The Most Expensive Wooden Bats Ever

what are the Most Expensive Wooden Bats Ever

Baseball is a popular sport mostly linked to the US in the 1920s and 1930s, a time associated with great change and the desire for an excellent pastime.  However, surprisingly, the sport dates back to the 1840s.

The sport has developed into a more organized game with rules and competitive events over the years. Moreover, various items from the sport, such as bats, usually attract huge attention.

The bats’ value is ever increasing; some have sold for millions of dollars. What’s the most expensive wood bat in history? You can check here for some of the most valued wooden bats that have been sold or are available for purchase.

Mizuno Bamboo Classic Bat

Mizuno Bamboo Classic Bat

Play confidently with this classic bamboo bat that offers extreme longevity and a lighter swing. The matte finish gives the bat a premium look, with a length of 39.13′ and a width of 3.25.’

The bat weighs around 29 ounces, which is ideal for everyone, more so players looking for a light bat. The sanded handle enhances better grip for undisrupted gaming.

You can purchase this bat for you or a loved one online. It’s one of the most expensive bats because of its ability to withstand the rigors of game practice and prolonged usage.

Rawlings Big Stick Elite

The bat is ideal for children above 13 and adults. It’s a wood bat constructed using fine wood materials, making it durable no matter how long you use it playing Baseball.

Specifically, it’s made from strong maple wood and bamboo to ensure durability, effectiveness, and consistent performance. This bat delivers quick and easy swing speeds while promoting a balanced feel.

The bat passes the Major League Basketball pro ink test, giving you a reason to consider it. If you didn’t know, the test ensures the bats used in the league have great straight grain and high-performance wood.

The sleek design, composite black color, and silver logos will make you stand out should you purchase this bat. It’s also a perfect gift for Baseball lovers. But you could also buy it as a collectible.

Marucci AP5 Pro Baseball Bat

Marucci AP5 Pro Baseball Bat

The AP5 Pro is a perfect bat handcrafted from quality maple wood to promote durability. It has a long and massive barrel for easier swinging. Plus, it’s bone rubbed, closing any pores and compressing wood for a harder final product.

The handle and the knob are tapered to make it lighter, which provides a player with better control. It also has a pro-cupped end for enhanced weight distribution.

Notably, the bat’s specifications are inspired by Albert Pujols, one of the greatest Baseball players. That explains why this is one of the best, and if you want a bat that will impress onlookers, this one is an excellent fit.

Victus V-Cut Baseball Bat

Victus V-Cut baseball bat

The Victus V-Cut Bat is a quality wood bat at a pocket-friendly price. The V-Cut bats were intended to be of the highest quality, but some imperfections kept them from the pro line.

V-Cut bats, however, are still outstanding and are ideal for anyone looking for a quality maple bat but does not want to pay much. They are among the best and the imperfections leading to their removal don’t affect performance.

The bats still have the ink dot of approval by MLB as a sign of high quality. The bat’s axe handle gives a perfect whip feel, allowing fast swing speeds on the field.

First Baseball Bat

first baseball bat - Babe Ruths 193 Called Shot Bat

The legendary Babe Ruth owned this bat sold for $1.265 million in 2004. The Babe used the bat to hit his first home run in 1923 at the Yankee Stadium. Most of his other bats have also sold at a record high.

On top of the price, the bat’s sheer size is also notable. It weighs 46 ounces, much heavier than the bats players use today. Most bats today weigh 32 or 33 ounces. Many are still amazed at how Babe could swing the bat.

Further, an inscription on the barrel, ‘Boy Home Run King’ refers to Babe’s incredible Baseball career.

Rawlings Big Stick Elite Adult Wood Bat

This is a high-performance ideal for adult baseball players. It’s constructed from solid maple wood and eco-friendly bamboo.

So, you or anyone you gift this bat gets a superior bat that’s durable and capable of keeping up with the intensity of play.

Another reason to love this bat is its -3 drop weight that will help you get the barrel through the strike zone easily. In addition, the bat’s 110-barrel profile with a taper and cupped end creates a balanced feel.

The structure makes it perfect for players looking to enhance their swing speeds. In terms of size, it’s 33 inches, and the available color is black.

Lou Gehrig’s Bat

Lou Gehrig’s Bat - sold in 2020 for $1.14 million

The bat was officially made in 1922 and sold in 2020 at New York’s Heritage Auction. The final cost was an astounding $1.14 million, making the bat one of the most expensive items ever sold.

The bat was nicknamed ‘Bat Zero’ because Gehrig played Baseball up to 1924 when he joined the Yankees. For clarity, this bat was the model used to brand his future bats.

The bat is among the largest at 40 ounces, again making it one of the heaviest and unique. The bat’s unique nature and connection to a legendary baseball player made Heritage know they had a showstopper when they traced it to Gehrig.

Babe Ruth’s Bat

Babe Ruth's Bat sold for $1.3 million

Babe Ruth’s legacy has lived on for almost 90 years since his last appearance on the diamond. In April 2024, one of his bats made history when it sold for $1.85 million.

The bat comes from his active days in the 1920s while playing for the New York Yankees. Equally remarkable to this record price is the enduring legacy Babe Ruth left for many generations of fans on and off the field.

On top of the huge price, the bat’s sheer size is notable. It weighs 44.6 ounces, heavier than today’s bats. It was constructed from ash; just like was the case with most of his other bats.