product which are designed to get rid of not just paint but also coatings, finishes as well as cleaning up underlying surfaces.

Furthermore, paints can still be removed through the use of other methods just like the method we have stated at the beginning of this review and some other methods which people also apply to include sanding, scraping, steam and radiant heat.

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In the United States Of America today, there is a ban on lead-based paints and this is because trying to get rid of lead-based paint can lead to the spreading of lead which could in turn lead to lead poisoning.

Looking at the market today, you would find out that we have several types of chemical paint removers and this is because not all types of chemical paint removers work on all surfaces. We have two main basic categories when it comes to chemical paint removers and these two categories are discussed below.


These are the types of chemical paint removers with the right kind of formulation that goes deep into the layers of paint and also severe the bond which lies between an object and a paint.

The main ingredient that is used in making this type of paint is called the Dichloromethane and it has been proved that this chemical compound acts like a carcinogen meaning it is risky for human health.

There are also various solvent formulas and this is because it is dependent on the type of underlying surface and paint.


Sodium Hydroxide is a popular caustic paint remover that we all know today and this is one chemical paint remover type that gets its job done simply by breaking down bonds of any paint through the use of hydrolysis.

Neutralizing caustic chemical paint removers is an important thing to do because the inability of any worker to do so will eventually lead to the premature failure of the new finish.

Using caustic chemical removers also has it endangers human health so its side effects and risk also need to be taken into account when considering what to settle for.

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Now, you know what exactly heat guns and chemical paint removers are. The truth is a heat gun is an alternative for a chemical paint remover.

When a heat gun gets heated up, paints get soft which makes them easy to contain but heating up heat guns to extremely high temperatures might lead to the production of harmful lead fumes.

Heating up heat guns are low temperature do not cause the production of lead fumes and we also need to tell you that one of the hazards that comes with making use of a heat gun is a fire incident.

Heat Gun Vs Chemical Paint Remover – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Now we are bringing to you the best heat gun for removing paint;

Best Heat Gun Review

Heat guns are inexpensive and yet versatile tools that can be used in a number of roles. It could be a shrinking warp shrinking tube, thawing frozen pipe and also stripping paint.

Most models might tend to look similar but you can trust that the best heat guns would stand out because of the level of performance that they bring.

One thing you should also keep in mind is how dangerous heat guns are when using and after using them. They should be handled with caution to especially its nozzles to prevent unwanted melting and accidental burning.

1. DEWALT Heat Gun Hard Case, Accessory Kit (D26960K)

heat gun vs chemical paint remover

If you plan on working on large scale projects and you want a heat gun that would do a precise job for you then the DEWALT D26960K heat gun and accessory kit is the best product for you.

This is one model that is very hard to beat and one of the features that make it stand out from all other products is its impressive LCD display that enables users to set a particular and precise temperature.

The reason why this heat gun is quite loved is that it maintains a particular temperature and is also designed to heat up very fast while large works would be done quickly.

You can rely on this heat gun to deliver the best performance when used in shrinking tubes, stripping paints and shrinking warps.

A very enviable feature of this heat gun is retractable legs which help in tip prevention especially when this heat gun is not in use. Even though there are items that you might not need, this heat gun comes with basically everything so you can have every accessory at hand.

Just like most DEWALT tools that you know, this is a lightweight and well-designed tool that can be held comfortably for hours.


  • Heat gun with a solid build
  • Has a nice carrying case
  • Comes with all necessary attachments
  • Heats up real good


  • A bit expensive
  • Its temperature reading isn’t in Celsius

2. PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500-Watt (PC1500HG)

There are lots of things that make the Porter Cable brand very powerful and popular when it comes to shopping for heat guns and other power tools.

This heat gun right here is one designed to offer a good amount of heat without taking so much from anyone’s wallet.

Having separate heat setting and fan speed is one of the features you would get to love about this heat gun as it makes sure you have ultimate control over this tool and being able to select various temperatures makes this tool the best for various applications.

A nice feature of this heat gun is its integrated stand which enables users to make use of this heat gun while working on other materials while its cord and in-built ring make storing up this tool after use quite easy.

However, most power tools are made to have drawbacks and the major drawback of this tool is it doesn’t come with extra attachments just like the first heat gun that we talked about. Furthermore, its nozzle is similar to that of other brands so you can settle for any brand nozzle if the need arises.


  • Affordable
  • Has a good quality build
  • Fits into various applications


  • Doesn’t come with additional attachments

Best Chemical Paint Remover Review

In every painting process, proper preparation is one very important stage that should never be neglected.

Before going on any painting project, it is quite important you know that the surface beneath the coat plays a key role in the kind of result that you would obtain. What this means is if the surface you want to work on is flaking, cracking, peeling or chalking, it might impact the new paint that is being applied.

Here we would help you with the best chemical paint stripper or remover that would offer good results.

3. CarpetGeneral POG Remover 9452 – Paint

This is one chemical paint remover that is well formulated to get rid of paint stains even from hard and soft surfaces.

The good thing about this product is it isn’t just limited to getting rid of paint but it can also be used to get rid of oil, dirt and grease from both soft and hard surfaces.

If you want a stain remover that can be able to get rid of deeply rooted paint stains then this product is what you really need and it is very effective in eliminating stains as it features the combination of surface and solvents active agents which act by softening and removing stains.

This chemical paint remover or stripper is quite potent, safe, and also very reliable and it is quite different from most products that you might encounter on the market which are toxic and prone to having strong smells.

However, this chemical paint remover here is formulated with the right ingredients to deliver a long-lasting scent and you can count on this easy to use solution to ensure that surfaces are left spotless. It is necessary that you wipe the surface you want to work on with a clean cloth before applying this chemical paint remover.


  • Gets rid of red spots
  • Perfect for professionals
  • Offers a clean scent


  • None

4. Crown STRP Max Professional Strength Aerosol Paint Stripper

One thing about working with a chemical product is finding one that would be safe for you. The CROWN STRP paint stripper is one that has been certified safe as it doesn’t make use of NMP or methylene chloride which you can easily find in most harmful chemical paint removers.

You would love this chemical paint stripper as it is designed to act really fast, It starts its stripping action in about thirty minutes and it works on several surfaces like paint, lacquer, shellac, masonry, metal and other surfaces. It is ideal for home and professional projects.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in getting rid of paint


  • Could perform better
  • Has a very bad smell


Most professionals today would agree with the point that heat guns tend to do more than chemical paint strippers or removers. They have proved to be a very important part of every do it yourself arsenal and this is simply because that can be used in several applications.

This could be to remove paint, bend the plastic, damp wood, shrink wrapping and also soften adhesives. Chemical paint strippers on the other hand are one that would require proper preparation on any surface before any chemical is applied.

We have listed and discussed the two best heat guns and chemical paint remover each with their unique features, pros and cons so you can have more information and also have your mindset on a particular product if you decide to shop for any today.

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