10 Best Bike For 5 Year Old – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

If you are a parent and you are on this page right now then we are sure that you actually want the best for your child.

That is why we have decided to bring you this interesting guide on the best bike for 5 years old which you should watch out for when shopping for a bike for your child.

With this very review, you would no longer spend hours searching for the best option for your child and you also would not spend so much time listening to a sales staff trying to convince you to go for a bike you know nothing about.

One thing we suspect would also be bothering you is finding all the information you need to know about bikes before paying for any of the options that we have talked about and that is why this review also contains a buying guide which would help in answering your unanswered questions like what key factors to consider before you make up your mind on a product so you can trust that this review and buying guide will offer precise advice that would be instrumental in finding a suitable choice.

Best Bike For 5-Year-Old – Buying Guide And Recommendation

The truth behind kids that have reached the age of five is that they are no longer in the bracket of kids that play or just bounce from one place to another without an aim because, at the age of five, they should be able to have quite some lengthy conversations as well as being able to communicate or relate with people effectively.

The age of five is a very important age because if they are fond of riding a bike at this age then whatever they learn would actually stick to their brain for a very long time.

If you want to improve on your chances of finding a suitable bike then you can count on this review as it holds a selection of the best bikes that would be ideal for a five-year-old to ride and you can also count on this bike to show you nothing but the best products that are buzzing on the market right now.

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the best and carefully selected bikes for your five-year-old child.

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Best Bike For 5-Year-Old Review

1. Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos

best bike for 5 year old

If your child has already moved past the beginner stage when it comes to riding bikes then the Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos is what he needs as this bike is being considered as one of the safest bikes any child can ride.

Being safe also makes it possible for you child to be able to learn some tricks or some challenging moves which he or she might need some time in the future and that isn’t all, having a gear shifting design is also one of the features that would be able to test your child and make sure he or she is on the right path.

Even though some parents who are familiar with the Guardian Kids Bike Ethos are skeptical about its gear shifting function, we still want to let you know that this bike still has the safest braking system when compared to other bikes on the market and the reason why we love its braking system is that it doesn’t work by stopping the bike abruptly but it tends to stop the bike gently and this is one way to make sure your child is free from injuries.

There would be no difficulty in steering this bike thanks to its lightweight design.


  • Has an innovative braking system
  • Lightweight than most bikes
  • Very safe


  • Its gear shifter isn’t easy to make use of

2. Strider – Youth 16 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

The fact is most kids learn how to ride a bike even before they hit the age of five but the truth still remains that not all kids had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike at an early stage.

This owes to the fact that circumstances may be different from one child to the next and we also believe that learning how to ride a bike at the age of five isn’t a bad idea.

Bikes for five-year-olds are like to have a pedal therefore making it difficult for beginners but this strider bike is a balance bike that is designed to be steered with ease by any child.

This is one bike that learners would not experience any difficulty in learning as it comes with easy to adjust handlebars as well as having a lightweight design and here are the interesting part, the Strider Youth 16 Sport balance bike features v-brakes at its rear and front and this is actually very cool because there are lots of five-year-olds that are capable of handling challenges and also itching to be active.

This is why we consider this bike as a very good choice for beginners.


  • Beginner bike for five-year-old
  • Easy to steer
  • Helps in gaining and maintaining balance while riding


  • Not for experienced five-year-old riders

3. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike is a unisex bike for both boys and for girls and this is the bike every parent who has an experienced five-year-old bike rider child should have.

This bike here is the preferred option if your child enjoys cycling or even considers it to be a hobby and it is designed in such a way that it is a roadworthy kind of bike for all young riders out there.

This bike is durable as it would withstand being driven for long hours while its chain guard is important in fighting against the possibility of sustaining injuries while riding.

This bike actually comes with a slot or opening where parents can easily place a bottle of water for their child especially when he or she is driving to a very far or distant location and there is a high level of guarantee that this bike would last for a long time as it is made out of high quality and premium steel material.

The only problem with this bike is that it has about three brake types which make its braking system quite complex.


  • For already experienced riders
  • Designed to last long
  • The best option for kids who love to work on their skills


  • Its braking system is very complex

4. John Deere Bicycle Ride-on Toy

Up next on our best bike for five-year-old review is the TOMY John Deere Bicycle Ride On and guess what, this is the type of bike that a child can ride around the yard while his dad completes some serious and heavy-duty tasks.

This bike helps in developing a strong bond between father and child and however, this bike isn’t just built for fancy but it is made out of high-quality steel material which makes sure it lasts so you don’t have to go back to the market shopping for another bike for your five years old.

What we find quite appealing about this bike are its shocks and these shocks are designed with the aim of making riding this bike very easy and safe for your kid.

To make this bike more functional, its rear features a carrying rack that can be used in carrying items while riding but not all bikes are designed to have a perfect design.

The issue of this bike lies in its brakes as it features a coaster brake which might be difficult for a five-year-old to handle.


  • Would last for a long time
  • Encourages the father and child to spend more time together
  • Has a rack for carrying items


  • Should come with an easy to handle brake

5. Mongoose Stun Freestyle BMX Bike

Holding down the number five spot in this interesting review on the best bike that would be ideal for every five years old is the Mongoos Stun Freestyle BMX Bike and if you have a child that is always looking forward to a challenge or maybe is interested in learning something new when riding a bike then this is certainly the best option for such child.

This type of bike is useful in helping kids realize that they have more potentials when it comes to riding bikes and what’s more, it also makes riding bikes more fun and less boring.

Having training wheels doesn’t really mean this bike for beginners as it is clearly designed for more experienced riders and this could also be spotted just by looking at the appearance of this bike.

If your kid is already good at pedaling then he would have no use for the training wheels so the wheels can be easily removed.

However, there were complaints that this bike should have come with a handbrake because that is what all advanced bikes ought to have.


  • Has an impressive design that works
  • Helps kids get better at riding
  • Makes riding fun and not boring


  • Not for non-skilled riders
  • Has no handbrake

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6. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

What we have here is a bike that is designed especially for our little princesses and the Titans Girls Flowers Princess BMX bike is one that is designed to be very attractive which would always get your little one to always want to ride each time she sets her eyes on it.

You can tell from its name that this bike has a lot of interesting features that can be found not just in your princess clothes but also among here toys and the features we are talking about include having a colorful pink design, images of princesses as well as having some flower prints.

All of these make this bike quite irresistible and there are some additions that were made which your little princess would also cherish about this bike.

Close to its seat is a little compartment where your little one can keep its doll if she is really a lover of dolls while the basket that is placed right at the front of this bike is where flowers and other items can be stored while riding this bike.


  • Impressive handlebar seat design
  • Nice and comfortable doll seat
  • Very attractive


  • Quite heavy which would make steering a bit difficult

7. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street Dirt Bike

This bike right here is a 16-inch bike that has a similar appearance to that of a BMX bike and this is the bike for that kid who is itching to come out of his shell and get even more skillful and perfect at riding bikes.

Having high-quality tires is one noticeable feature of this bike as it makes sure that riders would easily ride this bike either on the road or off the road and this is why we believe this bike is the best choice for teaching kids how to race either around bike parks or on BMX bike tracks.

Its fork and frame come with a lifetime warranty meaning you don’t have to be worried about damages if your kid would like to try out a new stunt on this bike and one fact that every parent needs to bear in mind is this bike comes with only a coaster brake and not a handbrake.

The coaster brake is a preferred option if your child would be riding off the road or on BMX tracks.


  • Has the looks of a BMX bike
  • Also features a handlebar pad
  • Its frame and fork has a lifetime warranty


  • Has no mechanical comfort

8. Schwinn Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers and Kids

The Schwinn Koen brand is one of the most famous bike producing brands in American history and this brand is notable for making high-quality bike packed with lots of features that would make bike riding not just simple but also very fun.

There is a high possibility that everyone must have ridden a schwinn bike at some point in their lives and that’s why we are bringing you this bike for toddlers and kids which has a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake that would help your child to brake easily without getting hurt in the process.

Its saddle handle is also very effective in making sure that your child is safe and its substantial handle is also very useful as your child would be able to have a firm grip while riding this bike.

This is one of the best sports bikes for every kid out there as it features a child-specific geometry which ensures that children find it easy not just to pedal this bike but also to keep it under control.

Its quick-release clamp is also important in lowering and raising the seat of this bike easily and quickly.


  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a saddle handle
  • Has a child-specific geometry design


  • Didn’t come with any training wheels
  • Another color got delivered

9. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle for Kids

The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bike for kids comes in two different sizes but each of these bikes is differently shaped.

These bikes do not come with a hand brake but they have coaster brakes and this feature makes it a very good choice if your child isn’t yet ready to start making use of handbrakes.

However, when getting bikes for your children, you should keep it at the back of your mind that kids tend to develop at their own pace so it isn’t a good idea to get them to start using a handbrake when clearly they are not ready.

There are a rubble, marshall and chase plate number on this bike which your child would also find very attractive and to make life easier with this bike, it comes with quick release seat clamp which would help to lower or raise the bike’s seat with ease.

Training wheels are also a part of this bike and if your child also decides that he would like to ride without them then they can also be taken off with ease.


  • Has a unique paw patrol theme
  • Features a coaster brake alone
  • Has a quick release seat clamp
  • Has the right size


  • Its instructional manual isn’t for this particular bike

10. Nice C BMX Kids Bike

Lastly, we are bringing to you the Nice C BMX bike for kids and what we find interesting about this bike is the way its shaped and this bike right here is one of the lightest bikes ever to find its way to the market.

Having a one-piece frame is the way this bike is constructed and its one-piece frame design is very important as it helps in cutting down on the weight of this bike which is something that would be beneficial for every kid while the appearance of this bike tells you that this bike is actually cool.

Having a rear disc brake is also one feature we think makes this bike quite special because placing a disc brake in front might lead to this bike tipping your child over which could result in serious injuries.

Another amazing feature of this bike is its wide tires and trust me when I tell you that every ride would be comfortable because of the kind of tires that this bike comes with.

Even though we mentioned that this bike features a rear brake, we would not forget to tell you that it has a caliper brake at its front.


  • Its tires are thick
  • Lightweight
  • Safe for kids
  • Sturdy design


  • Not properly packaged for delivery

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Writer’s Thoughts

Every five year old is actually growing and developing rapidly so it would be very important for every parent to make sure that they help their children grow in the right ways.

Helping them focus their energy on getting better or enhancing certain skills is an act that would profit them for life and the good news is you have useful information on the best bikes that would be effective in helping them get better at riding bikes.

Best believe that the best bike for your child is on our list so go ahead and pick any of your choices.